Tunde And Seun…remi And Toyin (4)

Tunde And Seun…remi And Toyin (4)

Yea… it’s  a double dose…split it for easier criticism…hope you all enjoy it!


“Baby what is wrong?” He asked surprised.

This was obviously not the reception he was expecting.

“Oh? You mean you don’t know what is wrong? Please! Just start going home now!” She turned and sashayed back into the house; swing her extra large back side with force. He swallowed hard. Whatever the problem was he had to fix it quickly. He followed her into the house and shut the door.

“Baby what is the matter? Is it the car? If you have decided that you don’t like. I can easily change it for you.” He entreated.

Linda turned to face him. Her beautiful yellow face was twisted up in a scowl.

“Did you really buy that car with your own money?” She demanded.

“What kind of question is that? Whose money will it be if not my own?” He asked perplexed.

“How about your wife’s?” Linda spat out. “She was here this afternoon to see me.”
“What? Toyin was here?” He asked aghast.

“I have never been more insulted in my entire life. She came here to wash me down about how I was eating her money. Her money! I thought you were a man Remi but obviously you are not.”

“Linda…. it is not true.” He said has he slowly made the transition from shock to anger.

How did Toyin even know were Linda lived? No, that didn’t matter. More importantly how dare she come here! Was she out to embarrass him?

“Linda darling that is just not true.” He repeated

“You expect me to believe that? Look, I made it perfectly clear to you at the beginning of this relationship, that if you can’t meet my needs, it’s not going work o!”

“Linda, how can you possibly believe what she said? She only said that out of jealousy. To spoil what we have.” He entreated.

“Are you sure?” Linda asked still pouting.

She had moved to the centre of the parlour, arms crossed over her chest has she tapped one of her feet furiously on the floor.

“Of course my darling, trust me, if I stop giving you the things you like then you would know it is true. Until then can’t you give me the benefit of the doubt?” He moved up to her and held her.

She did not push him away so he knew he had won.

“Ok. But one thing, I don’t want to see her here again. You better keep her on a short leash!” Linda said.

“Of course baby, anything for you. Now let us go upstairs ok?”

“Ehm…ok…” she smiled.

But the mood had already been spoilt, and though he tried he couldn’t really enjoyed himself anymore. Three hours later saw him leave Linda’s place dissatisfied and his anger boiling over like an active volcano. That his useless wife… he was going to kill her when he got home.

The heavy traffic he encountered only served to amplify his fury. He didn’t bother to park his car into the garage when he arrived. He wrenched the car door open and closed it with a bang the second he was out.

“Toyin! Toyin !”He roared as soon as he entered the house. A quick glance showed that she was not in the parlour. So he proceeded to the kitchen. He flung the door open. She was there standing beside the sink, from the look of things she was washing up.

“Where did you go to this afternoon?” He demanded.

She turned to face him. He could see the look of fear in her eyes. He could also tell that she had anticipated his reaction and the consequence for her action. But he could also see her defiance.

“I went to see your mistress. I went to tell her to keep away from what belongs to my children.” She stated.

Without thinking twice he leapt on her. Crushing his fist into her jaw; instantly drawing blood.

“Ahhhh!” Toyin cried.

“How dare you? How dare you go and humiliate me. ” He screamed.

Blood spurted out again from her already busted lips as he gave her another blow that caught her squarely on in mouth. She reeled back and fell on the ground.
Still he pummelled her with all his strength.

“You went and told her that it was your money abi?” He raged.

Somehow she managed to push him off and she got to her feet and ran out of the kitchen.
He chased after her. And they circled the dining table.
“I will teach you not to disgrace me outside again.” He snarled.
“Disgrace?” Toyin sobbed as blood seeped out of both her nose and her mouth.
“Is that all you can think about? You took out of the money we were saving for our children’s university education abroad. Money that I also contributed. ”

“Oh you want to rub the fact that you are earning more than me into my face now abi?” He said.

“That money was for our children! You had no right -”

Remi dragged his hand over the dining table sending the dinner wares crashing to the floor.

“I am the head of this house who are you to tell me what rights I have or don’t have.” He thundered.

She tried to make a dash for the living room, but slid on broken shards of glass. Before she could stand up. He caught her by the hair.

“Remi ok I am sorry please…” Toyin choked.

He dragged her to the parlour and began kicking her.

“Because you graduated with a first class and I a two-one I don’t have any respect in this house.”

“Remi …I never…” Toyin gasped out.

“Shut up!” He screamed. “You think you are better than me because you now work in an oil company abi?”

She curled herself up like a foetus presenting her back to him. And still he kicked her until she started retching up her dinner; a mixture of rice and blood. Satisfied he stopped.

“The next time you try something like this again I’ll kill you.” And he left her and climbed up the stairs to his room.


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  1. Wow… No be small matter o.
    Its a good thing I read the third part barely some minutes before dis got posted, so I guess it heightened d satisfaction for me.

    Well Done

  2. One word leads to the next sentence which lead to the next paragraph and on and on like that. This is enjoyable.

    I pray the helpless woman scale through this alive.

    Great work. So, what happens next? I’m waiting.

  3. Very dramatic piece and detailed too- something I can relate with in reality. Great story, great write up. Weldone.

  4. Great piece….I haven’t read the other parts but I like this just as well….The power of a mistress, an engaging lust and the trappings of an adulterous marriage! Help us God!

  5. They always make the men look like bastards.
    Not fair.

    1. @Kaycee, are they not?

      @amy78, gripping series you have here, kudos.

    2. Sorry Kaycee…if its of any consolation I happen to know a lot of men who are nothing like the guys in this write up.There are definitely more than a few good men out there.

  6. The Violence as it plays out in this part, makes it the best part for me…Check for mispellings and mixed tenses…Well done amy

  7. OK… now I’m not so sure about this Remi and Toyin branch off. My feeling is that for a short story, there should just be one narrative that dominates, and all other strands should feed into that main narrative, but that doesn’t feel like the case here – the R&T branch could stand on its own as a separate story.

    Anyway, the branch IS interesting, so I’ll keep reading…

    1. There is a reason why the story is this way… just bear with me a while longer.

  8. Male violence…tha’ts one thing i am trying to understand…meanwhile, a lovely story…waiting for the next

  9. The suspense and the action sent my heart racing. Wow! The episodes are getting hotter by the minute. Thumbs up.

  10. The reason why I take Karate classes.

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