Ovaries are fighting
Now, a war of two cities
Bloodbath in-between

Labour “Laws” come tough
Constrictions at intervals
Baby cries, both sleeps

The architects failed
Angelo could not draw this…
This accurate piece.

10 thoughts on “Woman” by JAY'S PLANET (@JaysPLANET)

  1. This is barely 37-words…how did it get posted?

    but i like sha

  2. @teewah, maybe our cries have been heard.


    1. hehehe AMEN O!!!

  3. shai (@shaifamily)

    @teewah@babyada know what’s funny?
    My post got thrown back in my face by @Admin.
    No reasons whatsoever given, and I am sure I didn’t write shorter than this.

  4. shai (@shaifamily)

    However, length is not to be used ever as a yardstick for measuring poetry. Whaetever@Admin was thinking abt I have no idea. Still don’t.
    Glad tho’ this work here didn’t disappoint or lay credence to a need for lengthy stuffs.

  5. Hmm…Interesting.

  6. Stroke of luck perhaps, but then again it says a lot for a ‘short’ poem..Nice Jayp..Well done.

  7. Wow, I thought this was off the publishing list. Yeah @sibbylwhyte it was a stroke of luck :-) Thanks all for liking.

  8. Okay, I guess this is an example of a haiku poem I asked about sometime ago. Nice.

  9. It’s a nice poem.

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