Night bears the burden of our departure

it wears and tears under the yoke of cold

breaking its own silence with endless sighs of longing

and neglect


confusion calcifies in our bones

leaving stories of betrayal told, untold

stories of your nights

nights of meddling and cuddling

chiefly orchestrated by you

then executed by he,

the victim of your lust


lost emotions now being traced

to warm hearths of cold hearts

feelings lost at the threshold of becoming

dissipated on the altars of folly


night bears the burden of our departure

confusion calcifies in our bones

lost emotions are now being traced

we have not made progress since we began


6 thoughts on “REMINISCENCES (For R)” by Onyeka Dike (@onyekadike)

  1. Mature and kinda deep. Nice lines but the character was blurry.

    1. Lactoo, na u be master

  2. emhn….I see some words in your poem@onyekadike that my poem just posted carries.just smiling… Me like your poem.

  3. Thanks, prof

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