Forbidden Fantasy

Forbidden Fantasy

Her richly Swarovski embroidered Abaya was flowing as she was walking towards the aircraft , a beautiful matching pink matching raw silk turban  hiding her hair . Her eyes were hidden behind Chopard spectacles embellished with yellow , pink & white crystal circles . Her diamond earrings were small but a connoisseur would easily appreciate the purity of the stone. Her watch was a diamond paved panther watch from a vintage Cartier collection, her Rene Caovila sandals were matching the embroidery on her outfit. She was carrying a large custom made fuschia pink crocodile bag  & Alhaji Musa Abbas was proudly admiring his beautiful wife walking next to him. He was not the Sheikh of Qatar but Balkis Musa Abbas could compete with Sheikha Moiza in class, style & education.  He felt bad for a minute thinking “Balkis will soon make some time for you my love. He missed spending time with her & realized that he was so tired when he got home that they hardly made love. His adrenaline was in business where he had concentrated all his energy since that fatal day.…

“ Musa hold my hand please darling?” His wife’s voice woke him from his reverie as they reached the jet staircase. As usual when he had no business partner or one his directors travelling along with him, they sat next to each other. The fabulously glamourous  wealthy Nigerian couple lived in their jet , boarding, taking off , landing, the same way ordinary people roam around in their cars. Alhaji Musa Abbas & his particularly elegant wife Hajjiya Balkis were comfortably installed in the cream leather seats of their private flying car en route Kano from Lagos. Balkis was feeling anguished & oppressed at the idea of seeing  her hated mother inlaw Hajjiya Zahra Abbas. As usual, like every time she was on her way to Kano ,her heart was racing at a hight rate . The Matriarch of the Abbas clan was a strong headed wicked woman with a grip on her family, especially on Musa, who happened to be Mr “first born”. Recently, he has been proclaimed one of the country’s richest man following the likes of Dangote & Adenuga on the Platinium list of Nigerian Forbes Magazine. His empire was continuously expanding beyond  borders stretching as far as Democratic Republic of Congo, Cote d’Ivoire & Senegal. Balkis was proud of her husband who turned a small family business of fruit & vegetable export into  a world class transformation unity making juices, extracts , jams, tomato paste, canned fruits & vegetables, etc. She loved him dearly but his tireless pursuit of money was living very little place for intimacy or even closeness between them.

How she missed those days , when they had not Jet, no factories, but were enjoying a wonderful time together. Walking hand in hand ,just the two them, dining in a fine restaurant in Paris, London, Rome or New-York. They were reasonably rich then , even though they owned no plane & were having a low profile but they enjoyed a very good lifestyle. Among his peers from the North, he was one of the rare ones who only had one wife he took out almost everywhere he went. The Musa couple was an item & he enjoyed parading his wife who had become a style Icon in Nigeria. Even though she was always dressed islamically, her sense of fashion & exceptional  flair on how to match accessories & turbans was unrivalled. Elected as one of  the most elegant Ladies in Africa, her style is imitated by Christians as much as muslim ladies of the society . Some magazines named her the new  “Maryam Babangida” & her involvement in her husband’s foundation contributed to the improvement of  the image of the Northern woman. Many Southerners wrongly perceived them as backwards & totally dominated by men. Unlike many of the rich & famous Africans his wife was the woman he was enjoying life with. But in the last 3 years, she could hardly get to spend some time with him & the  romantic getaways he used to treat her with faded slowly into shopping marathons for her whilst he attends endless meetings . As a matter of fact, the more prosperous Alhaji became, & the less quality time they spent together, apart from these depressing family gatherings in Kano where her mother in law would  not stop reminding her that she never gave a child to her son. She had never really accepted her because of her exposure & she was the first wife that her son chose without her consent .She heard about the nick name they had given her “ dry wombs” . But they didn’t know what she knew…

There was indeed an uglier & darker monster in her life: Musa will never be able to have a child. And since that fatal day the doctor told them, they sex life turned into a desert. She enjoyed all the romantic attention that he was showing her unlike his brothers who were treating their wives like they were objects more than women, procreating heirs one after the other. But she was in her forties  longing for hot naughty senseless nights of sex… Unfortunately, Alhaji’s undevoted attention & sexual urge were dedicated to his latest factories in Côte d’Ivoire & Senegal… They were both silent in the plane, still on ground apparently waiting for someone, until his phone rang “ Allo Ooh Suleiman, where are you? We are on board already” Balkis threw him a curious glance . “Oh darling you are going to meet Suleiman, I just hired him for our financial activities; he is coming with us to Kano so that we can work while we are there.” She gave him a light kiss on the cheek , work , work, work the despised mistress. Few minutes later a very tall handsome dark man entered the jet : “Greetings Alhaji! Greetings Hajjiya!” She nodded to the greetings & replied with a laconic “ how do you do?” . Suleiman Ismail was one of the most handsome man she had ever seen & behind her dark glasses she was studying him closely, he was over six feet with a chocolate dark complexion, a very athletic body, an undetermined accent & deep penetrating dark eyes. He had the whiter teeth she had ever seen & was sure elegant with his perfectly cut linen suit. Few minutes later they took off. And all she could think of during the flight was how it would be to make love with me…

