Awaiting first the raindrop

All the flowers have wilted and died
streams are dry and cracked
clouds dotted the deserted sky
the sun is beaming merrily above.

The dirty dogs do not bark, they pant
the children have since refrained from plays
mothers wear wrappers around their chests
the aged sit idle on rocking raffia chairs

They all occasionally gather around
often glancing at the sky
no one says a word, for all are aware
that they are awaiting the first raindrop.

When tired of the griots’ tales,
they retire with angry bellies
gazing at their empty barns and farms now stalks
and embrace their unforetold plight.

They once regarded the raindrop
a minor element of no importance
so why worry and pray and hope
that it comes though absent for a year?.

When all awhile you did not see
the value of a single raindrop.
An element so small yet it made the sea
an element so small yet your life depends on it.

9 thoughts on “Awaiting first the raindrop” by Haphsah (@hafsah18)

  1. Poetry is suffering on this forum.

    1. im an amatuer layrite dear, so i think you should try to be a little nicer and help me by telling me where i messed up and how to improve my work rather than criticising me only.

  2. Nice.. They should see a rainmaker..

    1. thnx…the poet will see a poem editor

  3. Mhn… as Bubbllinna suggested, they could see a rainmaker and I think the poem needs to see…I really don’t know who.
    I wish it had been more poetic (as the first verse was) and less of a narrative.
    Nice job, though.

    1. thnx a lot…the poem will be better next tym promise (if thats what u mean).

  4. Me sef dey wait first raindrop. Heat don plenty. The idea is cool but the poem could be better.

  5. i will work on it…

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