Two new poems: ‘My Love’ and ‘Mobile Phone’

1. My Love

I thought we were tight
But now we fight
And you want me out of sight
That doesn’t feel right

It irks me every time
I think you might not be mine
Life is not kind
I think in my mind

Our love was beautiful
Now I am pitiful
Like a fool
Over you I stool

You are like a dove
You still are my treasure trove
My love
What happened to our love?

I know I made you smile
Now the distance between us is like a mile
It makes me sad
When you think I am bad

Is it my fault?
Is it your fault?
Finding the fault
Is quite difficult

Difficult or not
You are all I have got
I can’t let go
Even if I have to do so


2.  Mobile Phone

You ring!
You buzz!
You thrill!
You disappoint!

How did I live without you?
How would I live without you?
Some say you are an addiction
I say you are needed from conviction

You bring good news
You bring bad news
You make friends closer
And enemies more bitter

It’s true
You are a tool
For the fool
For the wise too

You help me make money
You make me spend money
Money in
Money out

Wifey says you are sweet
You keep me in touch with Wifey
That makes you sweet
Almost as sweet as Wifey

Mobile Phone
Keep your ringtone
For you will stay long
Here with me, where you belong


7 thoughts on “Two new poems: ‘My Love’ and ‘Mobile Phone’” by olawriter (@olawriter)

  1. In the first, is it ‘over you I stool’? Or stood..

    I like the poems, they are simple and nice.. D phone is a tool for the fools and wise too…Truly.
    Well done…$ß

    1. @Bubbllinna, ‘stool’ in that context means to have bowel movements. It may be uncommon but it is correct and of course matches my rhymes.

  2. Lovely theme. But I think you can still look into it ‘eagle-eyed’ to ee where u can add nd delete.In all u did well.Kudos!

  3. Two lovely poems

  4. Is ‘Two new poems’ part of the title? I’m just wondering.


    1. @Seun-Odukoya, ‘Two new poems’ is not part of the title. It is meant to grab your attention to the 2 poems titled: ‘My Love’ and ‘Mobile Phone’.

  5. Cool poems. But I don’t like the excessive rhymes, which I feel were forced in some places. . Well done.

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