Suleiman stricken by the beauty of his boss’s wife, whose sensuality was exuding in a discreet way. When she got up to let him sit next to Alhaji, he could easily guess the full bouncing firm figure hidden under her dress. Talking financial tactics, industrial mortgage, interest rate didn’t distract his mind from the the heart shaped mouth of Mrs Abbas. She her eyes were hidden behind those luxurious glasses but he knew that she must own mysterious eyes. “Balkis ask the crew to bring us some tea please”. Suleiman refrained a shocked shout! Unbelievable! He name was Balkis , Makeda the queen of Sheba, Suleiman-Salomon’s legendary queen…Was it a sign of destiny? “Just a coincidence Suleiman”, the voice of reason said loudy in his head. Anyway they were about to land in Kano.

As usual Kano was a nightmare for Balkis, exactly as she foresaw it…The painful litany of Hajjiya Zahra resonates in hear ears like an echo: “ I don’t understand why  my son can’t marry a woman who will give him an heir, just one, be it a son or a daughter…” Her heart was pounding fast as her inlaw was complaining loudly during lunch in front of all the women of the family. She lowered her eyes , pretending she didn’t hear the provocative words, bit her lips , resisting to shouting the bitter, naked truth to all the people here: “ I am fertile fucking old bitch, your son is the sterile one…” But once again she resigned herself to silence , she kept her heavy secret. How she would have loved to bear children but her husband never faced the reality of his condition & buried himself into work, refusing to even discuss it with her. So much money, glamour around them but nobody to call them mum & dad. Her mother inlaw never ever remarried after her husband died 45 years ago & vowed to herself  that she would make successful men out of her 3 sons. Her life was entirely devoted to them to the extent that she chose their wives. But after two divorces with some close cousins chosen by his mum, Alhaji Musa ended up marrying Balkis who had been his close friend. She was trustworthy & loved him sincerely. She also had the family background & education that he needed in a wife. So when one day out of the blue she proposed him to marry, he was a bit shocked but after a little time when she thought he had forgotten about it , he showed up at her family house in Lagos with a huge engagement ring. Not really a fairy tale but they learned to built a strong couple based on friendship & love & trust. Balkis knew that women would always chase her husband because of his money & name. But she also knew that what made him horny was a solid business deal more than a naked woman. 10 years went on & Alhaji was now 55 & Balkis 45. But the biggest pain of their life had created a gap between them. They were envied by many, hated by their peers & pitied because of their lack of children.

While they were finishing lunch,  Suleiman entered the room filled with women in mutli coloured Hijabs & spoke to the first servant he met: “ Alhaji wants to talk to Hajjiya Balkisa”. Relieved to escape the hostile, heavily charged atmosphere she was drowning into she got up as soon as the message got delivered to her.

“ Darling please go with Suleiman for a tour, at the new research center we funded in Kano Murtala Muhammed’s Hospital ?”. Here it was again, once again she will have to go alone. Almost. She was excited to go with Suleiman even though she knew she had to keep a distance . Suleiman surprised that Alhaji trusted him enough to escort his wife was a bit afraid at the idea of spending hours with her… That mysterious beautiful woman with a scent of Oud, Musc ,Amber & Rose has been obsessing his thoughts since they met in the jet this morning. “Suleiman , this is a married woman , & not just any married woman, your boss’s wife”. Was whispering the voice of reason. “Suleiman look at her full body shape, she exhales a fragrance you could be licking, you could be holding her in your arm” was saying the voice of desire. Lust. Infatuation. Desire. Emotional & physical torture. Forbidden fantasy.

During the tour, they kept a reasonable distance from each others, as if being too close to one another would create an explosion…Unknowingly, each of them was mentally having hot sexual fantasies about the other.

Alone in her bedroom Balkis was obsessed relieved that Musa was busy working.  After her last prayer she recited 1000 Astafighroullahi. May Allah forgive me. But Shaytan had Suleiman’s face & his scent was vivid in her olfactory memory: a mix of leather, tobacco &  was smelling Habit Rouge de Guerlain, &  smiling at her while delicately kissing her naked body. Did she sleep that night she doesn’t remember, but the sensuous embrace of Suleiman was haunting her . How many months since Alhaji hasn’t touched her?

