What a day?

What a day?

Glowing so hard
My sight, so bad.
Felt so thirsty
But there was nobody
To give me a handy
Or even small candy

After school work
Had a light walk
Got home tired,
Too weak 2 undress my attire.

“Quinty!” Mother screamed!
Go fetch some water from the stream!
To make some fufu and stew,
‘Cos we have, but few.

‘In this sunny afternoon?
“Then no food”.
Argggh! No food?
Even in my siblings’ room.

Sluggishly I had ‘it’ fetched
Even with the bad ‘thirst’
‘Cos to obey my mother first
Has always being my quest.

But on my way home
My eyes dizzily cloned
Saw an ‘Unknown’
But If U like to know…
Then ‘Be in the Know’


Saw something strange
which made me deranged
causing my soul damage

Guess what!!! I  saw a serpent
Which gradually crept
I had to become frightened
Throwing away my pot, I screamed
I ran quickly leaving the stream

What a sad way
To eventually end a day
Full of dsimay

Without any food
I sat there mute
Oh what a day!

10 thoughts on “What a day?” by Whiz Da Poet (@whizpoet)

  1. Hehehe…seems like something a child wrote but then again the persona is a child…Funny lines..

  2. Meh. It’s okay.

  3. Pls re-read and edit…… Nice concept but some words here (In my opinion) are not just suitable for such a poem….. good work though

  4. This was not originally written by me. I actually used this to motivate a friend ‘Eme Kweenzie Queen’. She now write poems with ease..

    Thanks everyone.

    1. Well then, I should say this is nice.

  5. shai (@shaifamily)

    I got issues with this o, I know u do much better man. Much, much better.
    what is the following:
    To give me a handy – handy?
    Too weak 2 undress my attire- attire
    ‘Cos we have, but few – is it the fufu and stew or the water?
    There are others o! But cos someone has said it is for children I’ll desist. Maybe u can help me put it in perspective sha….those English structure. Hmmm.

  6. I was going to say this was not as good as the others till I saw your comment.

  7. Alright. Its okay.

  8. a re-editing which make this poem perfect…………

  9. s'am (@samenyuch)

    nice nice and funny

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