“Thou shall not…”
Shall not what?
I’ve forgotten.
On my hands and knees
I wrestle with my mind.
I’m so low,
I can barely reach up
To touch the bottom.
Through tears I stare again at the script.
I’ve been going over these lines,
But somehow
I still mix them.
I still miss the important parts.
Before me lies the sheaf of papers
With dog-eared pages
Stained with tears and sweat
And a bad conscience.
How did I ever take up this role?
The holy life stands in stark contrast
To my wretched, Godforsaken soul.
My silver cross around my neck
Like a hangman’s noose.

Who can save me
From this body of death?
I’ll give anything
To purchase my freedom.
This role is too hard.

As if on cue the curtains fall,
And a voice:
“You give up…
“Everything.” I groan.
In my hand is placed a piece of paper,
The Last Will and Testament of Jesus.
“Free.” It says. “You are free.”
“I gave Myself to purchase thee.”
“Done,” it says,
“It is finished!”
“You do not need a script.
“Only let Me live through you.”
Peace washes over me.
I’m lifted
So high
My feet barely scrape the top!
And in my heart rings
The blessed words

“I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.”
-Gal 2:20
“[Not in your own strength] for it is God Who is all the while effectually at work in you [energizing and creating in you the power and desire], both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight.
-Phil 2:13

45 thoughts on “Grace” by Zazu (@literati)

  1. This evokes a deep sigh from the bottom of my heart/stomach…

    What grace is it to be free. Thank you.

  2. We are indeed free because He lives…Nice one Zuaz…Well done.$ß

    1. @literati

      I thought that was what I spoke about up there…

      1. really? @Seun-Odukoya. Sounded like u were referin to d message.
        I was askin abt structure, grammar et al

        1. I really don’t care about ‘structure et al’. Once you know what you’re doing, all those rules can be thrown out of the window.

          If you read my poetry…you’ll notice sometimes I do away with all those things. I emphasize message over style. I only notice style when the poetry is too haphazard.

          Again…nice one.

          1. ok. Thanks for pointing me in d right direction: Message over Method. Thank u @Seun-Odukoya

  3. Love your importation of drama…makes it too personal for one to follow. Good dramatic poem…my opinion.

    1. thanks @dwilliams. But I don’t get: too personal to follow? And good at d same time?

      1. Too personal to follow for me, I mean. It has this feeling I personally like…(my opinion) And good?… Because I appreciate the poem!

    2. I think it’s the drama that actually brings this one home. @literati, u beg for critique ? lol
      Well here goes, The presentation was personal! I went there….seriously, christians often forget the only qualification required to be one is to be A SINNER.
      You have a calming way with your work, works for me.

  4. It’s not your usual style of rhyming lines…It’s conversational style towards the end makes it less poetic (my opinion)..but yet this doesn’t detract from the piece. Perhaps this is due to the fact that this is a subject easily understood and related to…All in all, it’s a good one…$ß

  5. This poem sums up d essence of Christianity-Indeed by grace are we saved through faith,nd not of ourselves it is d gift of God,nt of works lest any man shd boast@literati well done

  6. Ok nau!
    Strong message.

    1. yh @kaycee of course the message is untouchable. I’d appreciate some critique of d poetry. Thank u

  7. Quite deep!
    What style of poetry is this?

    1. @enoquin style ke? Me I no sabi dat one o. Maybe if u tell me d different styles I’l pick one.

      1. I should tell you the different styles for you to (get thee behind me, evil thoughts!) pick one…I know none, I am actually as naive as you

        1. @enoquin you? Naïve? Ok. I’m illiterate.

  8. This is more of musings than poetry, but it certainly passes.

    1. ah, @Myne some education pls, pls! Which one is musing? Which one is poetry? I don’t kno again o! For real.

  9. @literati, I believe I read this at the right time. A message very much in season for me. Thank you for that.

    As for the poetry, I agree with Myne. The entire piece seems like the voice of a person going through a private ordeal and encountering grace, then telling us about it, so it does seem like a personal musing (or a narration of the journey to freedom from a bad conscience). Still, i found the first part to be the most poetic for me, and the last (third) bit to be the most dramatic/narrative and un-poetic. So I agree with Bubblinna in that regard.
    But the message was powerful so all this analyses is, in the end, not so important. You made impact. And that’s what all writing should be about, in my opinion.

    1. that says it all, and ur first sentence makes my day!
      Thank u @guywriterer

  10. No b small tin oo. Kyle xy in the building. He knows not even his name yet he does calculus like arithemetic.
    U no kno poetry kon dey doam like proffeso.

  11. This is cool… And I relate with it well

  12. wow…this is a message.

    1. yes it is @gretel. Where’s hansel?

        1. wicked!
          u got all the thunder Gret…lol

          1. you know right!!!

        2. @gretel

          Two things.

          1. You back to stay?

          2. What did Hansel do?

          1. LOL…..what wuld you prefer my Excellency?
            2) Hanseeeeellll>>>> *scratches head*

  13. St. John of the Cross called it, “Dark Night of a Soul”
    and others referred to it as spiritual aridity. The pagan
    philosophers like Plato knew and asserted that we are
    composite of body and soul (spirit) cf. hylemorphism.
    Our souls can never have rest, so said Augustine of
    Hippo till they find rest in God. We crave for freedom,
    that is the satisfaction of our insatiability. And here is
    the bane in this moribund existence.

    Thanks for sharing this. I am graced too.

    1. [respondin to d part I understand] Thank u so much @ostar.

  14. Adedoyin (@doyeen)

    I think this is profound. It totally captures the essence of our Christian walk. Good one!

    1. Em, Thanks @doyeen. really.

  15. Nice. I like the way you wove dialogue into this, although I think it can be more eloquent cos if I am not mistaken, that is what makes it seem not poetic. And please never be tempted to use more than one exclamation mark. Not cool at all for a writer of your pedigree.

    Keep improving your art.

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