“What a day it has been!” he giggled and reached across the bed to where she sat and tickled her.

‘How does it feel to be Mrs. Daniels?’ he stopped tickling and began to rub her shoulders

‘I am loving every minute of it, even though it’s only been for 6hours’ she laughed back

He slid his palm down the small of her back to her waist and she seemed to jerk at his touch

‘Are you ok?’ he whispered into her ear

‘Yea, I, sure’ she stuttered.

He chuckled, ‘I understand, it’s your first time. I promise, I will take things slow.’

She let out a nervous laugh,’ I trust you, honey’

“Are you sure you are okay, you are shaking!’ he laughed again

‘It’s ok! I promise, its, happiness, excitement’ she laughed forcibly.

He kissed the back of her neck, whispering sweet romantic nothings to her.

She seemed to recoil at his advances, but he continued, passing it off as her nerves.

She flexed her shoulders to throw him off but he didn’t stop. She shifted a bit, to push him away, but each time she shifted, he followed

He was crowding her space. Somewhere in her head, flashes, memories from a time way back, images suppressed.

She kept repeating to herself,

’ he is different, he is your husband, it’s ok’ But she couldn’t shake it off

He slid his palm up her lingerie, and suddenly, it was as if she was ten again, she couldn’t see him, she couldn’t see the face of the man she had just married but the man who hurt her, the one who forced, who hit who…

“What are you doing? What is it? Stop!!’ he yelled holding her arms

“What’s wrong with you?

‘ It’s ok, it’s only sex, you wouldn’t die, besides we are married now, so there’s nothing wrong with it!’ he sighed

“Gosh, you are acting so weird!’

“I’m so sorry’ she rubbed her head

‘It was…never mind’ she sighed

‘Let’s start again!’ she giggled and got off the bed

He shook his head and chuckled again,’ whatever you say, ma’am!’

He got off the bed, walked up to where she stood and lifted her

‘What do you think you are doing?’ she laughed again

He laid her on the bed and placed his finger on her lips to hush her.

‘You said to start again’ he said and leaned forward to kiss her.

She giggled and wrapped her arm around his neck, in the pit of her belly, it just didn’t seem right

Her palms were sweaty, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead.

She giggled some more, to ease out the tension she was feeling.

He leaned to kiss her neck, but it just made her recoil, memories, haunting memories she had suppressed.

People, places, faces, she tried to push them to the rear of her thoughts

Focus, focus, he is the one you love, she chanted in her mind.

As his hand slid from her neck down, all she could think of was another time, another place, but there was no compassion in this scene, slaps and punches, blood and sweat choked her.

She coughed as if the smell was present in the room; balling her palms into fits she pushed him off her again.

He sighed, “what is wrong?’ his growing impatience becoming obvious

‘Nothing, I guess I am tired!’ she faked a smile

‘Tired?’ he stared at her intently.

‘Yea! Tired’ she faked a yarn.

‘I’m not stupid, you know! We have been together for over 6 years, I think I Know when my best friend is worried.’

‘It’s nothing, really, it isn’t.’ she got up and walked to the bathroom

“I guess I am just tired, you know’ she turned the faucet and played with the running water

‘It’s nothing? You’re tired?’

‘Yea, you know, all that dancing, getting in and out of clothes, greeting people, is tiring’

Tired?’ he repeated as if he hadn’t heard her

‘Yes, honey, I am tired, can we do this, this whole thing tomorrow?’

‘We are married, and the best excuse you can come up with is that you are tired?’

He walked to the bathroom,’ we haven’t even been married more that 24hours and the excuses begin’

She looked at him and laughed’ you know what I mean, please, tomorrow’

‘It doesn’t make any sense to me, you are hiding something, and I don’t like it’

‘Drop it, please!’

‘Look at me! What’s the problem, why we are here, if you can’t talk to me? Why are we married then?’

