He sees the shadow
Fall upon him
He knows it’s a she.
Her gaze like the scorching sun
On a hot afternoon
It’s a dream
…Nothing is real.

She is no more the night prowler
This time, her boldness, she wore like the ‘gele’
No more stealing the icing
Now she touches and kisses
And promises and threatens
Yet he is ‘untouched’
…No one must know

Now he is scared
Afraid of touching,
Of being touched,
Of women.
Unusual yet real
The man inside screams
But the outer man smiles
‘Why me’? he asks
Who should it have been?
…Another innocent victim

36 thoughts on “Untouched” by taiwo odumala (@queenzayta)

  1. Whoa.

    Simple and direct. Straightforward, yet still deep.

  2. I read it four times. But the more I read it, the more confused I got.

    But I know it’s got a strong message, and is well written too.

    1. The numbers represent ages in the male persona’s life…it also shows the stages of ‘touching’ from uncertain to daring..and no, it’s not incest. Just the ‘stuff’ before.

  3. *clears throat*
    Will leave dis for others to decipher.

    1. *giving you tom-tom* better now? You don’t understand it as well?

  4. This is why poets are not appreciated in many parts of the world.

    1. @kaycee…I don’t seem to get your meaning o; intended or otherwise. What is the why? Kindly enlighten me. I’m open to ideas…or in this case, reason.

      1. Oga@kaycee na only ur own dey different.so dis is why poets are nt appreciated in d world abi?na u know O..LOL.*still laughing*

  5. Alright. Is this about incest?
    Just asking.

  6. @babyada…nah, it’s not about incest. It’s about the act leading up to the incest but like incest, it’s carried out by a relative of the persona.

  7. @admin…this poem, when I posted it was reverted back to draft because it wasn’t up to 200 words and all of a sudden, I see it published. Well….no p sha. I just hope my other drafts don’t get published yet until I send it to be published though. Thanks.

  8. Tola I hear you loud and clear. Your delivery is brilliant!

    For many if not most Nigerians *if I’m allowed to say so* perception of abuse is in the mind of the individual. Especially where males are concerned. I grew with and around young boys whilst in primary school who were actively looking to get laid and some if not many did get laid and were quite happy for the experience.

    However, this doesn’t remove from the fact that someone so inclined, as in not interested in sexual activity or ignorant of such, shouldn’t feel abused or isn’t being abused.

    1. Tola? Noooo. The name is Taiwo or Zaynab or both, whichever suits you best.

      When you say ‘perception of abuse is in the mind of the individual’, does ‘individual’ mean the victim or the culprit? If who you mean is the victim, then I’d like to disagree with you. Why should anyone feel abused when they aren’t being so? I believe there has to have been an element of action which the mind then processes.

      Thanks for the comment, I appreciate.

  9. @zaynab this is a beautiful poem.You captured ur thoughts in succinct form.well done.

    1. @sambright..Thanks bro, for appreciating this. I’m really honoured.

  10. With the intro I’m surprised some didn’t understand this. Very touching poem. And yeah male children also face sexual abuse.

  11. Two thumbs up for u taiwo…boys hav got secrets too.

    1. Secrets? Well, everyone has… Thanks though.

  12. I liked this poem very much, Taiwo. Subtle, yet very thought-provoking.

    I especially liked these lines:

    He sees the shadow
    Fall upon him

    Reminds me of a hawk casting its shadow on a chick as it is about to swoop and devour.

    Then this:

    Now she touches and kisses
    And promises and threatens

    Great use of contrast.

    Please accept 20 points.

    1. I really appreciate the comments, I’m honoured. Thank you….for the gift as well. I think you once gave me some as well for an earlier poem. I’m glad. As my people say, thank you very plenty.

  13. @all, I really appreciate your comments and responses to this. I’m honoured. Thank you all very plenty.

  14. Nice…nice…

  15. Very deep…Males too are being abused..we all get why females get d most attention..Truth is, this victim is among the very few boys who don’t get into the act after the deed has been done… well done zayta..

    1. Thanks bubbli…m glad you got the message in this…it’s time we realised that though we do not think about the male child when it comes to sexual abuse, they do get abused. So, it’s our responsibility to protect them as well as we protect our females. Their are so many sick people out there disguised by clothing and a smiling face.

  16. Unique piece and unusual

    great remember that not only females experience abuse male do aswel.


    1. Thanks as well.

  17. Okay. I have my own interpretation of the poem sha.. Dunno if its correct o. I think its like sexual abuse or something of that sort but this time, a guy is the victim…

    Am I or am I not right? I like the poem eitherways.

    1. You’re right dear, absolutely. I’m glad you liked. Thanks.

  18. i like. keep it coming. Thumbs up.

    1. Thanks…and welcome to NS..

  19. It’s a powerful poem, true, males also face sexual abuse by women…and like abused women , abused men can often be left deeply hurt.

    Very good poem, I think it is clear.

  20. neat delivery,nice.

  21. An unfortunate initiation and hence the aversion.
    This is touchy!

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