When You Drink of The Cup…

Those privileged to drink of the cup of love and goodwill, surely never have the heart to go in the opposite direction of their convictions.

These are people who find it difficult to relax and carry on with life as normal, when they know that their fellow man is suffering in one form or the other.

The road a person with conscience takes, often times leads to untold suffering and lack, in one form or another; nevertheless it never stops them from taking that road. This is the only road they know and which they use to get to their destination. Having a conscience and listening to your conscience are two different things. As with all things in life, despite it being inborn or innate, still requires harnessing and nurturing; without which, a conscience dies a natural death.

Who or what is a man of conscience? He/she is one blessed with a certain quality and spirit that naturally gravitates towards good. Although no way near perfect in their ways, they somehow by divine grace and intervention strive and struggle to reflect the divine in human form. These are not limited to a particular sect, religion or belief. They are just children of the divine.

In our quest to resemble the divine, we have often times stepped out of the light into darkness and still claim or think we are reflections not only of the Divine, but vessels of light. This grave error is as a result of not listening to, harnessing or nurturing our conscience or spirit of the divine within us, which should and is meant to be our moral compass and guide.

Without a conscience or moral compass, how can we ever resemble the divine? How can we find our way home, when we do not recognize what home should be? Once we deviate from the labour and sacrifice which love is and requires, we instantly become “empty vessels”. Why, because we lack love, hence we lack conscience or moral compass. This leads us to the point where arrogance, selfish pride, haughtiness and everything un-divine takes center stage.

Once center stage, pride, arrogance and brute-force wants us to hold on to something to affirm our faith or belief, no matter how absurd, ridiculous, ungodly or inhuman. As far back as history has documented, beliefs come in different forms and mans obsessions to impose a belief system on his fellow man strives from the lack or absence of love or conscience, and has been an insatiable drive. History has shown over centuries, the many atrocious acts man has committed against his fellow man, all in the same breathe of making straight the path of a mans heart.

We want to shove, ram and force our beliefs down another mans throat and still belief we work with and for the divine. Many schools of spiritual learning have existed and many names and titles have been given to these; each in its own right has either laid claims to superiority or the true place to be. All have at one time or the other arrogated sole knowledge of the true self to its organization and to date, we still witness the battle between them all, but in more of a civilized manner (if there is anything as such).

Today the world is filled with so many choices and in many places, we are still blessed with the dignity of choice on how to express these beliefs we all clearly have, even the atheist amongst us. So where is all this leading mankind to, and how are we really to shape the generations to come, if we are still knee deep in this confusion of faith and belief. I can only approach situations from the known and gradually descend into the unknown. My known fact is that I acknowledge myself as a person who believes in the birth, death and rebirth of Jesus Christ; so in our known world that makes me a christian.

Having said that, I don’t have too much theological knowledge of the Bible or Christianity for that matter, but what I do know of, I have come about by pure spiritual intervention and grace. I know that commonsense is not so common as we all think, else we would basically not have the many contradictions and silliness that exists in the world today.

It does not take a genius to know that in order to receive respect, kindness, love etc…one simply has to make sure that such is their disposition at all times. Now, because man is fallible, this is where the spirit of love should come into play, if we allow it. Love being a sacrifice demands forbearance (which is patience, tolerance and forgiveness) and justification (which is the spirit of kindness, empathy and consideration). These again, are basic senses, which are part and parcel of ones conscience that man possess from birth, but which again, requires nurturing.

Having these attributes and being able to practice them surely have no bearing on whether you are a believer of Christ, Mohamed, Buddha or whatever it is we claim to believe in. This is a divine gift to whoever the spirit of the divine chooses to bless with it. So as a believer in the doctrines of Jesus Christ, the christian Bible holds a significant place in my heart, and it is on these words in it that I try to draw strength and guidance from. I also have a personal opinion that what we know as the Bible is somewhat not complete and has lost some authenticity through the ages. The general foundation of it’s contents is what most Christian’s base their belief system on.

Regardless of what pathway we choose to approach the divine, certain qualities that are reflective of the divine are what helps us to be better human beings. So going from the known to the not so known, I can comfortably say that in a world where there are so many so called believers in God, the Muslims and the dedicated Buddhists; it is so clear the appalling indifference man displays when it comes to forbearance for each other.

The mind of a man who has drank of the cup of compassion and righteousness has a totally different make up. It does not just see the self: it knows and acknowledges the connection of all, the brotherhood of life. The vital awareness of mans responsibility not only to his fellow man, but to all creation. Drinking of the cup is for all mankind and requires dedication and discipline.

It is not limited to those who believe in Christ, Allah or the Buddhist. Christ came not to establish a religion but a way of life. The ability to live the way of life promoted by Christ is what I believe unifies all religion and spiritual paths, that tries to teach a pathway to the divine. Many have a system which enables them see life in two colours, black or white. What then happens to the in-between? That shaded area which constitutes the magnitude of what we need to know but don’t. It represents the full knowledge and understanding of the divine, and entrance into that area is by invitation only.

The invitation is love.

The cup is love.

The drink itself is love and the pathway is love.

18 thoughts on “When You Drink of The Cup…” by Dotta Raphels (@dottaraphels)

  1. aturmercy (@aturmercy)

    Wow! Dotta! This is an impressive well thought out piece of writing. You have expressed so eloquently what many struggle to describe.