‘Stop bugging me, I asked you to drop it, let me be, I am tired. Accept it!’ she hit the knob of the faucet so hard, it looked as though it was going to come out the other side of her palm

‘Ouch!’ she cursed and stormed past him.

‘Let you be? What has gotten into you?’

‘Nothing, nothing! Okay, leave me alone!’ she yelled, cradling her bruised palm in her hand.

He walked up to her, ‘sweetheart, you can’t keep telling me nothing’s wrong, when you stand there yelling at me!

He held her in his arms,’ you can tell me what it is, I am your husband!” he reasoned.

She had to retain the anger, how was she to tell him now. She looked into his eyes, how?

She cursed and walked away.

Cursing every man, under her breath, weren’t they satisfied with all they had stolen from her, now this, the one man that truly loved her, they must take too.

The tears streamed down, her shoulders slumped.

“Now, you are crying?’

‘Talk to me please’

He motioned to hold her, but she put her arms up, stopping him

With tear stained cheeks she looked at him

‘you want to know?’ you really do?’

She sobbed, the news would crush him.  She slammed her fist into the wall

“stop it!’ he grabbed her

‘What’s come over you?’

She stuttered and then turned away.

‘Would you say it already!’ he had never seen her like this before

Why was this behavior manifesting itself after he said I do?

‘Yes?’ he tilted her chin, to look into her eyes

She turned and looked away

‘I was raped’


His pushed her away from himself and looked at her quizzically, hoping she would laugh and say it was some sick joke.

She slumped to the floor and wept.

‘Excuse me?’ He bent and lifted her up

‘What did you say?’

“nothing’, she wiped her tears

‘I said nothing’

‘Ooh, it’s too late my dear. You were what?’ his voice rising

Everything was falling apart so quickly

‘I wanted to tell you earlier, but I was scared you will leave me, and I couldn’t bare the thought’ she sobbed.

‘Oh really?’

“But now that we are married, it’s suddenly the appropriate time, no?’

He let out a cynical laugh

‘I would never have thought that you…’ he turned and walked to the door

‘Please don’t go!’ she called out

“excuse me?’ did you just call my name?’

“Are you mad?’

‘You wait, till the night of our wedding, to tell me, of your stupid, promiscuous ways?’

‘Are you crazed? Do you know what love is? What trust is?’

“I didn’t want t loose you’ she squealed

‘Ooh, oh, it’s too late now!’ he laughed bitterly

‘You? Lie and deceive me, all this time?’

‘oh my God!’ he held his head in His palm’

Do I even know you at all?’

‘You have to believe me, I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t want ‘this’ to happen.

He chuckled and mimicked her.

‘And I am supposed to believe this story, why?’

You were raped and you didn’t tell me, the first year, not the second, nor the third year of our courtship, not even the 6th year, no, you wait till we are married and pull this façade of being..’

He could barely speak

He only stammered when he was absolutely upset

“Please, don’t leave me, I beg you don’t’

I love you” she cried.

“No, dear, you don’t. if you had you would have told me, at least given me the chance to be the jerk, not lie to me and tell me on our wedding night’ he spat out and walked out, slamming the door behind him.


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34 thoughts on “Onyx” by Mobola (@mobola)

  1. What a revelation on a wedding night. After a whole 6 years of courtship and waiting for that day they would consummate the love. Quite a long time I must say. Are you sure Nigerians date that long without tasting the forbidden fruit? lol. Because I believe the girl would have gotten used to his romantic advances if he had touched her before now. Just my thoughts.

    What a way to spoil a honeymoon moment. Sad but funny read all the same at least on my part, not for the poor man involved.

    And it should be “I didn’t want to lose you”, not “t loose you”. (A little typo)

  2. Thanks @Dowell i guess you have to wait till part two to know what happens next!
    n yup its possible, im Nigerian and i was in a relationship, with no sex for 4 yrs! Body aint firewood but its possible, if the couples agree!
    Thanks again, i hate typos, for the love of me i dunno how to change that the edit button mysteriously vanished, i’ll try to find it though!

