The Choice Is Yours

The Choice Is Yours

At times like now when times are hard

It behoves on you whether to be glad or sad
The world will press you hard
To make it hard not to be sad
But it behoves on you whether to be glad or sad

The best of joy is the joy from within
If you look away it may only damn you within
So look within if you really want to be glad
And make a decision to be glad and not sad






Ploughing the threshold of our
Is the primordial spirit of our
Damning the caution of reason
To plung many into its attractive
This is the parasitic virtue of our
Making nonsense of our creator
And inflicting destruction on our
As we refuse to work in integrity
Who will destroy the strong root
of corruption
That has destroyed the fabric of
our nation
Making dumb the voice of restrain
As it imprisons some with disdain
Eternal Father from on high
Come down from the sky
And free us from our greedy
So we can give our nation a
glorious exhibition

14 thoughts on “The Choice Is Yours” by emmanuel abasiubong (@angelabazz)

  1. The first one rocks for me.

    The second one is not bad too though.

    Good job.

  2. Repition…I like that it in d 1st poem..and the wisdom in the lines..
    The second is cool…everyone is singing d same song…Save our country…Well done.

    1. *Repitition*…slip of d thumb.

  3. “Behoves on you”?? eerrrmm you don’t have to use a preposition after “Behoves” it already speaks for itself. e.g It behoves us to reflect on this issue……
    Really enjoyed the second one though……… well done.

  4. Very good poem….i like both

  5. Famous-Isaacs d'Ogadu (@)

    Your poem is really nice. I especially do love poetry when it deals on contemporary issues. A poet who sees only his heart without things that happen around him is not yet matured. But… I dont Seem to see much of creativity in the title “corruption.” sounds so much like an exposition thing to me. I Dont know what you think, but i can’t question. If it’s much okay by you, then it’s fine.

  6. The choice is truly mine jare…I like the first poem

  7. …And the poets have it…

  8. I like the first one

  9. Okay…
    Apart from love and corruption, can we have sth else…next time? Trust you to!

  10. Corruption it is for me…

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