The Sweet Wine

The Sweet Wine

Friendship is like rare wine

That’s pressed from a choice vine

Being carefully crushed and punched

Settled, fined, locked and stored

It suffers from neither blight nor fault

As it stands barrelled in a darkened vault

It grows more and more precious with age

And is ranked in no mean vintage

Just a taste of this magnificent offering

Will you to incredible heights send soaring

To the disturbed, it gives mirth and cheer

From the timid banishes every form of fear

To life’s joyous moments adds a special colour

True friendship these brings, and lots more

While zest to life it also does give

Nary a bitter aftertaste does it leave

A man may for a cask pay a pretty penny

But a friend’s worth is not measured in terms of money

Wine cellars may collapse or be broken into

But I know our friendship safely resides in you

Thanks for being such a good friend

Hoping to stick with you till the very end

9 thoughts on “The Sweet Wine” by Dozemaniac (@jamesndu)

  1. hmmm nice one. really enjoyed it

  2. friendship lasts forever, no be small tin.

  3. hope you got me dude.

  4. i’ve gat to run. guys time for your own comments.

  5. I like, I love the flow of this…Well done Maniac…$ß

  6. lovely poem

    Sombody should please get rid of this @louis…fast

  7. Nicely written poem. Friendship stands the test of time…

  8. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    LoL @kaycee…LMHO…@louis take am easy…
    Nice lines…friendship is indeed d inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person,neither to weigh tots,nor measure words..

  9. we are all swimmers in the ocean of life and the best we may find is the company of a true friend
    I enjoyed your piece………..well-rendered

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