The Ode to Unemployment.

The Ode to Unemployment.

Unemployment flows

In the beating heart of this city

A vital tide

Powerful stream

Carrying hundreds


Millions of us

Tools for the workshop


Unemployment is alive here


Our monstrous relative

Caressing the young

Embracing the old

Suffocating hope


Unemployment is a Prince here

All these prisoners



By it


The sky is wet with tears

Wet with the restless agony of our desperation

But there is no rain




In this city

Gyrating at auditions

For reality shows

Croons and choruses

With the masses of voices

At talent shows


‘Another rejection


How come the judges didn’t see it?



Never mind

Where’s the next one?’




My city’s prolific serial killer

Covered with the blood of crushed dreams

Dreams dead

And ambitions discarded



Star of the crowded stage

Our city


Hustle, hustle

The city is peopled by hustlers

And unemployment is our king


Hustle, hustle

Hustle till I die




We saw a fairy


Who said he would make our dreams come true

And give us good-luck through and through


We woke up



Full of wishes




“Come lie with me

Here in my grave

Yes it is colder

But you will be saved


Throw away the dreams

The castles in the air

Come lie with me

There is peace

And good-luck here”


22 thoughts on “The Ode to Unemployment.” by Gboyega Otolorin (@guywriterer)

  1. Interesting poems. I like the almost distracted undertones of the second and third ones…

    Nice job man.

    1. Thanks Seun. Didn’t know it would go up so quick. Nice one @admin!!

  2. Unemployment huh. E go better *as we’ve always believed*. Nice poems.

    1. thanks Mona Lisa! It’s actually one poem though, just divided into sections….

  3. lovely poems…..defines the current situation…..but there is green light at the end of the tunnel…. thumbs up!

    1. Thanks Maxwell…looking for that green light oh

  4. like d use of words in the first poem…very nice!!!

    1. Like I said, it’s the same poem… but thanks for reading and liking it.

  5. Nice poems Guy..really nice..I lyk every single one of ’em…
    Throw away the dreams,
    the castles in d air…I luv dx lines..
    Well done!

    1. Happy you like the lines. Thanks for commenting my bubbling sister.. like I said above, same poem, different parts. It’s like a disjointed story…

  6. You write well. Unemployment really sucks, terribly frustrating.

  7. @babyada, thanks for commenting. Appreciate it.

    At everyone, I’m happy you all like it but what I’d appreciate hearing more are the things you didn’t like. Too long? Too short? Delete this… I don’t like this part… etc. But I’m loving the compliments sha..

  8. Good depiction of unemployment. What I don’t like is that I couldn’t fault it. Well at least I don’t like is there, now are you satisfied?

    1. LOl! Thanks, don’t mind me..

  9. Nice poem. Loved how you wrote it.

    1. Thanks for complimenting Oga Jaywriter..means a lot.

  10. Must we hv things 2 complain abt???ur poem is good…enjoy d accolades jo

    1. Sister Onyinye, tenks jare…no mind me

  11. Good rhythms and flow. I enjoyed it. The one on unemployment is revealing…

    1. Thanks Rasheed. I appreciate it.

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