Wondering Aloud…

Wonder why the seas are blue

wonder why you are so beautiful

Wonder why the sun shines so bright

wonder why you look so tight

Wonder why the weather I cannot predict

wonder why you I cannot resist

Wonder why the moon is so round

wonder why I am held spellbound

Wonder why the sky lies above

wonder why its only you I’m fond of

Wonder why the clouds sometimes change

wonder why you make my heart feel strange

Wonder why I am writing this message

wonder if it would my feelings assuage

Wonder why there is day and night

wonder why I tremble at your sight

Wonder how the rainbow was formed

wonder how into my life you stormed

Wonder how the colours were named

wonder how my heart you’ve claimed

Wonder why the grass is green

wonder if you will kiss my lips

Wonder if wishes came true

wonder why I am stuck to you like glue

Wonder why my palm has lines

wonder if I could bear your child

Wonder why there must be rain

wonder how you drive me insane

Wonder how the stars were cast

wonder how you stole my heart

Wonder what should end this line

wonder if you’ll be my guy.

24 thoughts on “Wondering Aloud…” by teewah (@teewah)

  1. I can only say I love this poem. @teewah

  2. All i can say is… this is great!

  3. Lol. Yes he will but he will also decide when to leave. I like this.

    1. hehehe I hope not. LMAO. Thanks @gooseberry

  4. Great work. I like the theme and the concealment of the writer’s intention in the second line of each description.Some of the descriptions are not congruent…why the sky is blue, moon is round, grass is green and not ‘the grass,’ i think its better.

    1. @phronesis your comments are always real helpful, thank you.

      Yea and I agree grass is green/grasses are green woulda sounded better, thanks again

  5. Picture this being published in an anthology or magazine…
    Do you see now?
    Do you still think its a great poem?

    Aways compare your work with other’s.
    Will this one survive a selection?

    1. *Picturing*
      Now I see
      Yea I still think its a great poem.

      @kaycee Am sure you didn’t fish this outta submissions for any competition,so…

      And depending on the theme of the magazine/anthology, it just might survive a selection.


  6. Wonder! These are some of the questions I sit here asking myself. The poem is very simplistic, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

    1. I personally think some of the greatest truth in life are embedded in seemingly simple facts.

      Thaks for dropping by @aryor

  7. great concept, nice poem.
    “Wonder why you look so tight” may not fly, ‘tight’ being a slang…
    Wit a little polishin this poem wil sparkle..
    U’v tried.

    1. Point taken @literati, thank you

      Thanks also for dropping by

      1. shai (@shaifamily)

        *tight* or whatever word can be used…this is poetry. Have seen words of d four letter kind used in published works before….something called contemporary poetry.

        Anyways, Shakespeare invented so many words into the English language than anyone ever did….

        1. hmmm thanks for the insight

  8. Lovely poem. I enjoyed the flow. Plus I particularly love the last two lines:)

    1. hehehe romance wordsmith @dr2103, thank you.

  9. Well, it really is simple..I like the way U wonder about nature, then wonder about your feelings..Well done.

    1. @sibbylwhyte Thank you, apr8!

      Long time no read…

  10. Hehehe..weneva I see ‘apr8’, i smile..cos I wonda how it wld sound, if i say I ‘aprate’ you instead of aprreciate(appreci8)…(totally off P, i knw..lol)..

    It’s been crazy out in my world for a while but you ll see me around more often.

  11. shai (@shaifamily)

    errrm, I just discovered this…Is dt question at the end still valid?
    Nice, me i see some small small faults though. Small…
    ” Wonder if wishes came true” – came/come which is more applicable?

    1. @shai LMAO…

      truth is I had trouble deciding which was applicable (got weary and opted for ‘came’)

      Reading again though, I kinda think “come” myt actuali be correct…i dunno joor

  12. alice in wonderland

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