Oil in my Homeland…

Oil in my Homeland…

They found oil in my homeland.

The house I had built, was razed.

You shall be compensated.

Duly compensated, they said.

Still, not a penny has been paid.

And after years of court cases,

the paltry sum can’t build me a house.


They found oil in my homeland.

It will make Nigeria richer…

Alas! We seem poorer.

And my son tells me

his motor at the city,

has been parked for months.

Worse still, are the endless queues

in Port-Harcourt; “The central well of oil.”


There is oil in our homeland.

But it is now a roaring flame,

roasting people eking out a living.

Promises turn to neglect.

They won’t even pay the bills

for the ‘fortunate’ ones.


Our homeland is now an ‘Oilblock’.

To be parcelled and given to fiends

Who sell the land and get richer.

While We whose lands have been stripped,

To whom they promised,

Suffer from needing

and never seeing…


P.S: Written a couple of years ago, this was inspired by stories in the Newspapers about People being burnt by the explosions of some vandalized Fuel pipelines .. .
In this case who is to be blamed? The companies that promised provision of amenities they didn’t deliver Or the indigenes who vandalised the lines and stole the fuel for sale in the black market?..

Wouldn’t have added this bit but then the poem has to contain at least 200 words..

51 thoughts on “Oil in my Homeland…” by Bubbllinna (@sibbylwhyte)

  1. They found oil in my homeland. No pipeline explosions,though.

    1. Ah!..Sarah then y’all are truly lucky then…Thankx 4 reading this.

  2. Sibbyl, this is simply – wow, sometimes nice terms shouldn’t be used on such pieces…It is deep and I feel the poem.
    I wrote something like that – you would find it in the temple of course…
    But to comment on this:
    Still, not a penny has been paid./And after years of court cases,/the paltry sum can’t build me a house…..REVIEW: ‘Not a penny paid:’ ‘sum can’t build a house’…?

    Would send you link to similar poems and poets…Do you know that a certain poet, Ogaga Ifowodo wrote a poem ‘Homeland’ in this near
    exact style?

    Over all, your words are sincere…and deep and that is what to me most literary pieces should be about. Best wishes, S’

    1. Su’eddie U rili are wowed?..then you shld see my grin..
      I don’t even know d dude and to think we share similar titles..coincidence huh?..Nice!

      Master Su’..that line you caught shows that I shoulda brought dx 2 d temple..lol…will EDIT that line immediately..Thankx jor..

  3. gooseberry (@gooseberry)

    Bubbling sibbly has gone mushy. Lol. I like the poem. Read like something written in pains *you know what I mean by pains na*.

    Make everybody just hustle in their own way, make money and forget these talks about cheating cos life isn’t fair. The more we complain, the more we see it get worse. After getting the education and making money, then the voice will be loud enough to be heard *Me thoughts*.

    Nice poem sibubbly.

  4. Thanks Goosie!…hehe I was rili mushy but in an indignant way when I penned this poem..

    My sister, I bin write am wen I still small but now I am all ‘grown up’..I know I gatz hustle first 2 b able 2 make dat difference..Ur thoughts make sense..Merçi..

  5. Being from the Niger Delta, this happens to be my kind of poem. *tsew* the evil this oil has brought sef, are u sure it doesn’t outweigh the gains? Nice poem! Reminds me of the Ogoni spirit of Saro-Wiwa!

    1. Merçi Dowell..
      Methinks the pains outweighs the gains o…well for the masses cos it is the topdogs that gain from the oil..and them no even kukuma get oil for their side..

  6. aghoghosam (@aghoghosam)

    “Wouldn’t have added this bit but then the poem has to contain at least 200 words” …lol ! That made me laugh

    I feel the poem also addresses the economic exploitation issues in the Niger-Delta , not just pipeline vandalisation.

    Well done , written well.

    1. Thanks a lot..
      You are right..it isn’t just about the vandalisation..Everything join!..

      I hadta add the explanation o…if not una 4 no read am..

  7. I like the poem…
    please, don’t explain next time. When you said you wrote it after you read a newspaper thing….i felt let down. Was already crying with…and for you…hahaha…no mind me jare.
    Really, really nice

    1. Ah! I had to add the explanation so the poem go reach 200 words….
      Thankx adaobiokwy..If you say this is Nice then it really is..I appreciate..

  8. Really nice. the company in your homeland must be Shell. @Sarah Ukot, may be Mobil. Lots of difference. We have similar problems in my homeland. Thieves vandalize pipelines, not indigenes. Most times the poor indigenes are innocent bye standards and victims to the harrassment of the oil companies, oil thieves and the government that is supposed to protect their interest. In some cases, the indigenes cash in on the opportunity of making cash from the years of neglect, and they are blamed for it. Well said.

    1. I mean innocent by standers.

    2. Dulen you sure say you no dey work for oil company?..how u take know?..cos U got it right..
      You do get the situation in question…d villagers suffer and are blamed when the lines go up in flames..
      Thanks a lot..

      1. No, I no dey work for oil companies. I have consulted for several communities. Total and Mobil communities have fewer problems with the operators. Because the companies actually take an interest in working with the them. Shell does not. They always look for whom to blame when things go wrong. Most times the communities even try to help out, but they are quite unwilling to listen.

        Having said that, your piece was well written.

