Don’t Tell Me

Don’t tell me it will get better

Don’t tell me I will forget her

Like a ripple slowly erased from the water

The curve of her neck is etched in my memory

The way she looked at me and smiled

The way she touched me

Her hand so soft and delicate

So warm on my skin

Teasing me, caressing me

Her hand knowing the places that made me shiver

The places that made me wanting more

Don’t tell me it was a mistake

That it is not something worth remembering

That everything will go back

The way it always was

Don’t tell me who I am

Don’t tell me you know what’s inside me

I am not the girl in school uniform anymore

Obedient and perfect

Smiling on the family picture

I am not the one who will get married

Surrounded by bridesmaids

In matching outfits

And give you grand-children

Bouncing on your laps

I am the one who loved her

And everything about her

Passionately and for ever

Don’t tell me what is my pain

Let me in peace grieve my lover

My best friend, my soul mate

There is no tomorrow without her

There is no tomorrow

Without her!

I can’t bear her absence any longer

I have taken my life

The life you gave me but didn’t let me live

24 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Me” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. The beauty of being loved…

    1. Thanks @turmercy!

  2. Live and let live… Many today abhor such a love, but love it is still.

    The mind closes to what it does not understand and like an illness they think you will heal…

    They can’t,…won’t define YOU!
    This is beautiful!

    1. Thanks @dottaraphels! Live and let live is indeed my philosophy in life. This is not about me but it was inspired by something I read in the news on several occasions about young people being bullied because of their sexual orientation and ending up killing themselves.

      1. lol…Generalizing here, Knew it was not about you. Very on
        Time subject, thanks for sharing.

  3. Ooooooh. I love this poem. Nice one

  4. And still again I ask, Does suicide make it right?..
    Lovely lines always. …Well done…$ß.

    1. Thanks @sibbilwhyte! Some people can bear despair more than others. Some can’t see any way out and rather end everything. It always makes me sad to think that someone was in such agony that they couldn’t imagine continuing their life.

  5. Heart wrenching lines. Sounds like a woman lamenting the loss of a female sex partner. Tell me I’m wrong please.

  6. Thanks @jonnysnow! This poem is about loneliness and despair.It is about losing the only person she loved deeply and who loved her the way she was.And yes it is love between two women.

  7. Nice lines.

    Heath Ledger’s character could have written that in Brokeback Mountain and maybe Crash wouldn’t have taken Oscar for Best Picture, lol.

    The emotions were quite glaring.

    Some words could have been changed shah.

    Still, it was well written.

    1. Thanks a lot Jay @jaywriter! I loved Brokeback Mountain but it was really sad. The cast was great.

  8. All these melancholic lines from you of late.

    But they’re beautiful.

    1. Thanks @babyada! I had some extra sadness to get rid of. I don’t have any left.I am ready to get back to short stories. :-)

  9. Is it just me or does this feel like a “gay” poem?? I’m not being judgmental oooo!!!! Enjoyed it though :D

    1. Thanks @teekellz! I’m not sure what you mean about “gay poem” but if it means the poem is about a gay character, yes it is.

      1. Exactly!!!! Nice though… u welcome

      2. please continue writing poetry, the few lins i read i thot the write up interesting

  10. a poetic exemplar…..

    1. @jefsaraurmax, ………forever welcome………….

  11. Kosnie (@Kosnie)

    This is Lovely

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