  3. The girl get mind sha, waiting for six years before spilling the beans. And I expected the guy to have shown more understanding…….but lets see how the other part pans out sha.

    Well done!!!

  4. Comment reserved till Part 2 . . . .

  5. Why do people always assume telling someone about a rape is easy…Yes it was 6yrs of dating..but no one knows the psychological trauma the girl has been through..or how deep the incidence has eaten into her psyche…Anyways I am waiting 4 part 2..Well done mobola.

    1. Sometimes…I really want to smack you upside your head…

      And then, other times I want to ask – how old are you really?

      No matter how hard it is – what do you mean?! 6yrs?!?!?! Did you read the story above?!

      Do you remember him calling her his best friend/or him referring to himself as her best friend…?

      Be realistic. Be honest. Be sincere.

      If it was you nko?! And you were not told?!

      1. @Seun…smack me?..Well I am 12..Sue me!…
        Talking about rape is not easy..Period!..and if he is or thinks he is her bestfrriend..He should also remember it was one of his gender that did that to her…
        Goosie says below that doubt would still remain in his mind because she never told him before that night…Well is not permissible for the doubt to remain in her mind despite d years??..

        Did U read d story above?..did U note the way she reacted to his advances?…that incident even if twas 6yrs ago in Our minds..It is still fresh in hers….

        One more thing, this is Naija, they almost always find a way of making it seem the girl begged to be raped…

        1. That’s not the point.
          As far as I’m concerned – nobody deserves to be raped. NOBODY.
          I don’t care if she came naked to your house carrying fifteen boxes of porn. She says no; no it is.
          NO it should be.
          But is that reason for you to keep such a thing from someone you intend to marry – knowing fully well that sooner or later, you’re going to have to tell him, especially since it will affect an ‘important’ part of your lives together so devastatingly?!?!


          This is a marriage we’re talking about. This is LIFE.

          Don’t you understand? I can imagine how traumatic it would be for someone to be raped…been in therapy with several rape victims during my training…but what I’m talking about is the fact that she kept it from him.

          You can make all the excuses you want – what’s wrong is wrong.

          And in this case – she was ENTIRELY wrong to have kept it from him. Period.

  6. I agree wit @bubbllinna, rape is not a topic that is easily discussed by victims. It takes years before the stories come out and even longer to gradually learn to deal with it.

    To the story, the guy dated her 4 six yrs and she’s his best friend. I believe he should trust her enough to know she aint lying abt her rape. Best friends know each other so well that sometimes they don’t even need to speak. They just know the other person’s thoughts and feelings. So @mobola, I think the best friend dint come out as it shld. Still, it’s a good story. Waiting 4 part 2.

  7. thanks for this mobola, it’s really a nice piece you put together. Can’t wait to read the 2nd part.
    By the way this story complement my upcoming story about rape…
    Good work

  8. @sibbylwhyte, I know its not easy but she fuck up. Six years? Come on. Let’s remove all sentiments, I don’t blame the guy. Why would the guy ever listen to her? Even if he goes on, the relationship will lose something. @queenzayta, she shoulda thought of their friendship before doing what she did, now the guy is the devil huh.

    I won’t blame the guy for any decision he takes although, it will be fair to listen to her and try to understand. From the look of things, he’s a good man and I can imagine how tricked he’ll be feeling.

    And by the way, she musta been telling the guy she was a virgin for 6 years. Haba!!! Six years is too much to hide from your best friend and lover.

  9. promising work you have here.
    Some typos eg bare instead of bear etc
    also you have serious paragraphing,indentation,use of upper/lower case character and general arrangement issues..
    Hurry hurry with part two.

  10. Okay. Nice story you got here.

    But you ommitted your full-stop in a lot of sentences.
    Then, in places where she paused before going on with what she was saying, or where her words lingered, it shouldn’t be commas that should be used but multiple dots.
    ‘It’s happiness…excitement…’

    Then, which one is the small of one’s back?!

    Maybe others will point out other errors.


