Take That Smile, One More Mile.

Take That Smile, One More Mile.

Take that smile

One more mile

Though life’s troubles often pile

And you taste the bitter bile

Take that smile

One more mile


When folks die

When you cry

Disappointments make you sigh

Opportunities pass you by

When the sky

Seems too high


When your hope

Falls aslope

Though you run, it seems you hop

In your quest to reach the top

You might flop

Do not stop


Though your way

Seems to sway

Keep that smile you have today

Carry it on all the way

Always say

It’s okay


When you’ve loved

And resolved

Ne’er again to let your guards dissolved

Cos of hurts from your beloved

Feelings shoved

Pains grooved


When you’re scared

Cos your card

In every issue turns up bad

When experiences you’ve had

Make you sad

Make you mad


If you’re tossed

And concussed

You could feel that you’ve been cursed

In life’s  perils you’ve been doused

You’ve been bossed

You’ve been forced


When your friend

In the end

Joins your foes in their trend

When you’ve tried and just don’t blend

Just don’t bend

Just don’t “send”


You could fear

Shed some tear

Life, unworthy, might appear

Hold unto that smile my dear

Be of cheer

That’s your pier


There’ll be pain

There’ll be gain

In each case the truth is plain

That your smile will keep you sane

It’s not vain

It’s your rein


Hold awhile

That sweet smile

When they ask, say it’s your style

Situations might come to rile

Do take that smile

Just one more mile

55 thoughts on “Take That Smile, One More Mile.” by Chimzorom (@chimzorom)

  1. Inspiring piece. Cool poem. Nice Rhyme. Musical.

    1. Thank you, glad you like it.

  2. You are a Poet! It takes so much creativity to rhyme with such ends…you are wet with it!

    1. I’m much flattered. Thanks.

  3. I LOVE dis…Its simplicity does a great job and makes it beautiful and musical…Well written, Well done.

    When We talk of smiles, I hope d fake and silly ones ain’t among o..

    1. Of course, those ones ain’t among, they don’t even last.
      Thanks for the compliment… pleases me more than I can say.

  4. Awwwwww. Very sweet. I’m not surprised cos I’ve always *since you came o* had the feeling that you can write….

    Very well done.

    1. Thanks for the compliment and more for faith in my ability… I’ll try not to “fall your hand.”

  5. Chimzorom! Chimzorom! Chimzorom! How many times I call your name? My friend, you just killed it- apt! Well done. Keep up the good work.

    1. Yes Sir!
      3 times Sir!
      Thank you Sir!

  6. Me, i love rhymes o…and you deliver them very well

    1. Thank you…very much

  7. aturmercy (@aturmercy)

    Beautiful poem, with a good reason to smile!

    1. Hope you have that reason…to smile.

  8. At your words, will take the smile another mile… Very rhythmical, I like.

  9. Those little guys look so cute with their smiles :)

    The poem is not so bad too, though the rhyming seemed a bit disjointed in some lines, like, Be of Cheer, that’s your pier? What’s that?

    You used a comma in some places and not in others, not more apparent than in Hold unto that smile my dear. I would have used two comma like in the preceding line so as to maintain the rhythm.

    Also, we rarely shed A tear, more like tear’S’

    But this is a good effort, well done.

    1. I used “pier” in the sense of “pillar” or “support” implying that cheerfulness is one’s pillar.
      I took note of your corrections and I very much appreciate your compliment.

  10. wow! *applause* Now I really really love this one!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Just a thought, 6th verse, 2nd line, do you mean “cos you cared”?

    1. No, I actually meant it as it is. With the next line, it reads thus: cos your card in every issue turns up bad.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Waoh! This got me teary. I totally loved and enjoyed it. Plus I took my smile, even more than a mile.
    This is simply beautiful!
    Keep the good work up. :)

    1. Thanks…and do keep smiling.

  12. bbtagoro (@bbtagoro)

    Waoh! I just can’t help but give more smile.

    This is a good and explicit poem. I love it. Give more of it.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Thank you very much.

    1. You are welcome…Thank you too.

  14. Waow, nicely written, Good work.

    1. Thanks a lot…

  15. Dunno why I’m just coming across this, but whoever mentioned that you have a good heart, was right.

    Very lovely @chimzorom

    1. Ow… now I’m gonna cry. Thank’s dearie…

    1. Yeah, right? Thanks.

  16. caspapa (@caspapa)

    This is good, wonderfully written and marvelously composed.
    (I wish one day my daughter will be able to write like this.). Keep it up madam and i like your polite critisim of other writers too.

  17. Thank you for your encouraging compliment… your daughter has God’s blessings and mine too, to do even greater than this.

  18. Cool style has got a treasured line
    It comes so expensive, yet dont cost a dine

    I am not a liar if i call you a poet
    For i treasured every line like my pet

    You have got a gift in writing skill
    And this will help lots of people as a soothig pill

    My love rolls out in green white green proudly Nigerian.

    Good job

    1. Thank you for your poetic compliment. You’re appreciated @salami1010

  19. my kinda of poem. simple, rhyming, free flowing and beautiful. u re good. i’ve got my eyes-they re 4- on u. bueno visto


  20. Simple. Nice one. Loved the use of ‘send’ somewhere in the poem.

    Made me wanna sing like we sang ‘Old Roger’ in primary school.

  21. Beautiful and simple. I take my smile several miles before anyway.

    1. Hold onto it then, @babyada.

  22. @chimzorom you wrote this peom so well~ i felt the present of meter/feet lol

    well done girl.

  23. This is a very nice one. I like the fact that the rhymes don’t seem forced. Well done.

    1. Thanks Chemo, your comments have been quite encouraging.

  24. Nice lines, verse 1 says lots… Love the message, it’s ever so necessary.

    1. Tnx @excellency. I’m grateful.

  25. topazo (@topazo)

    So good dt i was rapping along….d rhymes were lovely.

    1. Thank uuu :)

  26. nice lines, perfect rhymes, great work

  27. an excellent rendition @chimzorom

      1. U’re welcome :)

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