    Life is all about walking the walk and talking the talk. You cannot separate the two. Well put. Bravo!

    1. Thank you…

  2. Love is not altogether a good thing. It can be a terrible feeling to have.
    Do you know the atrocities men have committed in the name of love? Think about what you have done for love.
    And I will think about mine.
    There is no path, no one way, no one philosophy for life.
    To each his own.

    Life is an unfortunate thing for man.

    1. aturmercy (@aturmercy)

      Kaycee na wah for you o! Its either the cup is half full or half empty…indicating optimism or pessimism.

      Men have not committed atrocities in the name of love, rather they have committed heinous acts in the name of every negative emotion you can think of, which for simplicity’s sake I will call misguided love.

      When men take the tribal stance and decide my tribe is better and superior to yours, and go the way of ethnic cleansing; they are moved by a passion that can never be described as love or remotely connected to or with love.

      Would you call what they are thinking and feeling about their tribe Love? If what they think and feel for their tribe is “love”, then what they feel towards the other tribe is HATE. And if it is hate, then what they feel for their tribe is not LOVE.

      Centuries ago when the Roman Catholics introduced The Inquisition (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inquisition). If you were unfortunate to be born with the gift of seeing visions, prophesy or simply acknowledged that their ways were ungodly and in direct opposition to everything Christ or God stands for, you are and would be condemned an heretic! Torture and murder was the order of the day…

      In today’s world, a man tired of living and having a warped sense of reality unfortunately decides life is not worth living but no, instead of taking his own life alone; takes that of his wife and children so that they can either be in heaven or just not exit in this “cruel world”.

      The world is not cruel. People are. We are misguided with our misconceptions, misunderstandings and misinformation. Men are guided by false and wrongful loyalties.

      Christ, like Dotta rightfully pointed out, did not establish a religion, neither is he a Christian, yet almost everyone is a Christian with different denominations.

      Love is kind, gentle and simple. If I love you, I won’t steal from you, hate, harm or try to kill you. Love does not make people stray. We do things for selfish reasons and reasoning. When the focus is me, myself and I, all logical reasoning, thinking and feeling is biased and devoid of love.

      Love thinks about what is in the best interest of another or the other person; not what is good or best for me.

      Kaycee, if we all are truly acting on the instinct or act of love, the world would be a much better place for all concerned. Love is the only true path, way and philosophy for life: simply because their is no truth greater than love.

      Love does not wrong anyone.

    2. Kaycee na wetin love do you? Pls share…I know there’s a story somewhere in there.

  3. Hmmm Dotta…You cracked your brain to dissect the religion BS..

    I love that line where U point out that Christ taught ‘A way of life’ and not a religion..
    Religion should be seen as the vehicle that takes us (maybe) to our destination..And when it is steered by religious fanatics and hypocrites, we begin to wonder and question ourselves cos then it would seem better that we jump out of the car and continue our journey, as we walk; one step at a time.

    What choices we make on the way are what leads us to the place we belong.

    Welldone Dotta..

    P.S..If I get a reply soon, i’ll know U survived d easter break…hehehe.

    1. Bubbly…I know you did survive the Easter break. I’m sure you had great fun.
      “…it would seem better that we jump out of the car and continue our journey, as we walk; one step at a time.” I like this and glad you enjoyed reading this.

  4. Hmmmm. I like this writeup. I think animals are not even as confused as we humans are… We just have too much reasoning to do that we lose ‘it’ sometimes. Being human is big headache o.

    Well written article. Philosophical. Well done.

    1. Thanks. I have to agree with you on this…animals not being as confused as we are. Lol.

  5. Thank God men are not God if not i wonder what would have become of the world.

    very thoughtful write up.

  6. Indeed, it is not about religion or denomination, but all about philosophy on how to live life. I believe also that love is above all, even if it is frequently misunderstood or abused.

    1. Quite agree. Thanks

  7. Nice philosophical write up Rapheal. It’s not far from the truth.
    ‘By the word religion I’ve seen lunacy of fanatics of every denomination called the will of God. Holiness is in the right action and courage on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves’- Kingdom of heaven.
    Whether love is the pathway I must tell you is still unknown. There’s not much difference between love and religion in the context of usage and complexity. The path lies in everyman’s heart. You can choose to follow it or not.

    1. “The path lies in every man’s heart” quite agree. thanks

  8. raptureisforme (@raptureisforme)

    @dotta,impressive work..nicely articulated and executed. But whyl I agree that everyone is in a grope for the route to the Divine,imbibing the xtics of the Divine alone is not enuff,for that Divine has one pathway alone, and dat is Christ. Therefore havin love for fellow humans alone wtout acknowledging d originator of luv is grossly insufficient. I also do not subscribe to the ‘all man for himself’ mantra and approach to God and religion; there is an origin and end to everything.the believing will be in the proving…

    1. I hear you loud and clear. I believe that all ability comes from and is given by the Creator. Therefore if anyone has been given the good fortune of having love in their heart, half the battle of drawing closer to God is already won.

      God is love…in acknowledging love, we do acknowledge God. They are one and the same. Whatever name you choose to call God and in whatever language does not remove from who God is.

      The blind cannot lead the blind. But sooner or later we realize that all roads might lead to the market place but some roads are shorter, longer, bumpier, nicer, while others are treacherous.

      Any path you find yourself on is your destiny…

  9. In my own simple words; love makes one do the good always. Even the holy books say this.
    Good essay.

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