The Geebee Chronicles. Episode 24 – A Recap

When I began blogging sometime in 2008, I sought an avenue where I could just express myself and write on just anything like I had been doing on my previous webpage. Coupled with my dreams to write some fiction novels and poetry, the idea of an autobiography had always been on my mind for a long while and I thought: Instead of waiting till God-knows-when to begin writing my story, why don’t I start it on my blog? And that was how THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES came about. I decided to do an autobiography of my life beginning with my eighteenth birthday in series format. While the series is mostly based on true events, there are a lot of additions and deductions from the true story and of course, all the names have been changed.

Due to my inconsistencies among other factors, we’ve only been able to do twenty three episodes so far and I can’t appreciate my followers and readers (those who began the journey with me, those who hung on for a while and those who are still hanging on among others) enough for being there all this while. This post is actually meant to be a recap of all the episodes of THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES for the benefit of those who have not been able to read through all the previous episodes and to allow for easy understanding and followership in future. Come to think of it, twenty three episodes are not that few after all and I can imagine the stress of having to read through the entire episodes one after the other. That said, here’s a summary of all the previous episodes of THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES for y’all in one post.

The series is dated back to 2003, the year Geebee would turn eighteen and finds himself still struggling to get into University, having been stuck at home for about two years already. He relocates to be with his dad and a nice step-mum. He feels caged by his dad, a man who practically refuses to allow him travel to spend some time with his mom. Geebee feels cheated especially because his two brothers, Ben and Steve hardly face the same situation as Ben is far away in University and Steve who just left secondary school enjoys his time with their mom. The fact that his dad (Chief) also has personality issues of his own make it difficult for Geebee to feel comfortable being in the same vicinity. Thus, he constantly longs for his freedom which he assumes would only come about once he makes it into University. He thus passes the time engaging in youthful exuberances of all sorts having teenage affairs with girls in a UME coaching center and taking on other vices like smoking and drinking among others. Finally, on his dad’s prompting, he resorts to opt for a part-time University programme at a location close to his home. Left without much of a choice due to his haste to get into University as soon as possible, he grabs the opportunity. By January 2004, Geebee finds himself in a University system meant for adults and has to endure the pain of receiving lectures with much older people. However, there are some of the younger age grade people in the system as well and he bands himself with many and together, they try to create a more youthful University environment and to a great extent they succeed.

Being in University proves to be the perfect escape route and soon, Geebee hardly feels different from his counterparts in a full-time University system. The only drawback stems from the fact that the part-time system confines lectures to evening periods only, thus granting a good dose of boredom in the daytime during which he finds himself stuck at home attending to one domestic need or the other. Thus, his only release becomes the period spent at school in the evenings. He begins to excel academically and command some level of attention from his peers, the young and old alike. He however prefers to deal at best with the slightly older ladies who fall just a little above his age grade. Meanwhile, on the home front, his dad and step mum continue to have ceaseless problems and an impending break up seems inevitable. He soon finds solace in company of colleagues in his age grade like Simon and Sam. Simon happens to be the first friend he meets in University and he finds out that they are perfect contrasts to each other with Simon being more on the introverted side and still a virgin at nineteen much to Geebee’s chagrin. In the end, believing he’s acting to his friend’s benefit, Geebee tries hard to initiate him into one or two vices. Sam on the other hand is the outgoing and boastful type who is more than willing to engage in youthful vices of all types and he and Geebee tend to fit into each other’s ways much better.

Geebee is not spared the attention of a few of the more mature women in the part time University system and it is in the course of this that he meets Lovina, a much more older woman who happens to be married with five children. Their relationship is originally planned to be purely academic where he is expected to assist her with extra lectures on difficult courses but in the process they begin to share so much stories together that an affair begins. The affair runs on for a good while and Lovina proves to be the perfect ‘sugar mummy’ providing for all his financial, emotional and sexual needs to the extent that he dares to defy his ‘Almighty dad’ and begins to sleep out once a while in the pretense that he was at Simon’s place. As much as they try to keep the affair secret, things begin to get out of hand due to Lovina (Madam L)’s constant nagging and inability to keep matters simple. Soon, Geebee realizes he is in trap and the guilt of sleeping with a much older woman who happens to be married nearly drives him insane. Eventually, he is able to escape from Lovina’s clutches and get his life back in order but not for too long. He gets a few jobs in between the period to ease the boredom of being at home during the daytime and further take his mind off his travails. The experiences at those jobs equally add to the troubles and joys among other things.

