The God That Failed

The God That Failed

You sold me your famous tales


and I was unknowing

of your infamous tales

but true

I brought you into my world

offering you sacrifices

of my sincerest emotions

serving you offerings

of my fears and expectations

Alas, you turned your back

on my world

spat out my offerings

laughed at my fears

mocked my confessions

and scorned my supplications

But now

you beg my forgiveness

crave my prayers

and seek my worship

But suddenly

I am blind

and deaf

to your sight

and your sounds.

(Inspired by the song “The God that failed” by Metallica)




With the birth

Of every new morn

My innocence is bruised and raped

By the incestuous lust

Of revelation.

With every chime

Of reality’s clock

I march closer

To the torture chamber

Of realization

With every lash

Of my conscience’s whip

My masquerade is unmasked.


Behold me now!

I am not a whore

But wish I now

That I was

What fouler deed

Defiles the soul

But the carnal offerings

Of a whore?

You might ask

But I tell you

Foulest is the deed

Of the soul that itself rapes!


Against this here whore

Cast the first stone

The Nazarene

His Jewish kin

Did dare

But I smite

My feet with rocks

My defiant courage

Born not of

Jewish righteousness

But of self loathing

Of my sins

Fouler they are

Than the carnality

                                                                 Of a repentant Jewish whore.


 I stabbed Caesar

And watched him

Bleed to his grave

Still my fingers

At Brutus did point

Without shame

Still yet

Guilty I did pronounce him

Impervious was I

To the accusatory tyranny

Of my muffled conscience

But in my self-loathing

I plead to your throne

My evil was sired

By goodly desires

My sins

Nurtured by saintly aspirations

I lied to

Save my pride

But hurt the truth instead

I lay bare

Before you

My soul

Judge not my deed

But weigh upon

Your scales

My thoughts unseen

Judge me not

As others

I have judged

For soon you too

Will be judged.

 (Inspired by the song “Joshua Judges Ruth” by Lyle Lovett)



7 thoughts on “The God That Failed” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. I prefer the first poem.
    The second is good too, but I’m finding it hard relating the title to the body.
    “Still yet” is tautological [except poetic licence permits it- I don’t know]
    Good job, though.

  2. You’re a good poet.

  3. I like the first..but then I guess the title itself is controversial..God doesn’t fail but gods do…
    The 2nd is cool too and reads like your works usually do- poetically confusing. (to me)…
    Well done Ese..

  4. Wow…I see the trivia behind these poetic pieces is basically rock music.

    hmm…what a muse. Obviously you dish the poetics with grandeur…but in a dark way

  5. wow you killed the first one,,,

    like it best.

  6. Lovely poems.
    The first is the best.

  7. Nice! *The God that Failed*? Catchy title…

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