A New Beginning.

A New Beginning.

As she sat on the mat in her late mother’s room, her knees curled to her chest, the words of the man of God rang loudly in her head. She tried to push it out but it kept ringing. Forgive! What was there to forgive? Ekpedeme had killed her in many more ways than a hunter would to an antelope, she glanced at the folded paper that lay besides her and hot tears poured from her eyes like torrential rainfall and fell to the beads that circled her throat. The first gift Ekpedeme gave her. She nibbled at the beads and heaved slowly, turned to the corner of the mat and lifted it by the edge, then fished under it for something. She brought out a kitchen knife, caressed it gently by its blade and scraped at the rust that stuck by the handle. Sniffed bitterly and dropped the knife under the mat, blew her nose vigorously into her head-tie and laid gently. She had been wounded and defeated.
Thousands of thoughts warred inside her head. She was 22, innocent, plain and lovely, and by God, she loved Ekpedeme. They met when she was 20 at Eka Idong’s house, the blind lady had lost her son and husband and the entire clan of Aka Itiam decided to take care of her till she died. So young girls took food to her and washed her clothes and the boys filled the water pots. That day, Idara took food to her and Ekpedeme fetched water. As they bid her farewell, she asked them to kneel before her and she blessed them.
“May the happiness and love you’ve brought to me be multiplied, may your bowels be fertile with seeds of joy of joy and happiness, May your children and children’s children bring you joy and happiness.”
After that, they were inseperable, like a divine force was binding them. Ekpedeme was the eager, fierce and romantic lover and Idara was his pride. She remembered the first time he kissed her, it was her first kiss and it was at Eka Idong’s place. After she served the blind lady and washed the dishes, she went to the yard where the water pot was to call him so they could go.
“Ekpedeme, Ekpedeme” she kept calling but got no response, she went further into the yard and made to turn by the side of the building when his heavy hand caught her and cupped his left palm over her mouth to stop any scream. He swiftly turned her face to his, brought his mouth close to hers and graced it rapaciously with kisses. For the first few minutes, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t think. His tongue pushed against her teeth and firmly found its way into her buccal cavity and wrapped itself against her tongue.
Her lips quivered slightly from the massage, confused on what to do, she gently placed her hands on his shoulders and sighed deeply. She liked it. Slowly, he unlocked his lips from hers and hugged her tightly. This was his woman and he loved her. After that followed series of kissing lessons at the blind lady’s backyard.
It was so for a year until Mmayen showed up. One word defined her- HOT. Where Idara lacked in beauty, Mmayen made up for it. Full ebony black hair that settled curtly below her shoulders, eyes the colour of hazel that seemed soaked in a drum of milk, creamy and dreamy, lips with a natural sensual pout that spelled kisses and a body that seemed carved from the finest of chinese wares, smooth flawless skin that radiated from every garment that adorned her and a gallant walk of a confident competitor. One look at her and there were only carnal thoughts and more carnal thoughts.
The first time Ekpedeme had her, he knew immediately that there was no way he was leaving her, he kept moaning and groaning as he buried all his balls inside her with each thrust of electrified intercourse. He even cried “Holy Heavens” when he became limb.
He never had sex with Idara, not because he didn’t want to but he knew she wasn’t ready for it, sex to her sounded like the first sin God would judge the world with. But this hottie under him? This one with caramel in her podendum? He wasn’t letting her go, not any time soon.
It became a daily wild sex-making with her in her flat where she shared with her friends outside the College of Art and Science campus, and then her roommates joined and together their sinful pleasures overwhelmed every precaution. He always looked forward to those days when 3 pairs of voluptuous boobs fought their way into his mouth and hands. Those were his special days.
It was Idara’s 22nd birthday and he had a surprise for her at his house that evening. She was so eager and she left earlier than he had anticipated.

Echoes of “I want to grow old with you” flooded the corridor as she knocked and he immediately opened the door and popped a bottle at her face.

“Oh my God” she said in a shrill, “You scared me”

“I’m sorry boo, so sorry, happy birthday” He replied.

“Thank you”. She was already blushing.

He ushered her in, shut the door and planted a soft voracious kiss on her lips. Then he poured the wine into two glasses and said a short toast as they interlocked their arms and drank. He took the glass from her and dropped it on the side stool, pulled her close to him and raped her lips with deep kisses, she responded immediately, he dug his fingers into her long brown hair and massaged her scalp, ran his hands down her back to her hips and grasped her firmly, lifted her up and she locked her legs around his waist and he moved blindly to the half wall, his lips still on hers.

Hot breathe.

Hands everywhere.

Heart racing.

His lips were still locked in hers as he undid her buttons, this was the first time he was seeing her breast, his eyes grew greedy with what he saw, he gave each a peck and scooped the right boobs from its holder and sucked gently, while his hands played with the nipples of the other. He massaged both gently and brought the two nips into his mouth and gave a gently bite. His hands slid under her skirt and he dipped his fingers into her pants, played with the festoon of hairs that curled like noodles on her pelvis and gently slid his forefinger into her hole, she gasped, she was wet and warm and this aroused him even more. He caressed the soft mound that protruded from her pelvis and she let out a sigh.