    If I had been raped, I doubt if I ever would have survived it, not to talk of even telling someone.

    1. @mobola

      You write great stories. Your premises are usually unique and interesting. It’s just that the telling leaves a lot to be desired.

      It seems to me you don’t take the time to read through and over your stuff. That’s like the most important part of the whole thing. If you don’t take the time…your readers would have to suffer for it. And in the bigger scheme of things…if I’m paying for your book, why should I bother?

      Nice one. Just direct your work elsewhere.

    2. @eletrika…I laughed ehn at ur question..’which one is small of the one’s back again?’..

      I think mobola has seen it in plenty novels that’s why he used it…
      Well it is that part of a female’s body where the spine/back ends and then curves gently to form the rear..Hehehe.

      1. Ok. The ‘waist’ then.

  11. @gooseberry..We wld tink it is easy to talk about rape(best friend or not)…maybe it is easy to think that d truth will set us free but in some cases the victims just dnt tink it would..

    1. @sibbylwhyte, I totally understand how rape victims feel more than you think I do. It is not easy atall, I agree, that’s why they don’t have to go around telling people but this is her husband. They will make babies together. He deserves to know her sexual history. He is her best friend. They might have known each other for more than 6 years before they started dating. He deserves to know.

      Apart from that, the thoughts were haunting her, if she really needed help, she would have told him. Do you think guys (I mean the good guys) don’t understand how it feels when a girl is raped? It pains them. And it even pains the guy more when he loves the girl. If she had told him on their engagement night, it woulda been better. A guy who wants to marry you will, whether you were raped or not, she was just scared of nothing solid.

      The guy shows her love, he has been there for her, he has loved her, he even wants to marry her, of what use is it hiding and killing your self inside instead of taking that bold step?. Now, you tell him on the wedding night and expect him to receive the news with smiles? If he is understanding enough, which I assume he is, he will understand her but a little bit of doubt will always linger in his mind towards her.

      By the way, rape victims don’t even enjoy the hurt they feel inside. They always find someone trustworthy *who has been tested and trusted* to share their pain with.

      1. @gooseberry…. trusted and tested or not, it is a hard thing to talk about rape with anyone….even when you’ve known them all your life. Most times they don’t tell because they feel shamed and feel that when they tell, people will begin to ‘eh yah’ them as if they are to be pitied. They’d rather ‘lock-up’ than get ‘eh-yahs’. Rape goes beyond physical, it enslaves the psyche and leaves victims with little or no self-esteem.

        So don’t assume that she isn’t justified by not telling him. The question is how do you explain a psychological condition when there are no words to adequately capture the thoughts of victims?

        1. @sibbylwhyte and @queenzayta, have you guys met rape victims before? Well, I have. No matter what you guys say, that doesn’t make her right.@queen, I don’t think you’ve been in a tight corner before cos if you have, the he ya stuff wouldn’t have been a reason. @sibbyl, you say she married already shey, well, divorce is still in the dictionary and I think that will be most painful and might push her to suicide and I won’t blame the guy for going extreme. She no try atall, hoooo haaaa. That is that and if I was the guy, God knows I won’t smile about it atall. She f**ked up. She did. And, don’t assume that nigerians don’t understand cos majority do specially someone like the character portrayed above.

          I still stand on the ground that she was wrong and I won’t talk further.

  12. We would have to wait for the next part…I still think that she would find it hard 2 tell him despite d friendship. Let us imagine that she is of the thinking that no one wld want her after that if they knew..She wld tink it better and safe to get married then spill the beans, at least d marriage would be a done deal (some might call it dishonesty but not her)…But then to each his own..

