For Magdalene Aghator (Who Died, on 30.1.2012 in an Accident)


Sudden bells toll’d
They bore your news
And yet though whispers
Our wishes wore masks
True confessions
We wished a thousand years
And just as they
The candle light’s blown
And daylight went blind
A night in a noon
And yet so soon
The plumpy went dried
What fame, o dame
What name would hear your name
And marvels, sudden dim
Would blindly cast hell
Now those you fed
Would hunger still and more.
Your long short life
Would live in happy woes
For in my poetry
Your name survives the future’s waves.
Magdalene, sister and friend
Plumpy like fresh green pumpkin
With smiles of hope and happy cheer
Whose love, so filling, could raise the dead
With a heart, so open, to size the world
Whose hate, so loving, could make a friend
Who fed and filled my wanting soul
When hunger slapped my heavy heart
Of pride and honour, when these meant naught-
In guilt my innocence tells this tale
You’ve died to live forever still
Magdalene, mother of hope
Sister and friend in times of need
Who lived and loved though falsely true
If I were death I’ll kill my life
To live with you in silent realms
And feed indeed one more time
And turn to life to mourn your loss.
At this time
When living so well means living no more
And cares and cares would count to naught
Not pride nor honour nor flashy smiles
Nor hate nor love and things beyond
When smiles would cry a weeping tear
And wails and roars beset my gears
And hate for all that ever were
Would make me love to live much more
Where love stains, and pains pain
And hurts gain for all refrains
I recall your name,
My friend for all season,
My friend for all reason,
On that morn’ when He’ll call
We, mighty eager, will answer
Like the morning sun we’ll rise
To smiles of love and happy cheers
To friends and friends,no
foes in count
Since these with woes are gone
We’ll live and live and live.
What a wonder life will be
Crossing worries to life as still
Peaceful as waters from the sea.
In those days, in those days
In those days we’ll live and love
Like the angel’s high, and never sigh.
Yes, death shall have no dominion.
Let this be the making of a new life
Where rams will graze and raze the field
And no kobo of a bomb will boom
And no wails but hails or peace.
Where Kings and priests will e’er reside
And non lowly, and non hunted
Counting cares in diamond rings
And our praise resound as keen
In tune with strings and beats of cheer
We’ll muse of things so good to be.
Oh, my sons and daughters gone beyond
And mother and father who lived before
And wife and friends who once were
These and all shall be again.
These shall again be.
Clusters of people shall wake from hell
All shall rather gather before the Lord
And death shall have no dominion.
And yet forgotten the days aint born
When all could live and be so strong
Though trepidations would quake our joys
And love would fire my heart of hate
And stir it to love life true.
But missing still is me for her
For though hope, my heart says nay
In these labyrinth of hope and despair
When pictures of her face smile at me
Oh images, would you learn the rightest mood?
Oh Magdalene, I dream of you again.
Magdalene, until I die here besides you’ll e’er crave
Till my Soul, so wane, would have lost its hate
Let fires burn my pride,
And cause me beware my days.
Soft and succulent like the quelshing oranges
Desired and loved like fresh noon apple…
Cause me to smile once more, if that mattered e’er.
Soon let the days come in a hurrying haste
When death shall have no dominion.

9 thoughts on “LINES WRITTEN IN MOURNING – An Elegy” by Famous Isaacs (@doremi)

  1. Funny thing Is I had no idea what some things you said meant or how they even correlated…

    but I liked the poem all the same.

  2. Saw this on your blog…Dis is real nice…It is indeed an elegy..though It is long…Well done..

  3. What a sad, beautiful and well thought out piece.
    U made me wish everyone would become this saintly…

  4. i have liked it

  5. The sad thing about losing her is that I saw her on a bike few minutes before the accident. Same person whom i saw in church the sunday before the monday. Just couldn’t cry with my eyes only. I had to cry with my pen too, without care to whether the lines followed or not. I just wrote as the lines poured in, and never bothered to restructure the words from the original.

    1. This is extremely beautiful and very well written.
      Some of the lines are just….wow.
      “Friend for all season
      Friend for all reason”.

      She will really rest in peace.

      Much respect.

  6. An elegy indeed. Like it!

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