Just digits, but they bring horror, unimaginable and this poem sprang from there…

Breathless numbers,
Handicapped as they be,
They bore down below,
Into the deeps of my heart.
The pounding sound
Leaves an itching tinge
On the scarred drums
Of my ears.
If I could count
The waters in the tears,
Coursing down my cheeks,
Could I own thee?
Damnation in 1, 4 and zeros;
A knell for dreams doomed,
Ever, in the shaddows to remain,
Until the dawn of 14,000 pounds.

35 thoughts on “£14,000.” by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson (@xikay)

  1. Money palava
    For it man sell their conscience…

    Good creativity
    £14k…crazy title

    1. @osondu no be small thing o! Thank you.

      1. creativity is about bringing something out of nothing- well done

        1. that’s right @mikeeffa. Thanks.

  2. One would say if dreams were horses…capitalism has us screwed and many will do most anything for four thousand, and you say 14.000 thou? lol

    1. ha ha ha @dottaraphels …for me, its 14,000 or no….no ne laff matter o!

  3. I’m missing sumtin.
    Explain jare.
    Or am i supposed to know what 14k did to you?

    1. The clue is in the tags for the poem, @Kaycee

      Good poem as usual, @Xikay. Brings out the agony of the dashed dream. Is it autobiographical in any way?

      1. @TolaO seems to be a fantastic poetry mind…though I’ve not read many of his, his insight into poetry is just A+. Its definitely partly general and mostly autobiographical. Thank you sire.

        @Kaycee oga Tola has said it all. Its all about Nigerian youths and dashed educational dreams.

        Thank you too.

  4. And here comes @xikay with another blockbuster. Join me as we welcome xikay the prolific short poetry writer into our midst.
    From the stable of, ‘Twasn,t that her orange were the sweetest’ and many more.
    Nice read. I like. Calls for deep thinking. Just check your tenses.

    1. @louis thanks for your comment.

      me tenses in this poem? Are you kidding me? Tenses!!?!! Tell me you are just kidding.

        1. @shai, the thing surprise me o!

            1. hahahahahahahaha! na only one misspelling dey dia: shaddow!

              But @xikay, no kee ursef with the ish, just look for the head of a baby who died of malnutrition and contact those who know…

              1. Yee!!! @banky, I no even see am until now.. Thank you…you get get one of such babies for me? as per expert

                1. ah! I be Born again christian o, my religion forbids such! hehehehehehe

                  1. How did you know the cure if you have not once been treated or been the TREATER?!

      1. no vex for @louis, @xikay, e dey even welcome you sef. You no tell am say you be grandpa for NS?

    2. “Deeps” and “waters” are correct poetic in the context they were used in that poem. They are not tense blunders Mr. Lactoo …

      1. @Charles thanks for the insight… he, like all of us learn here everyday.

  5. This isn’t too much money naa. Our leaders steal more than this in just a raid.
    ‘Itching tinge’, words I’ve learnt today.

    Well done.

    1. Thank you jare @babyada…dem no go let us see sumol 14k.

  6. Money, money, money!! it’s a rich man’s world… says Abba!!

  7. Nice one xikay…na to plan enter central bank of nigeria na…Small deal…

    1. @sibbylwhyte na me and you go do the operation ba? LMAO…we go blame on Boko Haram as usual

  8. I like it when u write these things… You too mush…..

    1. Thanks @Charles …. me like your stuff too…

  9. School fees. Odiro easy.

    Nice one, bro. Very creative and yet very honest. The insight is so true.

    1. @obinwanne you need to come and see what Nigerians go through in Abuja and Lagos, all for that 14,000. You go think say na ticket to heaven…but we still dey huzzle

  10. I specially like the tittle. This is short but to the point. We gat ok schools here na, those oyinbo people go cut your neck with big big bank statement.

    Welldone xikay. Cool.

    1. Abi o @gooseberry. And dem go talk am like say na chicken change.

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