Time flies in its usual form and soon, the first school year is over. Geebee and his colleagues find themselves in the second year in University and it feels pretty good to know that more fresh students would be coming in to join them. He makes up his mind to focus on his academics and for once shun all sort of past bad behaviour he had initially engaged in, especially after the close shave with Madam L, whom he still secretly dreads and desperately avoids. He soon meets BG, Sam’s girlfriend who gets admitted into her first year in the University and over time, he is disappointed to find out that Sam hardly cares about his supposed girlfriend, often ignoring her and treating her as a non existent being especially in presence of his friends. In actual fact, Sam feels BG is a distraction and would likely serve as a clog in his quest for other ‘fresher chics’ on campus. BG however appears to be undeterred or hardly even notices Sam’s annoying attitude towards her. However, Geebee begins to feel uncomfortable about his friend’s behaviour and advices him to either break up with BG or stop treating her badly. Sam drags his feet for a good while but eventually summons up the courage to break up with BG, much to the latter’s disappointment.

Geebee soon regrets his action on convincing Sam to break up with BG after watching BG closely enough to realize that she was indeed hurt and he tries to cover up for this by confessing to her what he did and explaining the reason for his action. BG is shocked to find out that Sam had not broken with her because he wanted to but because his friend had convinced him to but still she can’t help agreeing with Geebee that it was the right thing to do especially since she knew he had been treating her badly all along but simply ignored the reality of the situation owing to the fact that she really cared about him. He was her first boyfriend and she had not wanted to lose him. Geebee and BG begin to get pretty close and in between he realizes that he might have made an enemy of Sam by convincing him to break up with his girlfriend only to begin running all over town with her. He attempts to address this issue by reuniting Sam and BG as friends again. In spite of BG’s initial aversion and stubbornness, she and Sam mend fences and begin to talk again, albeit as friends and nothing more. Finally, Geebee finds the much sought peace in the knowledge that he had done the right thing in asking Sam to break up with BG and the fact that they were not enemies anymore had an added good effect.

He begins to hang out much more frequently with BG, however without any romantic strings attached due to the fact that he did not want to get romantically involved again for a good while as he still feels haunted by his affair with Madam L. He also still nurses a feeling that Sam has a grudge against him for asking him to dump his girl only for him to jump into the picture and he tries to avoid BG without much success. BG continues to keep close and the walls around his heart finally crumble. The ice is finally broken when they share their first kiss in a most unexpected manner.

So that’s a full recap for you guys. Let’s call it ‘starting all over again’ with THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES. I hope to be much more regular with the episodes from henceforth, so help me God.


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  1. Okay…for someone like me who’s been there since the ‘beginning’ so to speak – this is …

    But for the new ones, I see the relevance. It would have been nice though if you posted corresponding links to each episode so that they have the option of reading and catching up with you and the rest of us.

    Nice on the teasing. Now can we get to the next part already?

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks Seun. Next part should be here in a jiffy. Regarding the links, I’ll see what I can work out although I believe recent episodes have always had links.

  2. Hehe…Next part Geebee…and hey! your life ain’t boring to read is cool..

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks Bubbllinna. You definitely gave my heart a lift.

    2. Yeah. This is really not boring…

      1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

        Thanks Joseph

  3. I love biographies. It is always so moving and real. Let’s have the next episode, Geebee. I am sure this will become a book some day and I will readily buy it!

  4. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

    Yes, plans are in the works. I’m working on my first book and once that is ready, THE GEEBEE CHRONICLES is up next. Thanks for the words, Joseph. The next episode should be up soon.

  5. Well done and tankss 4 d update…..nxt episode pls

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Noted. Thanks obi

  6. This is kind of a person’s story so beautifully written.

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