Lying lavishly on the white Egyptian sheets of the beautifully wooden carved bed.. The light of the sun entering the room through the glass doors window , giving to her chocolate skin a golden caramel tint. Suleiman was admiring her curves as he was getting out of the bathroom. Incredible vision, full breast , full hips, & tiny silky braids on her head. He couldn’t wait one minute more to taste again & again her vanilla, amber, musky skin ; She tasted as good as the scent she was leaving on her trail . Words were unnecessary, their bodies had so much to tell to each others. His fingers started all over again brushing against her satin soft skin, slowly… Balkis had a warm satisfied smile on her face. Sin had a taste of Paradise. His hands were making her shake with frills, “ Suleiman…” . was it  really her voice humming his name… To hear her sensuous “Sade Adu” like voice tone saying his name like he belonged to her, increased his desire. While his hands were exploring her shape & touch, his  eyes  enjoying the sight of her beautiful body , he engaged in delicate kisses after each caress. Alternating a kiss with a lick. She tasted soo good… his tongue was savoring each inch of her skin ,Until he reached her golden triangle, the Graal . His lips applied gentle kisses on her silky smooth mount of venus until his tongue reached his feminity. As a gourmet taster he was eating her. She was arching, moaning enjoying the wetness & dexterity of his oral caress. When did she last climaxed?Too far to remember. He grabbed her thighs as she explodes with pleasure . He was enjoying pleasing her, & he was licking her juice like a rare delicacy . Balkis lost in ecstasy, was groaning with satisfaction; Her sex starved body was on fire ready to explode with enjoyment as his fingers slowly  penetrated her womanhood exploring it in a regular motion. Balkis had lost all control over her body , & impatiently she removed his fingers & begged him : “Please take me” She couldn’t wait a minute more to feel his hard manhood inside of her  & lead  her to unknown forgotten lands of pleasure..

“Allahou Akbar! Allahou Akbar!”  Balkis jumped , looked around surprised, she was in her Kano home, The call for fajr prayer woke her up brutally bringing her back to reality…Her orgasm seemed so real: she was naked in bed, wet in between her tighs, her nipples hard & her bed was totally undone, but she was alone.. wondering.. unfinished fantasy. She went to do her ablutions , asking Allah’s forgiveness but a little voice inside of her was repeating a mantra: sometimes you can’t escape destiny” She had money, glamour, fame but what she wanted the most was to feel desired by a man since her dreams of maternity will never come true. And here she was sitting after dawn in her bed humming “unbreak my heart” for a love story that only existed in her wildest dream…

Name: Naboulove       Country of Résidence: DRCongo/Côte d’Ivoire/Sénégal

Bio: A passionate blogger & writer, a mother, an entrepreneur, a panafrican to the core, I just love my Africa.

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  1. @naboulove, oh naboulove…this thing called lo…oops! lust has certainly become the new love,lol.

    Erotic piece and definitely got the Nouveau Rich pegged. With any luck our Queen of Sheba will live the reputation of her name sake…heck if she conquered Solomon, who the fuck is Sulieman?

    1. It often starts with lust… Suleiman= SalomOn in arabic… Hehehe! Thanks a lot.

  2. I like this.
    well done.

    1. Thanks Kaycee

  3. You left the scent of spices and perfumes and the orient in my nose. Love it!

  4. wow….this is something to expand,it will make a great book, 2500 word limit killed the beauty in it,there is so much more
    I love it

    1. Thanks Gretel, it is actually a book idea I had in mind but never wrote but supposedly in french…will try with the english with the help & support of my fellow writers here~at Naijastories. A personal challenge…

  5. Yeah this word limit really killed most stories. Nice writeup.

  6. @louis believe me I had to cut it short. But at least the synopsis of the story is on paper… thanks for stopping by & encouraging me to complete the story.

  7. Whoop whoop. Me likey this.

    1. Gracias La Chica Bonita

  8. I like this. Read like good old M.B of exotic Arab settings. Well done, did you translate to English?Noticed a few grammatical errors…

    1. Nope I wrote it directly in english! My longest english text !!!

  9. Really cool! Just that too much words is spent on description… makes one want to ‘skip scenes’ and get to the point.

    Very nice. Forbidden indeed

    1. Looooool @Bright Benson the spice is in the description! Thanks a lot

  10. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Aha! This very imaginative rich descriptive writting, nice!

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    Wow @Naboulove il est merveilluex histoire!tres bien!

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  12. @naboulove, this is an interesting but I must say, your descriptions made me skipped some parts of the story to get to the real point..
    Hope u will have time to revisit this; too much descriptions often kill good stories.

    Keep writing….

  13. good piece

    I noticed errors e.g She Her were hidden,, instead of (Her eye were hidden) So when one day instead of (One day)

    it will benefit more with proper edit.

    Well done.

    1. thanks a lot for your input & corrections @iykewifey . i appreciate

  14. Nice one. Good premise. I hope this turns to a complete novel.

    1. tHANKS @Jaywriter will try lol

  15. Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement @Jaywriter

  16. @naboulove: The theme of the story is great and I like that your ‘dream’ end (which I am increasingly getting sick of considering its gathering popularity among writers these days) wasn’t totally bad. I look forward to seeing the edit of the piece and if possible, the elongation. It was a worthy read but yes, the typos and a few errors gave it a sour taste. I wish you best of luck in the competition and far better luck with this ‘longest English piece’ when it is done. It would go places in the end. It would. Cheers, S’

    1. Thanks you sooo much @sueddie …actually I need help for editing it… Anybody in the house?? I will really appreciate. Ok will work towards a longer version ..or at least I will try.

  17. love it..u’ve got a fan here whenever u decide to make it a story. Anyway, am already hooked.

    1. Thanks @Hafsah18 for the motivation!

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