Tell Me About Love

Is it the glint in a mother’s eyes when she playfully winks

As the suckling on her breasts of nourishment quietly drinks?

Or her anxious supplications to God

At moments she fears for the worst

Because her innocent child it seems may be lost

To the wicked embrace of an unwelcomed infirmity?


Tell me about love

Could it be the reason a bird would fly for any miles

And fear not the hunter’s wicked smiles?

When all it sought is a wriggling worm

A morning treat to feed and keep its nestling warm?

Perhaps it is for love a mother hen
Would dare the swooping hawk and risk a deadly claw?


Tell me about love

Is it the bashful anticipation or the flame of passion

That ignites a maiden’s heart at the thought of her suitor’s intention?

Or the strength she draws from knowing he cares

Even when all she sees around her are the sneers?

Maybe it is for love we make binding promises

And not minding on what premises?


Tell me about love

Can it like new coin be counted

While doubtfully on a naked podium the agnostic is mounted?

Some say it gives profound pleasure

In spite of the world’s ever increasing pressure?

Could we then say love is strong

Because it can never go wrong?


Tell me about love

Is it as white as the sinless dove

Which traverses the horizon of my dream?

Should I continue to wait

And hope it will never be too late?

For the creator to send me my love

On the wings of a sinless dove?

13 thoughts on “Tell Me About Love” by Leekwid (@myself)

  1. Nicely written @Leekwid and the rhymes are easy on the ears too.

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      Thanks@Midas. I’m happy you liked it

  2. good poetry i must confess

  3. very very good. gat me laughing

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      Happy you like it@Lactoo. Thank you.

  4. k. let me roll off from here. bye for now.

  5. @Leekwid. Tell you about love? You got it all. The answer to your questions is a “parallel” yes. It’s a great poem, really.

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      Thanks, Prof Nigeria. I appreciate.

  6. Beautiful..I loved that you brought in other versions of love that didnt just centre on the human type…and it ain’t so lovey – dovey too..Nice!..Well done Lee…$ß

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      @Bubbllinna, Ironically you appeared to be the first lady to comment and like my poetry (incidentally my first post here too). Thanks for liking it. Cheers.

  7. I like your bio.

    1. Leekwid (@myself)

      Thanks for that, bro

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