The Revolution Will Not Be Subsidised

The Revolution Will Not Be Subsidised

 At the third crow of the cock

When God declined the supplication of the flock

Gathered at the shrine of the rock

The seeds of the throne

Were gathered to be sown

Desperate not to be dethroned

They scavenged to the north of our own

Seeking a frail totem to be flown

The baton was passed

To a priest soon to be sacked

Deceit and lethargy alas

Gathered a critical mass

As their priests gathered to pray and fast

Whilst we pondered our fate at last

When the totem succumbed to fate

The soleless one lying in wait

Looked to them that professed the same faith

To hand him the crown of his mate

His burden he dared to state

Was the task to make us great

With his head bowed to be redeemed

He courted us with tales of his deeds

To be done only if we believe

In the divinity of his dreams

For our clime battered and diseased

Victory at the polls

Gained with a sacrifice of souls

And the treachery of minions and trolls

We were set on the road

To the glory days of old

So we were told

Alas, we awoke to a new year

Making merry and as we tried to be of good cheer

Letting go of the past and its fears

Embracing the present and hoping it would be fair

But lurking in the air

The smell of harmattan and things to beware

Hear ye all for it is cruel

Subsidy is gone from the price of fuel

Like venom spat from the pits of hell

Anger rose at the sound of the bell

Occupy Nigeria we yelled

Like demons awakened by a spell

Bullets let loose in Kwara

And a body fell reported sahara

All heeded the call at Ojota

Princes of Lekki and the denizens of the gutter

Coffins were raised in Benin

Soldiers drafted to quell protests benign

Christians and Muslims locked arms in Kano

Destiny shared illuminated by lighted candles

Rulers and looters will not minimize

So the masses must sacrifice

Whilst the Government and the cabal fraternize

Militants once ostracized

The people’s revolt they now politicize

This state of affairs you must not criticize

Because this revolution will not be subsidised.

(Inspired by the poem/song “The revolution will not be televised” by the Late Gil Scott-Heron)

7 thoughts on “The Revolution Will Not Be Subsidised” by esosa (@esosa)

  1. A worthy capture of d entire process from elections,subsidy removal and occupy Nigeria.

  2. Yeah. I like Gill Scott Heron.

    And the term ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ is already a meme.

    Nice one man.

  3. Wonderful piece!
    I like how you captured our ‘history’ without sounding like a worn-drum

  4. Nice… I like…

  5. “Occupy Nigeria we yelled”..
    and though some of us fell
    their stories we’ll live to tell….he he

    I really liked!!!

  6. That Ojota carnival was fun.
    And cheap too.
    Nice poem.

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