The Cycle Of a Circle

The Cycle Of a Circle

‘its a boy’ the doc said
mirth grinned wide from the bed
a cry rose in its stead
burps and gurgles after well-fed
‘Mama’… crawling around with crap on his bum
white teeth pushing outta pink gums
breastmilk to cereals
sight made him see real
‘A’ for apple, ‘B’ for bus
learning follows thus
time ran into years
he knew laughter, he met tears
Ding Dong… puberty’s home
Welcome…i like your tone
‘Dad, i got a hard-on’
‘you are a dude, come on!’
hormones kicks in
welcome to the hotel inn
responsibility makes you bend
tada! you just got more fees to fend
you job for your purse
cruel blessings of a curse
you gain your loss
gotta hustle to floss
here comes the spouse
a major brick in your house
priests and vows at the altar
what He fixes, never alter
honeymoon combines glands and fluids
wet and slimy like squids
barley and hops on cue
the beer began to brew
i fill a lil’ sick
mornings makes my nerves tick
a scary retching flick
the swell and the constant kick
might be a pussy or a dick
hydrating when the water broke
a smack on the butt brought the croak
worn and weary, she looked up from the bed…
‘it’s a boy’ the doc said.





i lace up the dead man’s shoes……
tap-dancing in it, i sang the blues
the fear in angels rouses the impatience in fools
the performance took home an eardrum full of boos
did all the don’ts i shouldn’t do…..
buh the Labrador eventually caught the freebie i threw
unyielding, all knocks but the door adamantly opens for few
hinges creaks smoothly, oiled and new
the smelly shit is bull’s……
envious green swamp drowns ma cool
by the second gulp, i’m full….
idleness dozing its way into sharpening the devil’s tool
i drool…..

14 thoughts on “The Cycle Of a Circle” by yhemie (@eimehy)

  1. Well done, I enjoyed the first poem….(didn’t rily get the second one, LOL)

    “mirth grinned wide from the bed” – I don’t get dis line especially if mirth is used in the context I fink it is

  2. Liked the concept of the 1st..enjoyed the read of the 2nd but I didn’t quite get it..Well done..

  3. Nice…the first poem that is. Maybe u should add an explanatory note for the second one. It looks like a good poem, only that I don’t understand.

  4. They’re nice poems.

  5. Both nice poems. Loved the cycle in the first, didn’t get the gist in the second.

    “hormones kicks in”- I think [kick] should do without the ‘s’ to harmonize with the plural form of “hormones”- (the first poem)
    Since the second poem is written in the past tense, “lace” in the first line should be in the past as well.

  6. The Title talks it all, so lovely.

  7. …and i would say…thank God, its a boy!!

  8. aturmercy (@aturmercy)

    Nice, like both poems…but would like to dissect the Green Swamp…

    Is this about an act (like in actor/ or stand up comedian), or just a normal human being?

    If an act, you were already signed up for the act, which you were ill-prepared for. And if you had thought things through you would not be “Tap-dancing and singing the blues in the dead man’s shoes” – This could also indicate someone who unwittingly sealed their own doom or fate and had no choice but to dance to the tune being played.

    If again this is about an act, the actor either lacked confidence or suffered stage fright which would explain “The fear in angels equals impatience in fools leads to a performance and an earful worthy of boos” – or as a human being, because of impatience, you neglected to do your due diligence leading to this situation where everyone gives you a telling off and an earful for doing the thing(s) you did or think you did, all wrong.

    The Labrador being a retriever could signify someone or member of audience finally getting a hang of you, your act or joke and finally laughs, but the rest of the audience are already booing you of the stage.

    But as a human being, after doing whatever it is people think you did wrong, although someone gets you, its too late, you are already drowning from the rejection and booing.

    Now that I’ve tried to understand where I think you are coming from, please can you let the cat out of the bag….

  9. The first poem started well.

  10. I like the 2nd!

  11. Don’t mix up tenses – I liked the second poem more but was distracted by Hinges Creaks, should be hinges creak.

    Keep writing and editing. Well done.

  12. Yo!!!……hey guys, thanks for all the comments. would improve on the typos and tenses. @aturmercy, give it your own meaning, thats the cool thing about metaphors….your perspective is interesting (dope).

    Hint…relate every line to the word ‘ENVY’….thanks again y’all.

    1. aturmercy (@aturmercy)

      Eimehy, true talk about metaphors…it means different things to different people. This is one thing every member should remember when critiquing each others work.

      Thanks for the hint…Makes for a much more interesting read.

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