Is This Love?

Why do I keep thinking of you?
Is it a crime to know you?
But was it you or me?
I don’t even know
I feel happy
More at home
Than been in the house
When I’m with you
Your smiles elude worries
Your laughter
Is to tears
The Sahara wind
A day spent with you
Is like a month in Paris

Allow me this moment
I mean just this once
The opportunity
To let you know
That pounding heart-throb
That has been
Right from the first day
That first look
It was revealing
And I knew
It wasn’t ordinary

Oh no!
After all
It was all a thought
From the deepest part of me
Longing to love
To feel the warmth
Of your embrace
To be comforted
By that soothing tongue
Which knew no curse
But I’m still perplexed
Could this be love?

8 thoughts on “Is This Love?” by Shinaigo Tadi (@skyfaze)

  1. Find out.

    I hope you’re not as confused as your poem suggests o.

    ‘Than been in the house’ ‘been’ there should be ‘being’.

    “Your laughter
    Is to tears
    The Sahara wind
    A day spent with you
    Is like a month in Paris”

    What is that line ‘The Sahara wind’ doing in there? Is it to qualify her laughter…or the tears?

    It’s okay.

  2. It’s okay that I got your message.

  3. Could this be love? – I wonder too.

  4. Poets and Romance.

    1. lol…like white on rice. @Shinaigo could it be love? I think it is, it creeps up on you;that’s why it’s called” falling in love”
      Nice words.

  5. …some criticisms are ugly…the author might not want to read them again…we’r here to help each other grow…lets be constructive please.

  6. Thanks pals for all your contributions. I’ll try and improve next time. There are certain errors i observed too…

  7. Its just infatuation, trust me.

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