Crossing Over

Crossing Over

Moving over the ladder of life
Where the mighty one falls
Life is been struggled for
Making you a conquerer

Crossing over and over again
Leaves the memory to tell in you
Been a winner is not destine
But the sacrifice been made
Make you a conquerer

Crossing over is a great task
The fight and struggles continues
Only the brave survives
The past has tell for the presence
And the presence tell for the future
Making it the survival of the fittest.

ogunleye kayode peter

5 thoughts on “Crossing Over” by kayode (@kayclimber)

  1. This is wrong.
    The tense usage is confused.
    I want to help, but I don’t know what you intended.

  2. As Kaycee said, a little confusing. Is this about life’s struggles? or crossing as in death and then memories tell of your existence?

    Whatever you meant I think I’m sold on these two…perhaps a little light?

    Inspiring concept though…

  3. The fact that there were no lines made it a tad confusing for me. Please check this.

  4. We climb up the ladder….

  5. Really, this is confusing. Maybe you should just re-write it in the way you would have ‘said’ it.

    Keep writing.

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