Just Do It

Just Do It

I met another one today

Ears perk up in anticipation

He’s short and stout and speaks funny

He’s a man


He’s a reporter

Doesn’t earn much

He’s a man


He’s just a polytechnic graduate

Not even a degree holder

He’s a man


He has body odour

His teeth has some colouration

He’s a man


He has so many siblings

No money but a billion responsibilities

He’s a man


He wants six children

I want two

He’s a man

He is very impatient

He snaps at me

He’s a man


He speaks to me like i am a child

And that’s because he is a decade older

Maybe that is what you need

He’s a man


He doesn’t call me often

Not quite as much attention as i want

At least he calls

He’s a man


He’s a man

He’s a man

He’s a man

Pick one for Pete’s sake



Pick one before you become a miserable spinster!


23 thoughts on “Just Do It” by emilyonikaba (@shewhoisloved)

  1. Hehehe…I can imagine dis lines btw a mother and daughter…what’s it sef? Must we all marry sef?..Nice..$ß

    1. Lol! We must marry o! Thanks Sibbylwhyte.

    2. You will just have to manage the “thing” abi?

  2. sambright (@sambrightomo)

    Our society has so box up pple to d extent dat if u av passed certain age,u are seen as bn abnormal.I ditto @sibbylwhyte but with a tilt.Dont let society dictate your life.Nice lineS…

    1. Thanks! You are right sambrightomo.

    2. I think our society is just so stereotyped that we cannot appreciate any variations or innovations. We always prefer the “normal” way and anyghing done otherwise is considered “abnormal” and therefore, forbidden.

  3. LOL…miserable spinster indeed.

    Abeg it is better than miserable wife, that is double wahala for deadi bodi…

    1. Lol! thanks Myne. Its actually better to be happy single than unhappy married.

  4. Miserable wife better than a miserable spinster.
    nice lines.

    1. Do you really think so?

  5. Pick one jare…. We musnt all marry but everyone needs the companionship that comes with marriage so if she’s happily unmarried, then that’s when its good for her…. But if she’s unhappily single, then make she pick one. Simple.

    Funny poem.

    1. I agree with you gooseberry. Am glad you think its funny, its an expose into my life…true story painted in a funny way.

  6. This poem is quite nice in its simplicity and clarity. I think rather than complain that he “has body odour”, we can help him or her become the kind of individual we would like to marry.

    1. Thanks. We can buy him/her body sprays and perfumes in large quantity!

  7. I rather remain single than marry any of those.

  8. lol i agree with gretel

    the thing about writing a good story is being able to get your readers to identify with your work…you have done so well! great job!

    1. Thank you!

  9. I initially thought the poem was referring to one particular dude until the last line reinforced that it was several guys.

    funny and simple poem…but I hope its not too simple for arts sake?

    1. Oh i agree that it’s simple. It was an attempt to pass across how frustrating it can be when a girl passes a certain age and she is being impressed upon to just do it. I wasn’t thinking of rhymes or alliteration or simile. I just wanted to write a poem. Thanks Afronuts.

  10. RIO (@riowrites)

    I like that something so serious can be put so lightly. Nicely written. Marriage is serious commitment. Any ol’man wont do.

  11. Remain single please.

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