        1. Hmmm…now I have learnt something bout oil companies…Thankx Dulen..

  9. What happens to the comments thingy at first?!?! Damn annoying…

    I’m sure you know how ….. your work is…


  10. Seun…I have no idea..but admin promised to look into it…
    I would be doubly sure if you let me know each time it turns out…great..
    Thankx..nd lyk U wld add..Bless God!!

  11. Written a couple of years ago? At age 10?


  12. Kaycee..add 5 more…hehe
    Coming from you…dat one word means..a lot..Thankx..I appreciate..

  13. joyjoy (@joyjoy)

    well said and written! Keep up the good work…

  14. @joyjoy…Thank you very much..

  15. Before They took oil from your homeland
    the crooks all had it planned;
    turning your sons to vandals;
    using paradoxical names such as MEND;

    yes, they took oil from your homeland,
    but also your fishes, water and livelyhood,
    now your brothers now play robin hood,
    all to have a share of the loot,

    1. Chika..Chika…U have earned a kiss!..Wait o..U be boy abi na girl?..U ll get the kiss when I knw 4 sure..hehehe.
      You made me smile with dat ur comment and it’s poetic too..hmmm..it will surely become sme kinda footnote..
      Thankx dear Chika..

      1. Dearie i be guy o! Am already blushing in anticipation of the kiss, and hve washed the part of the cheek i want you to plant the kiss. Nice poem, it motivated me to write that piece, and i have not written a poem for over a decade!

        1. Young people and exaggeration!
          Havnt written a poem in a decade. Do you recall how old you were “over a decade” ago?

          Only gay guys blush!

          1. @Kaycee!! Haba na!! Allow the guy…If the guy suddenly feels a blush – and na Africa man masef,
            wey Africa woman no dey blush – and im decide blush…It is allowed…
            @afroxyz But that over a decade – well, maybe just an expression!! Or na hope that for each year
            extra peck…hee hee hee
            Haba Kaycee!! You ehn!!

        2. Hmmm @chika..over a decade?..if that is 4 realz..den i am glad dis poem did the trick…maybe poetic thoughts would start flowing…not to worry ur kiss dey wait U..will plant it on ur cheek when I reach 18yrs..lol

  16. @Kaycee I guessed 12 after considering the fact that she’s 16 now.

    It was nicely written. And the message was good.

    And it didn’t feel cluttered like some of your earlier stuff. I think you better get back to 12.

    Keep writing.

    1. Jay!!!…I told U not to tell..now see what U ve done..*wailing*…They won’t let me read or write the R18 stuff again..U r wicked!!..lol..
      As much as I wld love dat..I ain’t going back to 12, unless U have sme sorta portion to make me..
      Thanks Jay..

  17. @jaywriter: see your head! Hee hee hee….Nice one jor!

  18. *chinese accent*..Master Su’!!..Nice one for him?..I not come back to temple anymore..You teach Genghi zhou alone..*stomping my feet*..

  19. i kinda feel you reserved some detail…scared of..(hehehehe)

    am from delta state and you ve spoken for many of us.since you identified the problem, i think a few solution suggestn should replace your closing remark…..all the same,its a very good piece!!

    P.S: I have the potion if you wanna be 12 again…*wink*

  20. @bubbllinna, I also had the same problem with @seun when I wanted to comment. Now I’m too calmed to say much. But this is real message. You did well to portray it.

    1. The sh** sucks!..I am sorry bout dat..admin is going look in2 it..Thankx a lot Eletrika..i appreciate..

  21. Another beautiful commentary on social change via the prism of poetry from you.You have done it again.WELL DONE!

  22. Thank you very much Sam..really..I appreciate..

  23. @kaycee..free am jor!..tell me now that U didnt blush when that lady was toasting U like bread..
    And U aint so old..stop feeling like an old man with gray beards and bald head jor…

  24. @bright..U sabi!..but thing is i had rather keep the hand wey I use write am intact..
    Glad I penned this properly to get good comments frm you..

    About that potion?..hmmm…i ll pass..

  25. E better say you pass…These 419 magicians on NS too much – first it was Joseph Omotayo and now @brytandre,…..
    Thank Aondo that Sibbyl didn’t fall prey…Helep us o!!

  26. Hehehe..Su’eddie… the ancients bestow their wisdom on all their followers…

  27. @Sueddie…Editors picks?..Whatever does it mean?..I didn’t categorize my poem that way..so how come?..U kno why it is U I mentioned…hehehe

  28. Editor’s Picks, Sibbyl, means that the almighty NS Editors found your poem to be great and worthy of mention…
    It is like one of the best for the times…at least, this month or so…In essence, the Editors have picked your
    work out of the several else as lovely…So, smile :)

  29. Whoa!!..Now dat z Kooool…And I am smiling!..hehe

  30. Another one that carries the horror of the Niger Delta history of the devastation by oil companies and the govt.
    Informative and retrospective poem that tells a story.

    I’m not surprised that it made editors pick… @sibbylwhyte See? You’re good!

    1. Awww..@afronuts, you just made my NS day with that comment..Thanks a lot..
      If I was blind before, I surely see it now..God bless..

  31. I agree with @Afronuts. Kudos.

  32. Thanks! @starrilyn. I appreciate.

  33. @sibbylwhyte
    oh, because of oil
    your house was razed to soil
    great words and thoughts
    flowing beautifully well……………..

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