Constants In Life

Constants In Life

There are many constants in life. We know for sure that night falls and day breaks. Now this is in the general concept of night being the end of day, and dawn the beginning. This of course does not mean that night time has to be indicated by darkness, and day time by light; because as we know in this part of the cosmos we call earth, there are places where night time is not shrouded by darkness, neither is light an indication of day time.

Then there is the constant of life and death, being born, growing, getting older and then there is also dieing. There is the constant of time being the master of all; there is none able to go faster than time, or dictate to time, but rather we all work with time and are ruled by time.

The list goes on…these constants are what we have as yard sticks to keep us in check, and they measure our life, our beliefs and how we choose to live. According to the famous words of Maya Angelou – No man can know where he is going unless he knows exactly where he has been and exactly how he arrived at his present place. Those who seek enlightenment or want to make sense of this cycle called living, begin to seek for answers to help steady their paths and beliefs. But most essential is the fact that our beliefs and the things we hold dear, are what shapen and guide our footprints.

In our quest for answers, some seek for and find answers in religious faith such as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, New age religions or even in atheism. The atheist believes in a scientific explanation and logic to everything, while other faiths hold on to a pathway that leads to enlightenment or fulfillment. The fact of the matter is that these constants are what shapes our existence as human beings

Once born, nature dictates that we evolve: hence we grow physically, mentally, emotionally and otherwise. As life is not equal, there are those with afflictions either mentally or physically which somehow prevent or affect such growth; but nevertheless, these individuals still under go growth changes in some form or the other. So the constant of birth and growth is still fulfilled, but perhaps not according to what is considered norm.

So we get old…and then we die; death is achieved in diverse ways, either naturally through old age or untimely, by illness or accident. It does not matter how, death still comes.

If we are to set aside our diverse and various beliefs, does it not matter what legacy we leave behind?

Does it not matter how we live, if we are truly concerned about the world we live in?

If there is any shred of decency in us, should it not matter how we live our lives in regard to others?

The belief in God alone is not sufficient to make us better human beings, it’s all about the way we choose to live our lives.

7 thoughts on “Constants In Life” by Dotta Raphels (@dottaraphels)

  1. Hmmm…Dotta you want to turn philosopher ba?..
    I agree with your article all the way..And dat last paragraph is just the plain old truth…Well written so I say Well done.

  2. The belief in God and the fear of God should be sufficient

    1. i’ll second that@kaycee.

  3. Very well and truthfully written. Insightful as usual, Dotta.

  4. Yes, Life is about how we live. I’m impressed that you managed to compress such an inexhaustible subject into a few cohesive paragraphs.

  5. consise and apt. intersting too.

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