Devil’s Pawn Reloaded 1

Facing the Editor’s Knife…feel free to use your knife

Cynthia did not resist as her dress was torn off. Emeka’s hands were ruthless. Her pant and bra were yanked from her body with one vicious pull. She felt a strong desire to hit the fool in his scrotum but she felt weak. Her body ached all over and she could barely see through her puffed up eyes. So she let him. The pain was too much already.

“If only you know what you are about to enter into,” she managed to whisper.

Grinning like a demented man, Emeka spread her legs apart with his leg. He unzipped his trouser and pulled down his pants. Then he knelt between her legs and struggled to get his manhood into her violently.

“Mother Mary is a virgin,” he said with a grin on his face.

One or two of the guys laughed. Simon could not look. But he heard as she gasped with pain and let out a faint cry that died quickly. Simon looked again. Her hands flailed about. Emeka grabbed each hand and pinned them down as he ravaged her.

The others watched as he tore into her vagina wildly. She did not try to fight him off; it was like she did not even feel the pain anymore.

Few minutes later Emeka was done with her. He got up, his anger spent.

He motioned to Skulls, “She’s all yours now. I’m done.”

Skulls was out of his pants in no time.

Simon gaped as Skulls turned the almost lifeless Cynthia over, struggling to penetrate her anus. She seemed to twitch as Skulls forced his way into her. By now, he had lost the sexual urge that had crept in earlier. A tear or two somehow found their way down his cheeks.

When Skulls was done, Oche had his turn and after him, another. Each of the six participated in the rape. The floor was stained with blood by the time they were done. Simon looked at her lifeless figure and a chilly feeling crept over him. It felt like cold fingers skimming his skin at different point. A magnetic force was pulling him to her, into her and he couldn’t resist.

“Simon, you are up,” Skulls suddenly said.  “Be quick about it.”

“I think I’ll pass.,” he managed to answer.

“He’s not asking you, he’s telling you,” Emeka said from behind.

“I’m not going to touch her. She’s almost dead.”

At that, Emeka came back in. He brought out his pistol. “What did you say?”

“I said I don’t want to touch her,” Simon said again.

It was no more than a whisper but he was not afraid. He was surprised at himself that he could stand up to Emeka without flinching. Even so, he felt his heartbeat quicken expecting to be shot.

Emeka raised the pistol aiming at Simon’s forehead. All eyes were trained at them. “I say you do it.”

“I just…c….”

“You’re all dead,” Cynthia suddenly said, catching all of them unawares. “You’ll wish you were never born.”

‘I think I have a better idea,” Skulls said, “Capone, let this douche bag do her. It’s time we started back.”

“You have a point,” Emeka agreed. “Give him your pipe, Dave.”

Dave handed over a small handgun to Simon.

Simon stood looking from the gun in his hand to the battered girl on the floor. He froze up as Emeka prodded him in the back with the barrel of his own pistol. Emeka applied pressure on the gun to push him closer to Cynthia on the floor. Her limbs lay at unnatural angles. There were many lacerations on her skin and she was already covered with blood, semen and dirt from the floor. Even her blue eyes had a dark look to them. There was almost nothing beautiful about her anymore. He felt the barrel of the gun now pressing against his skull.

“I give you only a minute to do it or you take her bullet,” Emeka snarled.

Simon pointed the gun at the girl but couldn’t pull the trigger. It was then that Cynthia turned her head.

She said, “Do it. I won’t blame you for it.” He seemed to be only one who had heard her because no other person responded to the statement, but still, he hesitated.

“Simon, do this shit and get it over with,” Dave whispered.

“She knows our faces and you sure do know that we can’t let her go blab on us,” one of the guys offered.

“I… just ca…nt. Come on, guys… she’s harmless!” Simon blustered.

The pistol began to take on an abnormal weight as his hand hung in the air. Fear had taken over his reflexes and his adrenalin was at its peak but he was strangely immobile.  The gun took a sudden extra weight. He lowered his arm slowly.

