A Listening Ear

A Listening Ear

Unto what could I liken a listening ear

The listener’s silence speaks volumes

That golden silence kills every fear

And spreads its fragrance like the best perfumes


I once saw a woman in great despair

There seemed no end to her sorrow

Her world was shattered well beyond repair

And she had no hope for a better tomorrow


For she had lost all she ever loved and cherished

Her husband and son, snatched by death’s evil claws

In the burning fires they had perished

Leaving her all alone to fight her wars


I sat down by her side and listened

As she recounted her tale of woes

The depth of her pain was best imagined

I could only sigh and stare at my toes


She spoke for a very long time

As she really had so much to say

I would gladly have given her my every dime

If only it would make her pain go away


But I simply listened and opened not my mouth

Even if I had to speak I had no words

She said she had not the slightest doubt

That she had been cursed by the gods


Finally she was done and she sighed

‘Thank you for listening to me’ she said

She told me she felt very much better inside

I smiled and ran my fingers through my head


Sometimes our words or thoughts hardly matter

When we try to show someone we truly care

The best way to make someone feel better

Could simply be by lending a listening ear


9 thoughts on “A Listening Ear” by Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

  1. Yeah man. I feel you on this. Sometimes…all the advice in the world is just BS. The one that annoys me the most is ‘I understand.’

    How the hell do you understand? Even if we lost the same people (i.e parents) we did not love/relate with them the same. It cannot hurt the same way. Hence – you do not understand. You cannot.

    Just STFU and listen.

    I remember the story of an old man who lost his wife…and for days he sat in front of his house, crying. His neighbors all tried to get him to talk; but they could not. Finally a three year old (I’m not sure about the exact figure) went and sat in the old man’s lap. After a while, the man stood up and started functioning again.

    The child’s parents could not wait for him to return, and when he did, they excitedly asked, “What did you say to the old man that we did not?”

    The child answered, “Nothing. I just sat with him and helped him cry.”

    Nothing beats a listening ear. Nice one man.

    1. Seun-Odukoya I agree that nothing beats listening, but as with everything in life; even moderation needs to be taken in moderation.

      Sometimes after you have listened to someone’s tale of woe, it could very well be that the person needs reassurance. If you don’t understand a person’s plight its wrong to say you understand, but if you do understand the situation… the very words that will proceed from you will be such that the hearer will know that you truly understand.

      It would be something similar to that aha! moment, finally somebody gets me.

      Sometimes part of someone’s sorrow could very well be that nobody gets them.

      1. People should just learn how to shut up more often.

  2. Though your poem read more like prose, your words are WORDS.

    I wouldn’t have known this if you hadn’t told me.

    Well done.

  3. Geebee, beautiful poem.

    Listening is a skill. Most times when we listen to people’s stories, we can’t wait to jump right in and offer our opinions. Sometimes we don’t even allow the person finish telling their story before we jump in.

    Moments like this only tells the person involved that you haven’t truly listened and whatever comes next will definitely be inappropriate.

    Listening is priceless.

  4. RIO (@riowrites)

    Beautiful. Listening is an art that we all need to learn for indeed through it we show we care.

  5. Silence is golden they say, and when we keep silent, we open up our ears and mind and just listen…

    I must say though, that to just listen can be quite hard. You doubt?..Try listening to someone who is boring U to hell and back.

    Lovely lines Geebee..but then again, I expect no less from you…Well done…$ß

  6. Beautiful lines

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