Bottles in the Waves

Bottles in the Waves

I was rereading the emails we used to send each other

Months ago it seems

In another life

Little bottles in the waves

Each one tugging at my heart

I miss you so much

I miss your words, the sound of your voice

I miss your words so much

Were we ever friends?

Time usually softens the pain

So why is it that

I can’t seem to be able to escape thinking about you?

You come back into my dreams

Night after night

I wish I could just speak with you about anything

Like we used to

I miss those fleeting moments

Like beads stringing a never ending necklace

I miss your presence

I miss you

So much

Were we ever close?

Maybe not

Do you miss me?

I will never know

If I could weave all the moments we were together

I would wrap myself in them indefinitely

I can’t cry

My pain is far beyond any place I can reach

There is happiness in my life though

And I am moving on

But something inside me is always longing for you

For that ephemeral certitude that we belong together

And a part of me echoes a part of you

How many more years will it take me to forget you?

There are no more bottles in the waves

Silence is deafening and my heart is bleeding

Still I will love you



27 thoughts on “Bottles in the Waves” by Jefsaraurmax (@jefsaraurmax)

  1. Jeeez!
    Goose bumps.
    This is tearful. So very well written.

    Hope writing this helps.

    1. Thanks @kaycee! Writing is a part of me and it does help me a lot. When I can’t write, I don’t feel like myself.

  2. Loneliness is a disease, I know this for sure. You captured just that; Kleenex moment.

    1. Thanks @Dottaraphels! Lamartine (French author) said “Un seul être vous manque et tout est dépeuplé ” (you are missing one person and the world is empty).

  3. Awww…sad one…Someday I pray that thinking of him wouldn’t make your chest tighten cos U want to cry. Lovely albeit really sad piece…Well done Jef…$ß.

  4. Nice piece. Wasn’t tearful 4 me, though I felt for the MC.

    1. Thanks @louis! This is a great compliment!

  5. No b small tin.

  6. sunshine (@nicolebassey)

    Very very nice!

  7. U kan fit sey am again. Dis is nice … Rushed.

  8. o-kay.

    Another poem of unrequited love…or is it lost love?

    You try no be small!

    1. Thanks @Afronuts! LOL, I just write a lot of those, don’t I? “Treading water” is another one….

  9. Very nice and touching. Story of our lives. Thanks for sharing

  10. I specially love the tittle. I like the feelings in the poem.. Where have you been?? Good to have you back.

    1. Thanks @gooseberry! I had writer’s block. I missed NS and I am glad to be back.

  11. Beautiful expression…i love this piece.

  12. Awww…now you’ll make me cry!

    Tear inducing and beautiful.

  13. Like @gooseberry mentioned, the title was sweet. And the poem was lovely. Most people have loved and lost so it’s easy to relate to it.

    Kevin Costner starred in a movie that I can’t remember the title. But he did the letter-in-a-bottle thing and throws it into the ocean.

    Your poems are always quite visual like someone watching a slient music video.

    Nicely written. Emotions vivid as usual.

    1. @jaywriter: Thanks Jay! The movie is “Message in a bottle”. I will check it out.

  14. thumbs up to you for the excellence in poetry……

  15. Thank you so much @innoalifa!

    1. @jefsaraurmax, forever welcome………….the idea of LOVE as depicted in your poem was really emotionally appealing………….

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