Carefully, he took her to bed, looked into her eyes and asked her “May I?” her eyes answered him and before she could say it, he took off her skirt and pants, raised her left leg to his left shoulder and buried his face between her thighs. Idara had never felt this way in her life, it was like she would explode without exploding and she wouldn’t mind. She rubbed his head as his tongue raped her clitoris and his fingers fondled her boobs till she was in spasms. He took her hands and led it to his charged manhood careful not to offend her and begged her to massage it, she did so, not sure if she was doing it right, he moved upwards and upwards till he was at her face, with pleaded eyes, he led his rod into her mouth, she closed her mouth against it and pressed her lips to her groin not sure of what to do, while Ekpedeme kept panting “Suck me”. This was her first time of seeing a penis and it scared her, it was hard and straight like it would break at any little pressure. He fondled her tits and told her to bite him. Bite him? She was torn between the pleasure on her lips and the biting request, she rolled her tongue against his shaft and he let out a little moan of approval as she flicked her tongue over it.

Slowly, he moved back and gently slid his dick into her, there is a slight hesitation as he looked at her, she seemed shy but was carried away with intense pleasure, his dick pushed achingly slow into her and he pulled her apart.

All the tension.

All the waiting.

There was nothing like doing a virgin.

Idara let out a soft cry.
The reality of being pulled apart, the act of being invaded by choice.
All the way in, he pushed, gently and slowly as she yelped.
“You are so hot” he moaned.
She gripped the sheets as he rocked in and out of her. Together they danced in the song as the flood of near orgasms would step forward and then quickly step away in a twirl. His dick hit her G-spot and played it like a bow on a violin, fluid sprayed from her thigh to the sheets, red and watery, and she started panting and shaking. His hands gripped her hips and they danced. He grunted and she screamed as their bodies shuddered in unison. They were locked together till he fell out of her limb. He wrapped his hands around her and whispered “Happy Birthday” as he wiped the tears that dripped from her eyes. Then he had her two more times.

Four months gone and she was without her flow, then the reality of pregnancy hit her, she told Ekpedeme and immediately plans for marriage were in motion. This was not how she wanted her life to be but she accepted it, many were looking for children and she was carrying one. She knew she had disappointed herself but she was happy that Ekpedeme was happy and accepted her.
Ima ndo- that was the new name he called her now. The joy of marriage.

She had done as the pastor said, even though she was sure of what the result would be, when the doctor told her she was HIV positive, she knew her world had collapsed. She did the test two more times and kept saying there was a mistake, the results were positive. She passed out.

She woke up on the hospital bed with the Pastor beside her. Tears welled up in her eyes and flowed out freely. How was it possible? She knew only one man, and only man knew her.
She called the man she knew and he immediately told her there was no way he was marring a woman with HIV.
She had nowhere to go so she went to her late mother’s house, her grief and shame must remain with her, she was placed on anti-retroviral drugs and she took them hopelessly. The marriage was cancelled and she lived each day in the shadow of death.

Three months gone and there was no word from Ekpedeme, he had forgotten how they started at Eka Idong’s house.
Then that day, he called, he was HIV positive and he was dying and needed to make peace with her. She ran to her pastor in tears and he preached the message of forgiveness to her. Forgiveness! He had infected her, rejected her and their child, scorned her and now he wanted forgiveness, she would rather die than forgive him.

The sound of a car woke her, she fished under the mat for the knife and rose with it. A knock on the door, she inhaled deeply and opened it and saw the man of God standing at the door.
“Idara” he gasped when he saw the knife in her hand “what are you doing with this knife?”
Tears poured out of her eyes. He held her by the shoulders.
“Idara, listen to me, you can’t do this, ok? You can’t! what would your child think of you, would our Lord Jesus want you to do this?”
“Where is our Lord Jesus now I’m infected, where was he when I was infected and rejected by the man whom I loved so much, where was he?” she said amongst sobs.
The door of the car opened and Ekpedeme came out. Immediately Idara saw him, the knife dropped from her hands, he looked like a bag of bones and his skin looked like he was ironed.
“Idara” he called in a shrill voice, “before you kill me, which you have every right to, please forgive me, I have suffered for my crime, if I had done the test with you or when you told me about it, I would have started treatment immediately, I have full blown AIDS and I have few months left”.

Tears trickled down his eyes as he knelt down and she walked towards him, tears poured from her eyes, was this her Ekpedeme? The only man she knew? She began to wail.

“Pastor…why, where is God right now? God, where are you, where are you right now?” she screamed. She held her man by the shoulders and looked into his eyes and she knew that she would always love him and he would always love her. And it broke her heart.

She knelt in front of him and hugged him tightly “Baby, why, why, please don’t leave me, don’t leave our child please, stay with me”
Ekpedeme held her head, and all his years flashed before him and he hated himself even more. He cried bitterly.
The pastor held them by their shoulders and prayed as tears flowed from his eyes. They rose and he led them into the house.

He died the next month.

“Tell our son how much his daddy loved him and his mummy, take care of yourself and please for me to rest, move on. Find someone that will love you more than I did and love our son too.”
“Baby,” she cried “please don’t leave me, we can fight this together, please” she knelt by the bed and held his waist.
Ekpedeme held her by the head, looked into her eyes and said to her
“These past weeks have been the best days of my life and I will die happy that you forgave me and loved me again”
“Baby, nooo, I will love you even more, please”. She turned to his parents and begged for help, she held the doctor by his coat “Please save my husband, please, pastor, please beg God for me. This is too much for me.”
Ekpedeme wept as he heard her call him her husband. He wept bitterly. Then he gave her a kiss on the head and breathed his last.
The whole hospital echoed of Idara’s scream and silent dread filled the ward.

She woke up hours later. A new beginning. She named the child Ekpedeme.


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