I am tired of everything

Glum to the sounds and flickers from the screen

I am now the Nanny in the house

Scrub this, cleanse that and sweep these

Wash, cook, press the clothes


Gardener left,

I tend to the flowers too

when the car horns

The gate beckons unto me

No one to chat with

No one to trouble a little

None to play with


I would have been whole and hale

If you were here with me

You would have hoist me piggyback

Swing me like a kite

Enter into a fight

Trashing cards


Tickling my side

Poking me

Cracking me up

Sowing warmth

Planting kisses


Reaping smiles

Savouring love

Through scented breathes

Gone away to the beach

waters tickle the sand’s ear

Under nature’s perspiration


Run against the tides

cower under the lush sands

minding the roaring currents

Wet my back, soothe my skin,

make me scream, untwine my braids

do the cards


We’ll play

‘Krosses n Knots

Scrabble, Chess and Draft

Beneath the cloud’s cushions

We’ll have blabbed and teased

Link ropes up


Run and dribble

Chant flavoured hymns

Watch the smiley clouds together

Hold hands and smile

Skip up and down and bop our heels

Your absence dulls my spirit


9 thoughts on “Longing” by writefight (@writefight)

  1. The poem is okay but could be better. I think it is a lil incomplete to me.

  2. Ummm…Who is the persona longing for?..If she is the nanny/mother, does she long for her ward?..If yes, how then would the child, ‘hoist her piggyback?’…
    Or is your persona, the child?..
    Kinda confusing (maybe it’s just me)

    Nice descriptions…Keep writing.

  3. I quite agree with gooseberry that this seems incomplete.
    I guess this is a woman longing for a child, but without a child what makes her a nanny?
    You have a good point but it needs better establishment.

  4. Incomplete.
    It needs perhaps a word or a line or even a stanza, it definitely needs something more, to tell us who or what is the cause of the longing.

  5. I am still smiling as I write this, this sums up my world writefight. Playing both mother and lover as only Mother earth truly could. I am so loving this!

  6. aturmercy (@aturmercy)

    I love this…reading the first few lines I thought, this is me…I enjoyed reading this and think this is about the loss of both lover as Dotta puts it or rather for me, husband and a child. The loss of these two people does not negate the reality of another child in existence, hence the nanny persona.

    Deeply well thought and touching…keep writing.

  7. seemed emotionally attached to mother.child relationship.

  8. @ gooseberry, you have a deep eye.
    @sibbylwhite: A lady wishing her partner was around
    @Chimzorom: I actually took a part of it off, for copyright purpose.
    Its not really like a mother and child thing. It is a therapy poem inspired by the distance between a couple.

  9. @atumercy,kaycee,dotta,amor. Thnx plenty

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