‘Dad!….the little boy chuckled as he was spun around
Off his shoulder and down to the ground
Such love they share, best of friends
Father and son, So much time together spend

‘Dad, yet another eve and mum Isnt here
Wish she came So my cake we would share’
He smiled at the lad ‘mum is very busy honey
Someday she ‘ll come home, she ‘ll buy a bunny’

‘I love you dad, you re the best’
Then gently he layed on his dads’ chest
Innocently he fell fast asleep
So much to say, but words aint that cheap

Burdens of the day the truth would be told
Their perfect relationship would suddenly turn cold
But he would give his son this painful impression
He never want to hurt him, upset his obsession

It was always him and his wife
So beautiful, a perfect start to a married life
Always there, sharing and caring a lot
Living peace, everything they needed they got

She was with child, it got even better
Months later, he got a promotion letter
They kissed and planned for the unborn
The argued the babys’ sex and name, had So much fun

The baby was a boy, beautiful and good to behold
Yet somehow, the tears he just couldnt hold
The clock stopped ticking, his heart skipped a beat
It was a horror, she didnt make it

His boy, carefree with nothing to fear
This was not a sorrow, to his son, was willing to share
‘sleep my child, hope you ll forgive me when you ve known
Mum is never ever coming home’

14 thoughts on “Twilight” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. touching…

    “Father and son, So much time together spend” – should that be “spent” instead?


    1. ignore my earlier observation, I think the “spend” is okay (had to read again)

  2. Beautiful and touching.

  3. Whoa.

    Sad. Nice.

  4. Sad and Nice…true.
    But I don’t think its realistic that the boy would still be wondering where his Mum was by the time he was old enough to start talking.
    He’d never seen the woman since he was born, how did he know what it meant to have a mother?

    1. I agree with you jare.

  5. Ah ah!..@afronuts…kid has probably..strike that..surely seen lots of mummies….
    This is nice..Touching?..not quite..Shit happens..maternal mortality rate is on the’s almost an everyday occurence in hospitals..
    The man shldn’t keep lieing to his son..D boy ain’t getting any younger or dumber…
    You do well with the poetic stories though…Well done.

    1. okay…now i can believe based on that…seeing other people’s mummies…

  6. Touching. I can only imagine the pains the man is going through. Well done bright.

  7. The narration was all over the place unfortunately, with missing punctuations, words capitalized unnecessarily, and wrong tenses. The language was not consistent either. But still, it is a touching premise.

  8. thrilla (@thrilla)

    Poor lad,u will see mum in paradise. Coined words like poem

  9. Touching… brigs back memories…………..

  10. Well done @bright..ds is so touching and i like d way it flows.

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