Oh Father

Never thought I ‘d be this hurt
Never imagined the fire i started would have me burnt
I ve got to put my world back in order
I ve sinned and strayed oh father

I had it all, I had everything
The wealth, the joy, I lacked nothing
Life was more beautiful than it is right now
Here I sit and I wonder How

How I let myself get puffed with pride
How i So desired to leave your side
A part of me wanted to stay and grow
But the better half wanted more than I could show

How amazing you gave me everything i asked for
My inheritance, you gave me even more
I could see the tears you were holding back
To say the words, the courage you lack

Yes I came this far, living in worldly pleasures
Spent my inheritance, exhausted my treasures
I had women, wine and luxury
I never invested, now Am in penury

Now everyone has deserted me
No friends, No women, No family
This is way more than i bargained for
All gone, they walked out the door

Nowhere to go, No one willing to listen
No job, No home, No other reason
I ve taken comfort eating meals of figs
I ve taken refuge in the company of pigs

Isn’t my father servant much better off
Yes I know it is going to be tough
Stay here and die miserable or rather
Go home in humility and say ‘i ve sinned oh father!’

13 thoughts on “Oh Father” by Bright Benson (@brytandre)

  1. Prodigal son.

    It’s okay…

  2. I like it…really

    though it reads like the bible said in different words, but i still like.

  3. Yes, it’s good.
    Good to remember to always say that when we stray.


  4. briefly organised in understanding sequence.

  5. You better run dey go house.
    Your writing has really come a long way since your first post.

  6. I’ve sinned oh father!… I have. Nice poem.

  7. Oya now, go home joor! hehehehehehe. Nice one. The rhymes in the first stanza feels kinda. Hurt and Burnt don’t rhyme. Others were great. Nice work.

  8. Ds is beautiful…..well done

  9. Ds is beautiful…..well done

  10. chimzorom (@chimzorom)

    This isn’t just okay, it’s so…wow! It’s a bible story, yeah, but you did a good job in the sequence rhyme and choice of words.
    Capitalization problem and a few grammatical blunders popped up their ugly heads though, but “nothing do you”…Kudos!

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