I am the lizard
I climbed the mighty Iroko;
I leaped from its heights to the earth below
But no lips sought to sing my praise.
So I shall beat the drums
And write for myself an ode.
Born of the stock that walked afoot,
I rode rode on Failure’s horse,
Through fields of fear,
Into Success stables.
I swam the raging seas of doubt,
And lived to say “Eureka!” on this shore.

I collected the bile of rejection
And the frothing spittle of shame
And brewed for myself
The sweet wine of honor.
Now, all men sit at my table
Seeking a drop from my bottle.

Castles did I build
From the stones of scorn
And my battlements I crafted
From the missiles of my foes.
Now I here I stand,
King, in the safety of my walls.

I sing my song
For the one, drowning
In the spittle of them that mock.
And the one, buried
In the sands of a thousand falls.

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9 thoughts on “Euodo!” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. Nice appellation 4 oneself.

    (tell d admin to help u edit appear in a story form)

  2. @Admin please help me here. There’s a new stanza from BORN

  3. As always xikay..Tis’ beautiful!…Well done…$ß

  4. Just one word to describe this…Smashing! Powerful use of imagery and your choice of words…perfect. Me likey much-much

  5. What’s Eudoo? Nicely crafted.

    1. @chemokopi Its Swedish…something more like “a successful journey.”

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