Song of Pain

Song of Pain

I hear the wind
wailing up and down;
She cries in the fields
even in cities and towns.

I listen to the song
a song of thousand woes;
Mourning undeserved wrongs
wrought by friends and foes.

Aloud the Earth sighs
giving vent to her grief;
In deep pains she cries
shouting “if and only if.”

Oh, I hear the dirge
sung by fallen souls;
As voices and emotions merge
to mourn all selfish goals.

But up and down some go
untouched by the song;
In their minds evil flow
despicable cow dungs!

7 thoughts on “Song of Pain” by Edydeyemi (@edydeyemi)

  1. Nice, Nice….love the rhymes…Well done..$ß

  2. Indeed the rhythm as used by this writer advances the idea behind this work.How successful it is rest on d climax.-Despicable cow dung!This is a testament of d pent-up anger d personal unleashes…Well done @edydeyemi

  3. Well done, I liked this.

  4. Lovely poem. I love it.

  5. You wrote this piece well

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