Rust In Peace

Rust In Peace

The ides of March

Has come and gone

The revelry is over

The drums are silent

The shrine is deserted

The priest has disrobed

The faithfuls are sober

The gods have retreated

To their abode

The emperor has done

His victory dance

But alas!

The royal scrotum

Was seen by all

Stolen from the king’s lair

By the cold hands

Of death

The motherland in agog

With revelry

Another tin-god

Rusts in peace!

(Inspired by the song “Rust in Peace” by Megadeth)

4 thoughts on “Rust In Peace” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. Is this a continuation of the poem, where you warned that we might see the royal scrotum?..Nice one…Would death of a few help us in any way?..Wish it could- kill all d really bad people…

    Well done Ese….$ß

    1. @Sibbyl, yes, it is a continuation of sorts. “Say a prayer for the pretender”, “The Emperor’s new clothes” and “Rust in peace” are a trilogy about the dark days of the Abacha years. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Hmmn.
    they should have been posted as a trilogy for us to understand.
    singularly, they are still ok

  3. Esosa and songs… There are millions of songs so I suppose you’ll never have writers block. Nice poem as always.

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