do you really love me?

do you really love me?

do you still love me?
I love you samson
i can hold my love.
Pls come back to me.
I love you.
Don’t tell me our love ends now.
I remember the day you kissed
The day i felt your soft lips.
I want to see you samson.
You are my hearth
my breath.
Pls come back.
But do you still love me?.

22 thoughts on “do you really love me?” by tinababy (@julietbaby)

  1. Uh….okay.

    1. @seun are you the guy?
      AH! so was it fine?

  2. It’s charming in a simple way but I wouldn’t want to believe in the case of this poem that is really good. Infuse more imagery.

    Keep improving your art.

    1. @chemo thanks i am very pleased with you.

  3. Ha!..Which kain?..This is a poem too?..Keep improving..

    Hearth or heart?…If he comes back, he would shatter it.

    1. @bubilina. I am new on NS so i need to learn new things.

      Thanks i will write more.

  4. “I can hold my love”

    I like this quote…but where’s the rest? it ended before it began.

    Write more….

    1. @Dotta don’t worry i was just rushing it was suppose to be
      ‘i can’t hold my love for you’

      thanks boy it will be corrected soon.

  5. I really love you
    And i still love ya’
    I am coming back
    To the arms i love
    To love you more!!
    Cry no more babe

    1. @elovepoetry hahahaha
      so funny you have given her a reply.

      Thanks for that.

  6. sambright (@sambrightomo)


    1. @ sambright
      thanks so much.

  7. I’m confused.
    This looks like an abuse of poetic license.

      1. @julietbaby

        Poetic license gives you the freedom to write about anything in anyway you want with a poem; there are no rules and get away with anything.
        Something you can’t do easily with prose…

        I guess this poem was too simple and read like some love letter….its not rich enough for my consumption.

        Sorry I’m kinda blunt

        Well done on the attempt sha…

  8. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Left me longing for more…

  9. Was she flaking away, smiling?

  10. A bit too simplistic but I see it as personal poetry and so appreciate it as such.

  11. Personal poetry I believe this is. Well, I like it, no matter how brief and simple it is. This is what some of us have hidden away in our hearts untold.

    Keep writing…

  12. Keep reading, and writing.

  13. i doff my hat for your creativity, courage- well done

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