Just then, he heard the crack of a gunshot from behind him. His fingers squeezed the trigger in reflex and another screaming bang rent the air just seconds after the first shot. At first, he thought he was dead. He waited for the pain to set in and the blood to flow but it never came. Then he looked behind him and saw Skulls smiling. Maxwell returned his gaze poker faced.

“Nice job. Right on,” he heard Emeka say.

He turned only to see the blood trickling from Cynthia’s head. His bullet had hit her right in the temple. Her eyes were trained on him; he saw the dancing flame again and he lost air for a minute. He dropped to his knees as the pistol clattered to the floor. The pistol hit the floor and another bang rented the air jolting everyone.

The bullet lodged itself mercilessly in between Cynthia’s legs, right into her vagina. Simon’s jaw dropped.

What have I done?

“So you spared your dick and raped her with a fucking bullet,” someone sniggered.

The body was still twitching. Emeka fired another shot. His aim was faultless; the bullet struck her in the heart. She died instantly.

Simon did not hear the last gunshot. He just knelt there with his face in his hands and wept until they pulled him into the car.

17 thoughts on “Devil’s Pawn Reloaded 1” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. You know how we do.

    Great writing.

    Good job.

    Let the surgeons come one. Me, I just administer the anesthetic.

    1. dont poison me sha….thanks

  2. ‘He felt his heartbeat quicken (as he) expected/waited to be shot.’
    ‘There were several (instead of many) lacerations…’ or ditch the ‘many’ altogether.
    ‘He seemed to be (the) only one who had…

    Interesting but too gruesome for me to be comfortable with.

    Nice one.

  3. Then, how were the lacerations on her body? (red, lips-like, small cuts/gashes?) How was her voice when she spoke that they should consider themselves dead?

    All these little details matter in a novel.

    Keep it coming please.

    1. @babyada keep em coming ma’am…resident surgeon

  4. Brilliant writing man. This felt so real.

    In the spirit of perfection of self, hearken to the words of @babyada.

    Nice one.

    1. @chemokopi if I dont, I’d be dumbest ass existing. Thank

  5. whow.
    It is a pity the girl died like that.
    Poor girl. I wonder what she had done.

    Nice story.

    1. @julietbaby If you know what she did to them in return, hmm

  6. I thnk it would have been more menacing if she’d whispered “You all will regret this,” to Emeka.

    As for speaking to Simon, how about she maybe just communicated with either her eyes or a weak nod, sort of a silent plea…?

    Now, I can see the act, but I can’t see anything else…lot of white space around the scene with regards to the night. U could try to paint some scary pictures about the night, the place, the time…hope U understand what I’m trying to convey here. U are trying to describe Horror/Fear here. Horror is made more potent by the description of the setting for the act than the act itself.
    Also, try to pain the pictures/thoughts of the characters. We know Cynthia was afraid; how afraid? What steeled her resolve, and how? Same goes for Simon, and the others. Describe the manic glee Emeka must’ve felt, etc…

    As usual…well done bro…

    1. @raymond, hmmmm. I dont know what to say to you. You held on to the full manuscript for 4 months now with no feedback. I go send Boko Haram to come collect am from you.

      I get your points…very valid but a few of them, not all, were taken care of in the preceding part, and after the scene described.

      will do as you said, but remember the Boko boys

  7. Great story…I’m not so good with the editing thing so I won’t go there. The others made observations which like a good wee lad you’ve promised to adhere to..winks!

    All I can tell is that a shit load of whoop ass is about to be unleashed,and poor Simone’s world about to turn upside down (emotionally that is).

    Emeka and his band of morons are about to be FUBAR’rd (fucked up beyond all recognition).

    1. *Simon…not Simone*

      1. @dottaraphels

        Hmm! Hmm!

        Do you listen to rap music?!

        I just find your use of FUBAR interesting…and don’t think it shows up in movies/books (I stand corrected)…

    2. @dottaraphels You are right in your assessment beyond even what I think you mean

  8. What I like most about this story is the fact that it’s fast-paced…it it were a book, I’d call a page-turner. Kudos.

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