Call for Submissions: Sprouter’s Win A Free Edit Competition

Call for Submissions: Sprouter’s Win A Free Edit Competition

SPROUTERS is an annual mentorship project, running from January to December, launched to groom Nigerian teens and young adult female writers on the art of creative writing. To celebrate the recent upgrade of our website,, we are introducing WIN A FREE EDIT. WIN A FREE EDIT is a platform for all writers who do not meet our mentorship criteria to get the chance to have their literary works edited by the SPROUTERS mentors.



This is a biweekly free editing service SPROUTERS is offering to writers.  One short story/poem is selected every two weeks to be structurally edited by a SPROUTERS mentor. The edited story would then be featured on our Top Feature Story for the month, and is eligible for publication in our partner literary websites.


How Does WIN A FREE EDIT Work?

Register at

  • On activation, go to the top of the page, and click on Submissions
  • Post your story/poem. Chose a title, and under the category dropdown, select ‘Free Edit’
  • Save your work
  • Allow a week for all submissions to come in
  • The five best stories for the week are published on the SPROUTERS website. The writers of the stories that made the cut would be notified by email
  • Visitors to the website are then invited to vote for which story should be chosen to WIN A FREE EDIT. Voting lasts for a week. The story with the highest votes wins the free edit. The writer will be contacted by email, and will work with a SPROUTERS mentor to polish up the story.


What Are The Criteria For A WIN A FREE EDIT story

  • Stories from all genres and topics are welcomed
  • Submissions are limited to one story per writer for each round of edit. Writers, whether their works are chosen or not, are allowed to continue submitting stories for every round of WIN A FREE EDIT
  • Stories must not be longer than 1,000 words
  • WIN A FREE EDIT is a competition, therefore submit your best works


We look forward to reading your stories.


SPROUTERS is an online mentorship program for teenage girls. We are still accepting applications for mentorship. To apply, visit Prospective mentees now have the opportunity to choose who they wish to mentor them, by applying specifically to the chosen mentor*.


For inquiries, please contact us at or by telephone, 08024345207



*Subject to space availability. Early application is therefore highly encouraged.

16 thoughts on “Call for Submissions: Sprouter’s Win A Free Edit Competition” by Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

  1. Hehehehehehehehe.

    Opportunity!!! We’re grateful.

    And so…

    1. Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

      Do let as many pple who would benefit from this apply. Thanks.

  2. Hmm. The prob I have is after the story gets the free edit it cannot be submitted again to any magazine or comp because it would be considered published, Except perhaps the goal is to get critiqued for future works.

    1. Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

      Well, Osakwe. There are still many literary magazine and websites that accept previously published stories. You mostly find the insistence of unpublished works in international competitions. So, really, you lose nothing by sending in your work. Actually, you gain a lot. When you learn how to write better, your chances of being shortlisted for a competition gets higher. Besides, a writer always has stories brimming in her/him. Now, to make the story good, that’s any acquired skill.

      1. Did you say many lit mags accept previously published works? Wow can you name like ten established lit mag that’s not in danger of being extinct in the next five years cos I’d really love to know them. Like I said earlier perhaps the goal would be for future works

        1. I think I would have loved this better if the free edit was for another story and not the one posted on the site. And I meant lit mags that accept prev published works in my earlier comment.

  3. a quite useless competition, i think….

    1. Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

      Well, like i said to my friend: not every avenue of making money is for you. Same also, not every competition is for you. I certainly believe there are people out there ardently searching for an opportunity like this. I didn’t get edited even after many years of writing, and i know how much i wished someone had taken the time to really go through my work line by line, and put the red pen to some rubbish i wrote. You may not need it, but someone else does.

  4. Not more than a thousand words?

    1. Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

      Kaycee, when you really think about it, 1,000 words is a great deal! Not only if the writer learning to shave off all the unnecessary long gist that s/he would have otherwise let in with an unlimited word count, but it’s makes the work of an editor (who has so many other things going on) easier to attend to your story. I have read some stories that i frankly wised that the first 200 words be entirely deleted!

  5. Ugo Chime (@Flourishing-Florida)

    @Osakwe: sorry, I ddnt reply earlier. Down with malaria. Trying to sleep it off. So, to reply u: I feel itz a tad unfair to judge literary sites (I do remember saying sites, not mags abi?) on whether they accept previously published stories. Naija Stories accepts them, not so? Anyway sha, letz continue talking about this privately, so it doesn’t look as if we’ve sparring.

    1. ndo. hope you’re better. sorry didn’t note you said sites. Anyways went to your site and I like what you ‘guys’, em ladies, are doing. A worthy cause.

  6. No matter how we see this,it i very encouraging especially for budding writers.

  7. Is it only for ladies? I would like be join.

  8. this is very great of sprouters- like i have always said, our reading culture needs to be brought back to life well done naijastories

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