  13. Thanks a lot for your comments, I sincerely appreciate them.
    p.s I’m Female, Mobola is a five ft tall female-hot too :)
    Inany case, one of the reasons i wrote this was because I was once at a seminar with couples waaaaaaay older that I was and oyinbo and African alike and there was this woman older than my mother who broke down and wept, not cried, wept during one of the meetings, and opened up about how she had been raped by an uncle, and her husband of over 30sm years was PISSED, he was, he later said because he couldnt belive someone dirty old man ‘got there’ and secondly because he was helpless, he couldnt go find the man and punch him and even though he understood what a burden it must have been for her not to tell him for so long, he was mad at her for not telling him sooner, for not trusting him to be there for her, but to assume that he’ll be a jerk about it, made him react like a jerk when he found out.
    Most people dont speak up about being raped or molested, mostly because it was by someone they knew and respected dearly.
    Yup, you’ll just have to wait till Part two, where the plot indeed thickens
    And lastly, I do sincerely apologize for all they typos and inconsistent quotation marks and punctuations, you’ll never see them again.
    Thanks again!

  14. Story was good. The way the related was very good too. They quarrel like a real couple.

    How old are they now? Would have helped a lotta questions. A girl raped at 8 isn’t same as a girl raped at 12 and not same thing as a girl raped at 16 and not same thing raped at 20 or 24…

    A girl raped by a boyfriend is not the same as a girl raped by a father or a girl raped by an uncle or a girl raped by a guardian or a girl raped by her boyfriend’s friend or dad’s best friend or aunt’s husband…

    Six years with that kinda secret doesn’t sound believable with the kinda relationship portrayed. What were they talking about? They no dey flirt ni? People start flirting after that first hello nowadays, and six years?

    The way the story read, the rape happened before the met? Why couldn’t she tell him? Maybe they weren’t as close as you portrayed them. Maybe it had to do with proper characterisation.

    Was the guy a virgin too?

    Why would you marry your best friend and someone you love with that virginity secret?

    Again, we don’t know what she had gone through. Second part holds the key to lotta answers.

    You write well. You have a lovely way of creating stories. I feel people who create unique stories are actually more talented than people who can add all the full stops and commas and all other formatting stuff but can’t write a unique story.

    I will give you 1000 or 2000 or 3000 points, depends on my mood when I get online on computer. And that’ll be the first time I’ll be giving out points. Jef would have loved the story.

    Just learn the format, dialogue and punctuation stuff well and you’ll likely be a great writer. Get close to some of the guys who do prose well. They’ll be glad to teach you.

    Don’t mess the second part pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  15. Let me say something about the debate.

    Hate it or love it, the guy will feel very very bad and betrayed. People feel bad and betrayed for much less.

    But, a good person will understand. They’ll talk about it. Seek therapy if need be.

    But the guy, after feeling bad and betrayed, will come around and still love and care for her they way he had always done.

    The girl is wrong. But in a rape case, the guy has to understand.

  16. This debate pass me oh. But if I was the guy and she waited 6yrs before telling me, she had better not tell me at all.
    The story was nicely written. Waiting for the next part…

  17. Women keep pulling this rape crap on men. Always.
    If I didn’t do the raping why use it on me?
    Rape isn’t the worst thing that can happen, is it?
    Six years and you tell me on wedding night… End of marriage.

    1. simple. i am with you jare. ahn ahn?!

  18. Why is the title Onyx?….but definitely a nice read

      1. Hi guys, thanks so much for your comments!
        Its called Onyx, cus Onyx is a black gemstone that most people dont fancy, most people look out or the diamonds, or the pearls, but the onyx still have value regardless of it not being the most lustre and attractive!

        1. I actually like onyx, @mobola.

          I like its smooth, reflective surface; I like its mysterious dark sheen; I like that it stands out, aloof and proud in the pantheon of minerals.

          Onyx forever!

  19. Na wa for some babes. Anyway, lets see how this pans out. Nice story and well written too.

  20. @mobola, I was going to say that getting mad and walking out because your wife didn’t tell you that she was raped is an over the top reaction, but from the comments here, I see that this may not be the case.

    Let’s see what happens in part 2…

  21. My take is that the one line one sentence format was too tasking. and I also think the story could have been told in less words.interesting read though.

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