Mercy on me, please…..

Mercy on me, please…..

The pleasurable pin

inserts its mandible deep

deep enough

for a deep sigh

at the caress

that is felt when

the doors of proclivity are open.

what puts a knife deep

into the essence

with the force and appeal

akin to the mechanics

that goes with locomotion

is the same

that fuels the love

and even lust

only one can see and feel.

Killing chords,combined assault

or even one-man murder

they employ

to swirl whatever is left

of a head that was once

an entity

bringing in memories

maybe wishes

that regretted contact, ever.

noontime, nighttime, daytime

anytime, its showtime

and whether you sway

two sides or not

is a non-issue

but what is true

is what you feel.

Carrying you

on a boat

whose occupants

are glad to welcome you

as it glides along

to Eldorado

is only one

among its abilities

sweetly and tenderly

it forces the heart open

head and memory follow

only to be seconded

by an already buried

mouth,and why not?

it dazzles, hazzles

and muzzles

every resistance

with that strength of passion

and charm of appeal

and just when you

could lay your all down

for its bitter sweet taste

there goes the outage

and off it goes again!


-Ogbonna Henry

3 thoughts on “Mercy on me, please…..” by raptureisforme (@raptureisforme)

  1. So… @raptureisforme, what is this poem about?




    Please clarify.

    1. @TolaO
      The poem is about sex. That is all the young writers write about on Ns. Sex and love.

  2. raptureisforme (@raptureisforme)

    @tola and kaycee, that is why it is poetry… it too hard to decipher…the keywords…chords, swaying, Eldorado… the rest is jara and efizi.@kaycee, i can neva spend my sanctified brain to write about sex. at least not while i am sane. its about music,..matterof fact my fav song. thanks for ur comments tho…need more…

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