How to be a Featured Writer – Promoting your Stories

How to be a Featured Writer – Promoting your Stories

Naija Stories has the Featured writer segment to celebrate our outstanding writers and their posts and they are also rewarded with 10,000 NSpoints. We use the opportunity to encourage our writer-members to continue promoting their works on the site, elsewhere on the web like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc, and even offline. The featured writer of the month is selected by the writer whose post has the highest views in that period.

We really want all members to fully engage in the NS Community and take advantage of the various functions and opportunities of the site. The first thing to do is to read and comment on other people’s submissions so as to make connections. You can add friends by clicking on the members timeline, and send them messages to update them on your latest posts. You can also take part in the forums here on Naija Stories and discuss common topics with other members. Check out these topics –

Story or Poetry Trivias – What inspired your latest post to NS?

Ebooks in Nigeria – What do you think?

You can also create your own discussion on any topic of your choice.

To increase the views on your stories, feel free to spread the word about the site to your friends and generally by;

Sharing the link to your profile page. The link to this page is as follows;


There is also the personal links that each member has if they’ve has at least one story published. This Author Page links to all their stories on the site. On your profile page, you can see it as the link saying; Read all contributions by ….


So what can you do with these links and how can they help you promote your writing on Naijastories to get more views?

1: Add your links to your email signatures.

The simplest way to promote your profile and NS Author Page is to add it to the email signature of any and all email accounts you have. You can do it with each individual email you send to your contacts or you can add it via your email settings so that it is inserted automatically. Some examples you can use include;

Join me on Naijastories – Check out my profile page

Read my writing on Naijastories and leave a comment

2: Link to the Naijastories homepage or to your specific pages from your blog, website or other sites you control. You can easily do this if you have a Blogger or WordPress blog. Add to your blogroll, or make the link point to your profile or author page. If you want to add our banner, add the gadget for pictures and put in the relevant link.

3. If you participate on message boards and forums, they also make good places to refer people from. Add the link to your signature or at the bottom of each post you make. Sites like Nairaland, Nigeria Village Square, etc. Also, if you always comment as Anonymous on other peoples blog, because you have no link to add, consider supplying your NS name and the link to your profile or author page. Sites like,, Romance Meets Life, etc.

4: Talk to your family, friends, lecturers, fellow students, colleagues at work, publishers, agents, and editors and invite them to visit your author page. This will in general increase the number of members that Naijastories has, and the more people there are to read, review and comment on stories, the better for everyone in the community.

5: Start a thread or group in the forums and invite your friends to participate and discuss with you. Invite your real world friends for a little online fun in our interactive buddypress section where you have real-time communication no matter where you are. You might also use the more public chat functionality on the front page where you can read stories and chat at the same time.

6. Read and comment on other people’s stories on the site. This will leave a link by which they can check out your profile page and also go ahead to check out your own stories and comment too. If you really want them to respond, find out their username and put an @ in front of it in your comments. E.g @admin

7. If you have a writing gig in a newspaper, magazine or online, please put a link back to your profile page and author page in addition to your personal blog.

8. Of course, if you use Facebook and Twitter, try to share your favorite story everyday, or your own profile or author’s page. Also, beneath each story both on the front page and on each individual page, you’ll find ways you can share yours and other stories to Twitter, Facebook, Email, and so on.

9. If you use a mobile app for browsing, like 2go, BiNu, Nimbuzz, also use the inbuilt mechanisms to let your friends and the community know about Naijastories.

10. Finally, if you haven’t added our Alexa toolbar, please go ahead and do so. Click on this link


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