A Baker’s Wish

A Baker’s Wish

(For Stephanie)

I know her wish. But, not her heart.

Her rare possession: a mastery of the ageless art.

Art ruled by pans and ovens, mixing and kneading.

And kids shuffling and waiting on whetted appetite,

While stencils shape flour dreams and pink cards.


‘Tis a wedding cake today. She sees beyond

The oven’s heat and makes a wish-

“Eternal love to the couple”. Her pink-dotted

Apron smiles and nods in harmony


Her wish, for all to feel the spirit of baking.

Baking is love, baking is patience. Baking is

The warmth of living and giving.  It is the long

Wait of good things to come from life’s oven.

It is smiling with a sweaty face. It is life.


Her wish, for all to perceive the sweetness

From hot pans, and inhale life’s steamy strength

From these hot fresh brownies.  If you must, be tipsy

From the near ‘eau de vie’ within her master piece.



‘Tis a birthday cake today

She sees beyond her blisters.

And wishes a lovely birthday

To herself, the love of family and

Paused smile in the family portraits.







White, blue, yellow, green

A mad man taught you his style

The queen forbids this



Fit, fit foolish dress

Toned femurs on the runway

Paris detests fat



Aso oke cat walk

Kente fever rocks the town

The west mix is good



13 thoughts on “A Baker’s Wish” by JAY'S PLANET (@JaysPLANET)

  1. I really like the first one. The second…

    not so much.

    But WOW. You did well.

  2. I liked the first one, really, nicw piece…well done.

  3. I loved all of it man! That baking one and that little Anorexia poem is classic!!! Classic!! ‘Toned femurs on the runway’…wow! And I just love that line — ‘Paris detests fat’…beautiful! This entire post was lovely. Well done, Oga. You are gifted.

  4. Ur first poem makes me want to bake, even though i have no idea how to…and then ur haiku’s are just lovely…Kudos!!

  5. I didn’t like the way you were cutting the sentences and continuing on the next line with capital letter.

    But I like them. They’re good.

  6. Lol. Poems are getting shorter. Nice.

  7. Welcome back.

  8. Interesting poems U got here…I like the short ones too esp the Anorexia one..

  9. Interesting poems…i like d way u capture d art and act of baking in d first one….and d others are just nice cute,d shorter d cuter…lol.Well done

  10. So my Jay’s Planet is here? Nice poem.

  11. Thanks for reading/commenting. I’m glad you all like my poem. :-)
    @Chi, yea I’ve been here.

  12. Liked the both but the first did it for me…

  13. You write beautiful poems. “A baker’s wish” is awesome!

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