The NS Roll Call

The NS Roll Call

Every day on this site it’s clear to see

The iconoclastic madness of a Kaycee

Or the uncontrollable randy banter

Of a chick chasing Jaywriter

And like a friend’s ping on a blackberry

You get a warm comment from a Gooseberry

Somewhere around the site’s corner

You’ll find a love-sick Seun Odukoya

Stuck like a leech to some Eletrika

Both Inseparable like skin and eczema

There’s a sweet smart one called Sybyllwhyte

Or is it Bubbllinna, names a bit tight to get right

And then there’s the terrifying Raymond

The site’s resident  horror James bond

Not to forget the sassy and serious enoquin

With ideas that itch like the infamous chloroquine

The intellectual bravura of a Tola Odejayi

Soo generous with points, I tell you walahi!

And behind the scenes there’s a Myne Whitman

Setting the stage for the writer in every layman

Let’s not forget Da Writing Engineer

The critic smoothly dissecting stories everywhere

Check out the simplicity of Tolu Oke

All I can say, the dude is A-okay!

The smile for a good read’s from Lawal Opeyemi

It’s a misnomer to see him as a literary enemy

Relaxed and upcoming gentle teewah

The more she writes, the more we see her

Like something refreshing, there’s a Sambright

Lighting up your efforts when its dark as night


So far so good, I’ve emptied my retinue

Do I end this brief epistle or do I continue?

72 thoughts on “The NS Roll Call” by Afronuts (@Afronuts)

  1. It’s very obvious you have preferences for certain people here which I don’t really care about; what I find a bit ‘unsettling’ is – of everything you could use to describe me…it has to be LOVESICK.

    I am a lot of things. Definitely NOT that.


    1. LOL @ Seun-Odukoya Na wah for you oh…it seems you’re in self denial…

      And for goodness sake this is just for fun…

      See you talking preference…as if you don’t have preferences urself…tahhahahaha!

    2. @seun, lovesick. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. hehehehe…abeg continue,I love this.

    1. I should? Okay oh…one person don talk so!

  3. @seun-odukoya, Lovesick? Hehehehe!!!! Person don find trouble for this community…

    1. @Scopeman Na who find de trobu?

      1. *in Omawunmi’s voice : If you ask me, na who i go ask….*

        1. @scopeman …lol, you be fairy?

  4. Afronuts, continue. The list isn’t even half spent yet.
    As for me and Seun’s case; Lovestick, skin and eczema? That’s quite nasty. I no go vex. Na you get your mouth.

    1. @babyada …no vex I beg…my bad…I was trying to think of things that seem almost inseperable…and na dis one jump enter my head. Don’t worry…I’ll make amends somehow…

      1. So aside from being nuts, you also have eczema? Eeeeew!

        1. @kaycee …see? I called you a madman and go ahead and prove it! Mtcheeww!

  5. Hmmmmmmm. Ok o. Af ro nuts, continua…..

      1. I said ‘hmmmmmmm’, Then ‘continua’…. That means I liked the idea, as in I like it and would like it to continue… Af ro nuts.

        1. @gooseberry lol…there you go again sounding like sweet friendly ping from a blackberry

  6. Continue!..Roll call neva finish…lines 8 to 10 might stop d flow of ur pen o…hehehe…
    The rhyming is cool…

    1. I understand what you mean by line 8 to 10 stopping the flow….but trust me, because of the controversy wey this poem go raise, I go flow taya!

      Watch as fireworks go spread!

    2. @sibbylwhyte …and help me tell them say na play play oh!

      1. Anyone who doesn’t get that this is strictly for fun would do well to take the course Humour101…

  7. I’m “A-okay”??? @Afronuts Hmmmmmnnnnn your rhymes were…. well “A-okay” (whatever that means). lmao
    Really enjoyed this… and you must continue though.
    @seun-odukoya n @eletrika……… hehehehe skin n eczema?? lmao

    1. I dey there for their wedding.Na me be chief witness!!!LOL!!EZCEMA ND SKIN…

    2. Haba @tolu oke …no fall my hand oh. You never hear the word ‘A-okay’ before?

      1. @sambright lmao….. evil sumborri
        @afronuts Not sure I av oooo X_X

        1. @ tolu na u sabi o..LOL..I no b bad somborri ooooo.Na mess and we go take do perfume for their wedding o….

        2. @tolu oke or is it @teekellz ….If you no know am google the ting. I no be kofessor

  8. Laughing out very loud!!!!!!shuo @ nuts baba—I duff my heart jwor!
    I LIKE D DESCRIPTION OF MYNE,u captured her dexterity aptly.Ur rhymes dem tight-I BEG MORE OF IT JWOR!

