My Southern Love

My Southern Love


On that first beautiful night, that later-

Became filled with darkness of love and lust.

When I kissed your lips, you melted and moaned soft,

It tasted like forbidden fruits of Eden

As I savored them, juicy, sweet and soft.

Every bit filled moment was like truth,

Told and untold, revelations of love.

I was drawn in by your yielding passion,

As Eve to the serpent and Adam to Eve.

From where and till my days became love’s eve,

And like vines we became drunk with love.


Your dark quality toned skin I recall-

Like velvet gold fit for a southern queen,

And your naturally sweet pheromone

Kept me breathing down that towery neck-

Line of yours; my love, my southern princess,

Your wonderful smiling was all chilling,

It always made me cold, so I run to-

You; to fold in your arms, as you to hold.

Your beautiful teeth between juicy lips;

Would be compared to rich ivory gold.

Your eyes are like twin diamonds, treasures-

Of the deep waters. You are priceless,

A jewel: an adornment of beauty.

You are a pearl in the black sea of skies.

Your face is beautiful, full like the moon

That has got her light from the sun, illumed.

Your body is like the figurine eight,

Carved perfectly by hands of a sculptor;

Whom have taken time to outline their curves.


The one of whom I write is like black sea

Upon which the setting sun sets upon.

She is like the diva of the southern-

Sea, she is beautiful, she is my southern love.

Oji Chisom Emmanuel

8:16 am, 28/3/2012.


15 thoughts on “My Southern Love” by chisom oji (@chisom)

  1. Hi lovely poem,
    Have one observation. Found the association of love with darkness a bit odd…lust okay.
    Order than that its nice.

  2. Carved perfectly by hands of a sculptor;
    [Whom have] taken time to outline their curves- that should be [who has]

    Upon which the setting sun sets upon- it’d be better if you got rid of one “upon”

    The poem is still a good one.@chisom

  3. The taste of love, enhe?? Good one

  4. Hmmm…Love don carry some people go south…hehehe..Nice..

  5. this is a love poem and i love it

  6. Lovely. Well crafted and romantic. I like the depth of your expressions. Caution! For mature minds only.

  7. This one that you know how the forbidden friut of Eden tastes wao…Lovely poem o jari!! Very romantic too

  8. @weirdpile, na wetin I wan ask o. Abeg, how the thing dey taste? This your love ehn, I wish it will last forever o.

    Well written poem even though I don’t like the lovey dovey love stuffs. They are kinda unreal… Nice work.

  9. Good one. This could be compare with song of songs.

    Just wondering about the forbidden fruits of Eden, seems you are saying something more deeper than “fruit”…*wink*


  10. aturmercy (@aturmercy)

    Quite nice…

  11. The imagery is quite nice…

  12. Hi Chisom. I love the poem, and I totally agree with Amy, and Chimsorom.

    Also, I think you could have used ‘aura’ in place of ‘pheromone’, as it would be more human- appropriate. (Just a thought though, and I stand to be corrected.)

    Asides the flaws already pointed out, I believe the poem is awesome and really expressive.


  13. Best to read this in a romantic mood.

  14. So many lines left unedited. Why is southern sea on different lines. Figurine 8, why not figure 8. And the last line in that stanza should have started, who has… and since we’re talking of just 8, end as singular.

    Read and reread your work and fine-tune to get the best result.

  15. love poem at its best

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