God is Incapable


If they call him omnipotent, the powerful creator of our world, why do some say he is also the weak Supreme Being? When people raise arms against their fellow human beings, it only demystifies the identity of God. All they are saying is, ‘God is incapable!’ How can he create the heavens and the earth, the birds in the sky and the fishes in the waters? Is he truly the Almighty? Is He? If he is, then why should people, whom he created, fight his fight? When did he become so incarcerated, so old that he can no longer work his wonders?

These are all funny questions. Are they not? Is there really a reason for God to fight? Absolutely not! I think it is senseless and reckless that people claim to fight for God. It is sad to note that people still fight over the virtual and real Jerusalem. People who call the name of God spill blood for His sake, as they claim. What happened to ‘thou shall not kill’?

In a century where the word ‘fast’ is becoming recurrent, where technology is improving, should religion be a reason for quarrels. There are many questions to ask those who partake in these ugly acts. It is as if they’ve been brainwashed into thinking they are doing the right thing. The war is on all over the place. Different places, different reasons but the same experiences. Death. It is in Kabul, Jerusalem, Bauchi, Darfur and all that seem economical, or political about these crises still ends on which religion you belong to, what god do you serve?

One may say my religion is the ultimate. My God is the almighty and all others are counterfeit. God becomes an individual’s property. The G.O.D plc. Therefore, it drives people to their deaths. ‘Boom!’ a man clicks and ends his own happiness and many others; because he thinks, Utopia is waiting for him somewhere else. One wanders if there is truly God or how would he allow such ugly things to keep happening. However, there is the gift of freewill. This gift continually allows us to eat the forbidden fruit, even after our exit from Eden.

Some will say ‘Eden’ is an illusion. The Muslim God is not the Christian God; of course, the Buddhist cannot be Hindus. The differences breed animosities and we are left with a culmination of frivolities. This is not a rhyme scheme, just a showcase of ugly human antecedents. We live in a crazed world, where hatred may seem like a virtue, where foolishness suddenly becomes sensible.

How do you explain it?

‘My name is Peter. I just helped in burning down a mosque, but don’t blame me. Ahmed and his friends burnt down our church.’ Soon, the crisis spread like fire, burning across nations. Spilling human blood becomes a righteous act, because they claim to be doing it for God. What really happened to ‘Thou shall not kill’? Is it an old school law, an agreement that can’t work in the 21st century? There are many Peters and Ahmeds out there making our world a fearful place, telling us to fill our hearts with hatred and pull down a fellow human being, on the feeble reason that there is heavenly reward.

‘Tekbir!’ they shout. ‘Onward Christian Soldiers!’ is the opposition’s reply.

The Crusaders and the Saracens are at it again!

Who will take Jerusalem?

Crazy things are happening in our world, yet what ought to bring peace lead straight to the battlefields. One wonders what is wrong with Ahmed and Peter, aren’t they first and foremost, human beings, people with human flesh?

How sad?

Should we join in the fight for God or tour the path of peace? Wherever we argue over whose God is ultimate, or rise up arms as God’s bloodthirsty army, we say to the world, ‘God is Incapable!’

But… it is all deceit. It is man’s greedy thirst for superiority.

Can we fight for the creator? Impossible! No man can fight for God.


12 thoughts on “God is Incapable” by Ladipo Titiloye (@ladman)

  1. Powerful peice. The sad thing is that those who risk their lifes “fighting for God” won’t and don’t get a chance to read this.

  2. Let me leave you with this quote from Wole Soyinka: “he who kills in the name of God leaves God without a name.”
    That would suffice. Good work.

    1. @banky, very apt quote. nothing left to say. powerfu, thought provoking piece

  3. Thanks. @ Da writing engineer, I love the quote by Soyinka. it really says it all.

  4. I see the idea behind this article,I must say it is beautifully expressed.
    @ladman thumbs up for provoking real thoughts in us.

  5. chei…na too much thinking go kill man.

    There are just questions that will never find answers for life

  6. When people raise arms against their fellow human beings, it only demystifies the identity of God. All they are saying is, ‘God is incapable!’

    I agree with you, @Ladman, but the raisers of arms would tell you that God is indeed very capable; in fact, He is showing how capable he is of destroying infidels by using them as His weapon.

    Very sad.

  7. It’s almost been a thousand years since the first Crusade, yet the flames of violent intolerance still burn, I doubt that this flame will ever run out of fuel but it seems that strong, impartial and efficient governments can hold it under control. However, governments are made of people and humans are well…incendiary?

  8. Good write up.

    1. I like the titling too.

      1. @kaycee, before nko, you for no like am.

  9. Erm, I like your bio. The writeup is cool.

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