The Geebee Chronicles. Episode 23 – Breaking The Ice

The Geebee Chronicles. Episode 23 – Breaking The Ice

When I decided to act as an umpire between the two boxers in my head, Geebaba and Geebizzles, I already knew who was going to win the battle in my heart just like I’m damn sure most of my readers who read the last episode also knew. Like I noted earlier, Geebaba preferred to do the ‘seemingly sensible’ thing by not getting an inch closer to this cute little chic whereas Geebizzles wanted a little more chance to ‘know’ her. Of course, Geebizzles proved stronger and totally knocked Geebaba out of the picture and within a short while, BG and I were talking on phone almost on a daily basis. I felt this was not right especially considering the fact that she used to be Sam’s girl and in fact, I was very instrumental to their break-up but still, I managed to convince myself again and again that I wasn’t doing anything wrong. At that time, I still did not harbour any conscious romantic feelings for her. I really enjoyed her company and that was it. She was fun to be with and her naivety made me feel like a big brother – a feeling that felt pretty good. However, I soon noticed that BG seized every little opportunity to make sarcastic comments about Sam. Comments like “You are so much more mature than Sam”, “How come you even hang out with that guy?” etc, became pretty rampant and again, I felt a stab in my heart simply by recalling that I made her hate this guy that much. I instantly decided to try and fix them back together – not as lovers – but at least, as friends.
“You guys don’t have to be enemies” I said to her on a few occasions. “The fact that you are no more involved doesn’t mean you can’t say hello once a while.”
“God forbid!” BG had retorted. “We can never be friends.”
I knew it was the pain of being jilted that made her act that way but still, I knew that if ever BG and I were to remain friends or on cordial terms then I had to find a way to at least kill any bitterness existing between her and Sam. I tried to the best of my ability and to an extent I succeeded. They began to speak again but of course the tension was still in the air. It was expected but what mattered to me at that time was that they were no longer at each other’s throats – at least, BG stopped speaking so badly about him.

Much as I believed BG and I would never go beyond being casual friends, I was scared of getting romantically involved with her but we began to hang out so frequently that I soon realized all I needed to do if I wanted this girl was say the word. It was obvious she liked me and of course I liked her as well but I did not want to get entangled in a romance – not at that time – especially since I was still smarting from the end of my affair with Madam L. A relationship barely a few months after that ordeal would never have been a good option and I tried to keep it that way. Within a short while, I learnt so much about BG. She was practically raised by her sisters as her mum had died while she was in infancy and her dad was quite aged besides other minor family issues. We talked sometimes about past relationships and I was surprised again to learn that she had never had any other relationship besides Sam. On the other hand, I had a string of them (more than enough for a nineteen year old at that time) and I made it clear often that I did not even want to get involved for a good while, an opinion she totally agreed with. I still don’t know if it was a sincere expression on her part and I never ever bothered to ask about that.

I was especially scared to go out with her because of the type of person she was. I felt she was far too innocent for someone like me. I was quite young but I had done so many things that made me blush just thinking about them. She was simply too good for me, I concluded. The problem however was BG soon got so used to hanging out with me. All the while, we kept our relationship casual and confined to a few drinks after classes, sometimes with Sam and Simon or other friends. I actually made sure my friends came along sometimes just to prove – to Sam especially – that there was nothing special going on between BG and I. This was actually as a result of the guilt I had begun to feel. Sam never showed any resentment of any sort but sometimes, I had a funny feeling that probably he was mad at me for pushing him out only to take his place. However, I constantly assured myself that I had done nothing wrong; instead I had spared him the stress of getting a girl he never really cared about off his back. It was a most confusing situation and before long, I no longer felt comfortable around Sam. I began to feel like a traitor even though I convinced myself time and time again that I wasn’t one.

If ever I had any plans to push BG off, I was instantly spared on one fateful evening when she did the most unthinkable. As usual, we had hung out after lectures and talked much longer about the usual things we talked about – school stuff, hot students and funny looking lecturers among other stuff. Soon, it was time to leave but to my surprise, BG was acting so funny and reluctant to leave. By then, it was already past ten p.m and she had told me enough about her sisters for me to know that it was best she got going before all hell was let loose at her house.
“What’s up? Do you know what time it is?” I asked concernedly.
“I don’t feel like leaving you” she said seriously.
I laughed. I was already used to such jokes from her but then I always handled them pretty maturely. I also teased her the same way sometimes.
“Look, BG. I don’t want any trouble from your sisters. Let me escort you a little further so I could get going myself.”
“Can we just talk a little longer?” she asked in a voice that would have made it impossible to say ‘no’ to her request.
I sighed impatiently and I could feel my heart beginning to race. Things were not going normally right now. She got up and took my hand. I followed her and together we strolled a little distance further to some abandoned vehicles.
“I know this sounds crazy, Geebee” she said, her voice shaking. “I want you to kiss me. That’s all.”
I was taken by surprise and for a second, I wondered if she was drunk. She never took alcohol so that was an impossibility but her courage at that moment surprised me greatly. I pulled her to myself and planted my lips on hers. She took it hungrily. She wasn’t the best kisser but the kiss we shared was something special – something I knew I wouldn’t forget in a hurry. At that moment, I knew BG and I were officially romantically involved.


13 thoughts on “The Geebee Chronicles. Episode 23 – Breaking The Ice” by Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

  1. “I felt this was not right especially considering the fact that she used to be Sam’s girl and in fact, I was very instrumental to their break-up but still”

    No offense meant, but I’m starting to get tired of this guy repeating and repeating how bad he feels about doing what we all know he’s going to do anyway! I saw that sentence or something similar at least twice more times (I think) in there. Haba!

    I know; maybe you’re trying to establish the fact that he really is a good guy…but we all know how that one ends. Let it rest.
    Again – no offense meant.

    I totally enjoyed this…but I’d have liked a more in-depth description of their first kiss. I mean, it’s the first in a long line for freak’s sakes!

    Nice one though. Next!

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks Seun

  2. Hehe…So the kiss sealed the deal ehn?…Abeg I agree with @Seun..dat First kiss needed to be described vividly!..
    Waiting for you to drop the next…Well done..

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      How else should the kiss be described? Sweet, sour, tongue-swallowing and all that . . .? lol. Okay, just imagine how a good kiss felt and assume that’s what happened with Geebee and BG.

      1. Which kain excercise be that one?! Make we begin dey do your work for you?!?!


        1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

          Once in a while, e dey necessary jor! lol

  3. Same old, same old.
    I don tire for ur life history jare

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Me sef i don tire for your ‘beefed-up” comments jor! Step aside, bruv! Na by force to read? GTFO! Msscheew!

  4. I’m following your story and liking it all the way

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks weirdpile!

  5. @GeeBee…repetition is good and gives depth but when it becomes too much, it makes your work tiring to read. So I’d agree with @seun on that. That kiss, your description ov it, sounds like a guy giving his first kiss to a long-time crush. It doesn’t sound believable.

    @everyone….when criticking or analysing a literary piece, the sentences are to be in present tense. The reason for this is that every time we read literature, it applies to now, this moment. Please, let’s try to avoid using past tense. Nor be say I too know book o buh na just something I discover in the course of knowledge.

    1. Geebee (@Gbenga-Olowosile)

      Thanks for the schooling, queenzayta. Very well noted! And I hope everyone got that also. I definitely did. lol

      1. L8 to d party,yh bt to add my own opinion, I don’t think your description of that kiss was unbelievable or exaggerated considering the circumstances. It was simple, really. A few sentences…nothing about hearts connecting, knees weakening or a minor earthquake.

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