    1. @sambright …If you know how Myne’s part nearly tear me apart as I dey find how I go take craft am…

      1. you try well well for her part!

  9. @Seun you come across as some love-sick gentleman oh. You seem like the very mushy kind, a girl’s best friend kind. But again, maybe you are not like you said.

    I am not chick chasing but I love how it sounded so I’ll just pretend that’s me.

    I always love stuff like this. Makes me feel mushy on the inside.

    Well done man. In 2010, I always felt you were married to 2cute. Isn’t it funny?

    1. @Jaywriter …For real? Me & 2cute? lol….

      Thanks man…I like your response to this. After all this poem is based on our online personas which may be different from who we actually are. Besides its for fun, lets liven NS up a bit. I wish people would not take it too seriously or personally.

    2. @Jaywriter long tym no write abi na talk sef.

      1. @sambright Muses don run oh, lol.

        1. Find d muse for where e dey must come out.Find am.

  10. Guy, this is so cool! For you to pull through with the rhymes is so so cute.
    Nice one bro. You wanna continue? The ball is in your court but believe you me, I think you shouldn’t. Just saying.

    1. @banky You feel it would be best if I shouldn’t continue? I’m interested in knowing your reason…it could be seriously valid…please tell!

  11. Afornuts!
    Me, mad??? And what is that icosumfin word??
    You are a marafacker!

    Just pray NS meet up don’t work out. Cos I go slap the fear of God into u.

    1. for where @ oga kaycee you fit jwor, na threat u just dey…U sure say NS meet up go see light so?dem dey take forever plan meet up?Before I forget @ Afronut describe you well well,he do am well well!* tongue out for you.*

    2. oooohh…I’m so very afraid…

      Nnyeeergh! You don’t know how I look. I would come to the NS meet looking like somebody else!

  12. Muyis Adepoju (@abdulmuizz)

    Refreshingly different from the norm, I’d say. The title is apt too… You seem confident giving real-life individuals descriptions that they may not agree with you on. Am sure there’s a name for that, too. Nicely done.

    1. Trust me bro. E no easy like day oh!

  13. adams (@coshincozor)

    I didn’t see Afronuts in there…

    1. @adams ..if afronuts dey there, who go write am?

  14. Nice one with the rhymes and most of the descriptions are apt…
    Well done. S’

    1. @Sueddie Agema …how did i miss you out of the equation? Now I’m seeing reasons to continue!

  15. Why you no put my name? I smell a CABAL here and I dey vex. lol


    2. lol @igweaj …E don finish? Abi you no read the last two lines?

  16. Is he mad, or just provoked? I like the anthem!

    1. @ostar lol…I’m not mad…neither was I provoked

  17. Hmmmm…guess I’l jst have to pass on this one. Nice rhymes though.

    1. you’ll pass? Thanks though

  18. Hmm…Horror James Bond?

    Meanwhile, @Seun and @babyada, eczema? Choi!

    iLike! uContinue!

    1. I should continue? Anoda one oh!

  19. Lmao…now this was fun.

    keep going.

    1. okay…yet another!

  20. Somewhere around the site’s corner

    you would be sure to find the enigmatic seun odukoya,

    a ’mention’ draws him to the electrifying eletrika

    to share many a whisper or banter…

    Thought I had help that lines 8 to 10 but hey! It is for the laughs..
    and @afronuts..Bribe me or I’ll put up ‘that’ poem that describes U..shey dem don dey ask 4 ur own name?.hehehe..

  21. continue… and never stop

  22. Some people just like controversy… Now we will have to ask you to continue…

    1. @layrite ….Na who like controversy? No be me oh…lol…well you too don talk am

  23. @sibbylwhyte …Na wah for you oh…see as you merix the whole thing sef.

    You dis wicked chikito. U wan blackmail me…oya, wetin you want for bribe?

  24. Ah!..@Afronuts…My price has been mailed abi na inboxed to you..hehehe..

  25. Hey Afro, I totally loved this. I laffed so hard because you seem\ to really understand these people.
    Our online personas can be very different from the offline one, so I say I agree. Though, the ‘eczema’ thingy didn’t come off nice.
    Well done with this one.
    To continue or not depends on whether you still got material and you want to.

    1. Thanks Abby….I’ll take note of that!

  26. This was very interesting to read Truly I loved it.

    1. @chimzorom Thanks…I guess it helped you know who’s who on NS..

  27. The descriptions of the people are spot on, well done.

  28. Awesome, my brother. You got every one-stop personality and penned it down eloquently. You are a poet!

  29. waiting for the next one.

  30. beautiful piece here

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