The NS Roll Call (2)

The NS Roll Call (2)

Once again the scribe acts the messenger

As I put pen to the paper to register…


Per chance you meet the young man called Scopeman

He cuts the picture of some wizkid of a black man

And that mysterious uchechukwu obiakor

The one and only suspicious internet connector

Still trying to figure out Muyis Adepoju

Is he somebody related to Mutiu Adepoju?

That he was not included infuriated Igwe

Yet he’s so not frequent on the NS highway

You’d laugh if you heard the last name of Taiwo Odumala

Reminds you of that sexy black naija dish called amala

It’s tough figuring how to pronounce adaobiokwy

whose clever retorts makes you banter in meaningless soliloquy

As you surf the site, you come across Layrite

The one with quick remarks like a piranha’s sharp bite

There’s a mystery well known as Sueddie Agema

Eruditely outspoken and nothing like a Suede Agama

Still wondering what’s weird about Weirdpile

Still getting no answers since there’s no fact file

‘Cabalicity or Cabatocracy on NS!’ screams a Tobi Coker

Would make sense if on NS he was a Johnny walker

‘This epistle must continue’, echoes an elovepoetry

With a name like that, not surprising you made such entry

‘I didn’t see Afronuts in there!’ protests an Adams

I almost thought he was one of those spams

And somewhere there’s a simple Dayo gbenga

It’s clear to see every day that he gets stronger

I’d love to know more about the ‘enigma’ called chemo

But that might be as fruitless as searching for a Nemo


And thus my time invested, nothing I’ve wasted

Any other significant name I haven’t listed?


22 thoughts on “The NS Roll Call (2)” by Afronuts (@Afronuts)

  1. U try oh, to check everybody out.

  2. Yeah yeah.

    By any means.

    Not half-bad.

  3. Nice, you tried……… Hmmnn :-D

  4. significant name?
    You for find another way end am.

  5. hehehehe…
    love this as much as the first.

  6. Funny poem… funny and fun.

  7. Some people have plenty time sha

    1. @kaycee …lol…yes I get plenty time…enuf to make you go green with envy!

      1. To envy what? Your overtime pay?

  8. Ahahaha, funny. And I echo @kaycee lol

  9. Nice work Afronuts..You wrote well..Well done..

  10. This is as aesthetic as d first @afro well done!

  11. Af ro nuts. This is cool. Part 3 go dey shey… For the newbies na that you missed. Nice one.

  12. adams (@coshincozor)

    na me come be spam shey?

  13. Knit more with linking words into songs like anthems.
    Your sweat is not in vain.

  14. this is cool, whether for poetry or publicity…
    And yes, u left out those newbies!
    And even omitted me! A whole me! I nor be newbie o!*winks*
    Welldone very much!

  15. beep…beep…#fact file uploaded succesfully

  16. bbtagoro (@bbtagoro)

    We newbie are waiting for some attention too. I wonder how you are gonna do me. You try sha.

  17. Hehehehe…*just ‘waka-passing’*

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