Across states after stated state locations

Across set after sets of set locality

Forth and back; back and forth, for forthwith

East through the north, to south through west

Within the territory I terrorize

Where I have been born, I have been


And across where I am born, I have been

I have seen through my screen ‘tween woods so green

Along the same old nodes, roads and abodes

I long for it solitude as it lies nude


Red mud houses, few refined bricked houses

Lined up like jack in the boxes,

On preparations of local cuisines

And people native-nests, I have seen


Across the Benue river and the Niger

As wide wild spread I went bred, sped and read

Are their waters sinking? I am asking

And their sands, I am asking, are the flowing?


The rugged mounted mound of mountains melts my mind

Away and makes me long to steal still

Away from their stilled stillness, they are still

Skip mounted mounded mountains skip, skip, my mind melts

Your stilled stillness, I envy


Some names of people and places I see

Is just like ours and the sameness of our plight

Is the same and I see does not end.

13 thoughts on “Travel” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. I like. I appreciate the effort you put in this.

    1. not much effort though, it just flowed after it’s skeleton

  2. I like this piece for the fact that you incorporated all em’ poetic devices I read within..You did good..Well done.

    1. thank you so much for your appreciation

  3. I like this poem…quite poetically written.

    1. “And their sands, I am asking, are the(y) flowing” Just saw this now.

      1. don’t mind my eagerness, thanks alot.

  4. U don travel wella na, we don hear. Hehehe…
    I like the first stanza. Scattered my dada.

  5. Well written


  6. Nice alliterations, assonance and rhyme even though they were too many. Well done.

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